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I named them!!!

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I was waiting until the right names came to me:

Ok, I have two tuxedo kitties. Now, the male has this perfect tuxedo markings and a little black line at his nose that looks like he is a pencil thin mustache. So...I got to thinking, he looks like he could be in a Noel Coward play! Plus that fits him, he is kind of a goof ball. So I named him Noel and it fits.

Now, the girl is more dark and mysterious and serious. So I got to thinking she is like Lillian Helman the playwright (can you guess I am a theater person?) So I named her Lilly!

Anyways, now it falls into place. They are indoor kitties but I figure to be safe I should get name tags for them.
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We would love to see some pics!!

My husband and I are still debating on the names for our 3 fosters. It's so hard to pick names sometimes, isn't it??
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I need to borrow a camera but I want to post pix! They are adorable.

Yes naming is hard! I had an idea of names when I adopted them, but they didn't fit them. Everytime I would call them those names it didnt fit. So since we dont' have to sign birth certificates with names I figured waiting until they came makes sense!
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What great names. For some reason I have no trouble naming my cats - I always feel they name themselves.
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i have no idea if I should rename my new kitty. Right now he is Vinson. it is growing on me but I think I will wait to see if thats going to be his name or not. I liked Alaska but hubby thinks it sounds girly. Vinson is a snowshoe siamese.
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I have a few prejudices about naming, which I've named in other threads. But generally I believe, like Adymarie, that they name themselves -- it doesn't seem to take very long before they tell us what they want to be called.

What sweet names yours have chosen. Pics, please?
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Very nice names! Good job! Can't wait to see pictures.
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Those are lovely names. Me too, can't wait to see pics.
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Cute names!
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Noel and Lilly....very cute! Isn`t it fun to come up with names?....well done!
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