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Ever have one of those days.

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I just need to vent here for a second. This past Satruday a guy droped off two cats to our shelter. They are two beautiful adult cats. I can't remember their exact ages, but it's obvious he's had them for a while. I get so upset when people bring their animals to us for things like "Moving". I just want to cry when I look at these scared little babies who don't understand what's happening to them. I guess it makes me especailly mad because the guy was so relaxed about the whole thing. I've only had my new guys for 3 1/2 weeks now & I'd be balling like a baby if I had to give them up. I already can't imagine not having them. I just don't get it & it makes me mad & sad all at the same time. On top of this our shelter is so full right now that we can no longer take names on our now 8 month waiting list of people who need to rehome their cats. I've had to turn away people with legitimate reasons for rehoming. (for example a woman looking for somewhere to go with her grandfathers cat, because he had to go into a nursing home). Also, as the weather is getting colder we are getting a lot of people in that have ferrals in their yards that they are looking to catch & take to a shelter. For obvious reasons they do not want to call animal control. We have printed up a sheet of paper with options for people, but I think that people just don't want to go through that much trouble. To top it all off someone has made a FLASE claim to the police against our director stating she has over 100 cats. Let me just say this is far from true, and it has put this poor woman under even more stress than normal. Also, because her name is on our lease & all the shelter paper work we have not had undercover cops in our shelter at least twice. I feel like we are going backwards. On Nov. 6th we have our auction coming up. It's our biggest fundraiser of the year & I'm hoping all goes well. We could use a good turn out to lift spirits. Or maybe it's just me feeling this way. One positive thing is we've had really good luck selling coupons at a local mall on Friday nights.
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Good for you for working at the shelter! I see the "moving" thing on the internet lists, like craigslist all the time. Seems the standard line. It seems like a cold world doesn't it? But know in your own heart you can't control that coldness but you are doing more than your part!
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what you do is wonderful Rang

how wonderful to see a Wisconsinite on the board; i'm originally from Madison myself...

i agree. moving is a really stupid reason to give up a cat. when DH and i have to move for the military, if we can't find places that will accept our cats, i will stay behind until one can be found. imagine if people did this with their children!
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Rang_27 - I'm so sorry. What you do is so, so difficult. I often find myself wishing I could slap some sense into these people - but that's obviously just frustrated dreaming.... then I wish there were laws. And after I get over my anger, I feel sorry for these people. How sad for them that they just don't have a heart.

I'll be thinking about you guys on the 6th - I really hope all goes better than you ever imagined!

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good luck for the 6th - will be rooting for you
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I just wanted to send a quick update. This past Satruday we had a great number of adoptions!!!! Several of them were definate to go through, but we still had to follow procedure & wait until today to call & make sure they were still intrested. However, we had 2 people who had adopted from us before come in to adopt on Satruday & it's our policy that if someone has adopted from us before with good results they can take the cat home that same day if they want. So 2 kitties went home. It was a very good day and there were a lot of smiles on volenteer's faces. Just wanted to share the good news this week.
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Cool. that is really neato to hear. The group I got my two from seem to have regular adoptions, I sometimes look at their web page still and they post their adoptions and I am always pleasantly surprised at the amount.
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The rescue that I volunteer with had 3 cats and 11 kittens adopted this weekend.

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