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Oh Debby, I'm so sorry to hear about Amber's eye trouble. You have to try and stay optimistic Debby. As the doctor said, it may be a very mild visual impairment and even if it's not she will never know the difference. It's important that you remain calm and relaxed about it. Amber can't understand a lot but she sure can pick on your moods. If you're anxious and worried then she is more likely to get upset. Try and make the patch into a game - you don't want her more stressed over your own worries.

You sure did have a lot coming your way this past year. Try to look at the bright side though. Your tumor turned out to be benign (which in my book is probably the best news possible), and as you stop working at that dreadful factory, you can now spend more time with your lovely baby (and enjoy the best age of all, IMHO). Sure, other things are happening around you, like your brother's divorce etc., but don't take it all on yourself. Some things you have no control over, so try no to fret over them. Focus on the good in your life Debby. It is there - just look at your baby!
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Please don't get upset when I add this.

When I was two, I was diagnosed deaf - my mother was so upset, she thought that my life was over as she knew it, she thought I would never live a normal life. But as I got older, she started to see that I can live a normal life. Being deaf does not stop me, I can do anything, I just can't hear. Amber WILL be okay, and so will you.
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Oh Debby - you have been through too much. My heart is breaking for you. I will addd my prayers for Amber and hopefully they will help. Just remember, she will always be your little girle and nothing can ever change that. Sometimes adversity makes us stronger, so this may be the thing that propels Amber to greatness!
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I risk a lot in saying this. I risk the friendship given to me long ago by a girl who needed a big sister of her own. But it is that old friendship that prompts me to say this.

The old adage about "there is a glass in front of you half-full of water is the glass half-empty or half-full" comes to my mind. Lately your glass has been half-empty and full of holes. You have the power (although you do not think you do) to plug those holes and make that glass half-full. You have the power to change your thinking, your situation and your life. Your optimism has faded over time and that saddens me. I know what it is like to have a full plate. To have a doctor stand over you and deliver words that crush your soul, words that could destroy a life for a very long time. I am sorry, but I don't see those type of words in your posts.

You HAVE a WONDERFUL healthy little girl. Celebrate her, enjoy this time with her and don't let dark thoughts rob you of the brightness of the true joy of her and sink you down into the pits where you have been spending your time lately. You have SO MUCH and your life could get better- but only YOU can do something to make this happen , no one else has that power but you.
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No offense is taken. I am sorry I have not been optimistic lately. I will try to do better on that.
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Kellye couldn't have said it any better.
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I am not planning on treating Amber any different....or like she isn't normal...I just felt badly about it. I think feeling badly about it is an initial reaction.
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you are human,frist second's of new's (good or bad) will throw anyone.Anyone would have recated(sp) the same way.I know I would have.
Just like I did when I found out my granddaughther was a down's baby. today she is a year,and I treat her just like all of my 5 other grandchildern.
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Debby, your reaction is normal. I would feel the same way at first as well. But she will grow up to be a normal child, and I know she will have a wonderful childhood, with a great mother like you.

Hang in there, all will be okay.
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Sorry to hear that it was not correctable w/ surgery. But I bet the patch will work for you! And even if it does not, just have faith that she will be fine. Children are born all the time w/ imperfections, and although they are challenged most of them do just fine. And I'm sure Amber will as well!
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I'm so sorry for everything you've been going through. It's scary to hear something is wrong with your child that can't be fixed. But like others have said, she will adjust.

She is only 18 months old, correct? Then I certainly wouldn't give up on the idea that there may be medical help for her condition in the future. Maybe there is nothing that can be done now, but medical knowledge and technology are constantly improving, and who knows what they may be able to do in 5 or 10 or 20 years?

Anyhow, it's easier to try to be optimistic when she's not my child. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

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OH Debby I am so sorry ((((HUGS)))) . Don't worry yourself sick about it . One way or the other it will be ok for your baby . I only have one son , he is 15 years old now . Last year he was suposed to cut our cactus down in front of the house with a manchettie (sp) , that cactus was like 6 feed high and over 6 feed white . My husband told Mario to cut in down but be very careful . Guess what he sliped off with his hand having rupper cloth on to protect him from the little stingie things . So Mario come insite the house very quiet and said : Mom look I sliped and cut myself . I almost passed out when I seen that . The cut was so deep along his hole finger and all the way down to the bone . He had no feeling in there what so ever and we almost could not stop the bleeding . I paniked like you would not believe .Finaly I got it to stop and rushed with him to the emergency room . Mario was totaly calm and try to calm me down the hole time . In the end he was ok and got stiches , he still don't have all his feeling back in that finger but is ok do use it . Believing in God myself I think God protected my son the hole time , Mario could have lost his finger in the long run , or cut it off . So I believe your toughter is ok and in God's hand and it will come how it should be . Your reaction is totaly normal and protective like only a momy is suposed to do . I don't know if my little story helped you or not and made sense to you . But I want you to know that my heart is going out to you . I sure will keep your precious baby in my prayers
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