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When do your cats "Wake up"?

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I am having a slight problem, not a biggee, but my male (just named Noel) is waking me up at sunrise. I usually wake up pretty early anyways, but I am not sure if this is common? I know cats are fairly nocturnal, so why wake up owners to play and for attention at sunrise?
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Mine will try to wake me up all night long, but particularly about 3AM and 5AM. They don't do it to get me to feed them as my house has food available all the time. They also know that I won't get up to play with them in the wee hours of the morning. I just assumed they had their own internal alarm clocks. I just roll over and go back to sleep. Sorry don't know the reason, just know that it is very common.
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Most of ours seem to wake up early too, because that is when we get up. My wife gets up at 4 am and I get up at 5 am when I work day shift
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Please click here to read an old thread on this topic. In this thread you will find links to two other threads. I think you will find all of this information quite helpful.

Good luck!
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My cats used to wake me pretty early too, not every morning but sometimes. But now that I think about it, they haven't done it in ages. They sleep in as long as I do (and I sleep in a lot since I don't have many classes anymore and I'm definitely a "night person") or even longer. Hmmm maybe the fact that I stay up until 2 or 3am on most days is the reason.

Sorry, not much help I know since most people just can't stay up late and sleep in. But even when my cats do or did wake me up, I just turn and go back to sleep. I guess that's one reason they don't bother waking me anymore. And since I don't wake up easy, I'm so used to all kinds of noise during the night- one morning I noticed that a plate had been knocked down off the kitchen table and it had shattered on the floor, I hadn't even woken up for that!
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Heck all of my cats wake me up in the wee hours of the am.(about 5 ish) Twig will jump up and knock over glasses, cups, anything just to see "mom" jump up to clean the mess up. Lately though I've ben putting towels by our nightstands so when he DOES knock over a full glass or cup it will just fall onto the towel. No problem right? wrong. Now he has decided that he needs to jump onto the dresser and start to knock over things on there. Brat! so when mom wakes up(yes I am a horribly light sleeper) and growls at him to knock it off, all of the other cats rush in thinking that mom is going to get up and feed them. Isis will rub against my back, Luna will bump my hands for pettings and Rocket will start his kneeding of my hair. I don't mind this mind you, but sometimes it's hard to fall back asleep, and that makes for a LONG day!
But I love them and I guess i dont' want it any other way, does that make me strange??? LOL!
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I've been really lucky with Nakita. She doesn't wake up until we get out of bed. She sleeps under the covers and sometimes stays there, even after we get up!

She's been like that since she was a kitten and I hope her sleep habits remain the same.

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Heck, you all are lucky. When my kitty decides it is time for Clayton to get up and give "His Imperial Highness" breakfast (usally at the bright shiny hour of 2AM to 5AM), he just hops up on the bed, puts his face in my face, purrs loudly while choosing the optimum location... and bites! Not hard but enough to ensure that he gets his attention (er, ejection from room, closure of door). Despite a distressing continued lack of 3AM food in the cat bowl, this continues apace. Kass is extra lucky, when Kjartan gets under the covers my toes ususally pay the price. But I love 'em anyhow.
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My alarm is set for 5:45 during the week. My cats start in trying to wake me 30 min before that. I don't get up until the alarm goes off.
I also ignore them if they meow after I have gone to bed.
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