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Kashmiri kittens 1

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Kashmiri kittens - ex-feral Molly, the mum, reading with a friend at age 1 year. She's really smart!
In fact, here she's saying "Wake up and turn the page, mate, I've finished already!"
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Don't know if this is the best way to put up a few pix without clogging up your site unnecessarily, as I don't have another site at the moment where I could remote link them. Anyway, here's another....
Again, this is Molly at about 1 year, here she is assisting me to dust the bookcase... soooo helpful.... not!
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What a cutie! She looks so engrossed in that book. Was it a mystery?
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So there's the lioness! She is a real cutie, and it does look like she could be a handful. Is she still keeping the male in line?
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One more of our gorgeous Molly, and then on to her equally beautiful babies... This photo was taken at the same time as the first couple, so she's just a year old, and resting on my hot water bottle, or should I say, 'her hot water bottle'. It gets pretty cold here in the winter, as we are in the foothills of the Himalayas.
When she was little she used to sleep in bed with "the big cats", but under the covers! She'd crawl down from the top to my feet, and she was cosier than any hottie... tho' she liked it better if there was a hot water bottle already in the bed.
It's a very strange feeling, a cat with chilled fur - coming in after a hour roaming at night - and slithering down my body and leg... a couple of times she gave me a fright "Oh my god, there's something alive in here..."
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wow, I don't believe it... someone, or actually some two have already replied... It's 3.15 am here, which is our best time for getting online, for reasons given earlier.... but I don't usually bump into people. It's a novelty! Yeah, she's keeping everyone in line, including these little guys, Tigger (aka Stripey Boy)and Blizzard (who is completely white except for a perfect circle of tiger stripes on her back, and a striped tail). Here they are only 3 weeks old. As you can see, one of the characteristics of the local cats is their bat-like ears!
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Awwww, nothing like sweet adorable kittens
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Well, for me it's about 5 pm, and I'm just killing time waiting for my boss to get back before I leave work for the evening. Luckily, I have high-speed internet access at work.

The kittens are adorable! I love their ears, it does make them look like bats.
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This one is Blizzard (aka "Didi" which means "big sister" in Hindi)at 3 weeks old, with her first scratching log, and my hand in the background.... and no, my hand is not enormous... she and her brother were the size of mice when they were born, and only 2 of the 4 kittens made it past 2 days old.
She is huge now tho' - I'll post some new ones in the next few days so you can admire for yourselves her very decorative effect in the landscape.....
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Thanx for your compliments - I'll pass them on. Amber is also beautiful, and is that really Ivo under your login name Christy?
This next photo was taken at the same time, but the kittens had just had a fright, and as you can see, they have made their fur stand up.... scary huh? Sure makes them look soooo much bigger.... Blizzard is in a protective pose over Tiggly, which she still does. She's protective of him in the sense that only she can beat him up, no-one else is allowed to.
"Tigger's my little brudda, see, yah wanna get him, yah gotta go thru me, geddit?".
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No, that's not Ivo under my name-it's one of the avatars available to members (and if I remember correctly one of our members made it). Ivo's a tuxedo kitty.
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omg those kittens are soooooo cute!!!
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A pic of Blizzard and Tigger having their first meal at 6 weeks old. They weren't quite sure what to do with it - some got stuck on their faces, and Tiggly wiggly got some up his nose of course... but now they are scoffing their way thru' a big bowl of paneer every day, ditto kitten bikkies (when we can get them), a bowl of milk, some tuna and rice mixture occasionally, and all sorts of other treats, all delivered several times a day and nite by their devoted handmaiden, my daughter.
And of course, their loving mother tries to bring them a rat or at least a mouse every evening, and tho' it has usually died of shock before she gives it to them, they put a lot of energy into tossing it round and growling over it, before Molly comes back and says "Enough training you guys; eat it, or I will..." and does....
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This is Molly and her ten day old babies in a cardboard box. They were unbelievably small, and this was the first day that their eyes opened - and that was just a little slit - enough to see that they were bright blue! Now they are more greeny coloured, like their mum's eyes...
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awwww they are all so cute
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What beautiful furbabies you have!

It just struck me how small the world is - you posting pictures from your home at the base of the Himalayas in India, and me responding you from my dining room in midwest United States. Wow!!
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This will have to be the last for tonite, as I am getting dropped offline too much... bugger it!
Oh, well, can't complain, I've had a full hour and a half tonite at 40 kbps or better, and that's good here.
This is Molly with her kittens again, this time at three weeks old. You can see how much they've grown in that short time.
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This is really the last - it's about bedtime at 4:50 am, and this last pic is probably a bit blurry too, but it's Molly taking Blizzard and Tigger out on their first nite-time outing.... madly exciting! For everyone! The kittens' hearts were beating double-time when she brought them back inside an hour later, and set off herself to do her nightly patrol of the boundaries - or the Line Of Control (LOC) as the de facto border with Pakistan is called. The real LOC is a few km down the road, but Molly patrols with the same intensity as a well-trained soldier. She enjoys it even more if someone comes along with her, even if they have to bring a torch so they don't fall on their faces....
Well, good nite cat-lovers all, and talk to you again soon, next time the virtual world expands to include us.
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I've read your other posts and it's great to put some pictures to the names!

Very cute pics!

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awww how sweet!
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Molly is such a cutie and her kittens are soooo cute!!

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they are sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH... cuteness overload!!!!!
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Thank you for sharing all those pictures. The kittens are so cute! It's nice to hear how it is in a country different from your own.
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Those babies are so adorable! I love their ears!
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i agree with the others, those oics. were great, hope to see more, i love it, looking at pics. all the way in India, how long have you lived there? you have pretty furbabies
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