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New addition

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Just brought home a new cat. My fiance and I were at a party last night, just a few friends. We're all on their porch, when a little kitten joined us. We all thought she had a home, until this morning when we found her still on the porch.

Dan insisted on bringing her home, and I did not argue, since she's so cute. He also told me that our friend has been trying to get rid of the cat for 2 weeks, since he and his wife already have 3 cats.

Needless to say, she is now at our house. Our other cat was also a stray who turned out great, hopefully this one will, too. We are keeping them separated or under supervision until they are used to each other. Any suggestions on how to make this go smoothly?
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Bren1; How WONDERFUL to go to a party and bring home a prize!

Right now, seperating them is probably best. Introduce them to each other during "play times" when you and/or your fiance are with them. Feed them seperately so they don't feel (right now) that they are competing for food. Try letting them sleep with a towel or t-shirt that the other cat has slept on and vice versa, to get them used to eachother's new scent.

I hope all goes GREAT!!! Let us know.
You are an for taking the "little waif" into your home.
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