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Emmett's Ear

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Since I got Em he's been having problems with his ears. Especially the left one. Last time it was really bugging him I took him to the vet and Em wouldn't even let him look in his ear. Now its acting up again. He is scratching at his ear and rubbing it and crying a bit. I'm all worried.

Should I put the ear drops the vet gave me in again? I thought he was all better, but now its acting up again.
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You have to be really vigilant with ear mites because they burrow so far down in the ear sometimes and are hard to get rid of.
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M.A. if a cat has ear mites can on the sites of the ear be swollen a little ???
I found out when by the vet with Jezabell and Snowball that we have some earmite problems . So now Im treating 18 cats no fun thats for sure .I have to place a few trops in the ears for 3 days and then every 3 days a few trops for 3 weeks phew talking about fun here .

Creepyowl if the vet told you to traet the ears I would and the way it sounds it hurts your cat . Try doing a sneack atac on your cat , thats what I have to do with 2 of mine .
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Yeah. Em had ear mites when I got him as a farm kitten. I got "grampa" to hold him while I put the drops in. He is feeling better already. If his ears are still bugging him after the weekend I'm going to call the vet. I don't want to be putting drops in his ears for the rest of his life. I want him to have healthy ears.
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To be honest, I would take him in for an ear cytology. It may not be an active case of mites, but rather an ear infection from the ear mites. If left untreated, it can cause some pretty severe problems.
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