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Check out today's cat of the day (esp. Catarina...)

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It's on the main page of the site.
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I think Opie is soooo cute!!
When we get together I'm sure Opie can show Nomar a few tricks!
I don't know about catching lizards..
Nomar will just be content showing Opie how he mastered curtain climbing!! :laughing: :laughing:
Great photos!
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Catarina; It must be Great Fun being Opie's Mom!! :pinky:

He is a very handsome boy! I am quite partial to Golden Orange Tabbies. and now he is a star of the Cat Pages.

Give him loads of kitty kisses for me

(I love you too, Nomar, so don't get jealous)
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TLK your so precious!!!
Nomar loves you too!
Do you think Nomar will be a bad influence on Opie??? :laughing:
I thought I saw everything but Nomar just reached the top of the curtain rod with such force. I thought he was going to bonk his head on the ceiling!!!

TLK, Nomar and I think your just the greatest!!!!
The offer still stands to babysit.
We love you too Catarina and Opie!!!
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Loretta; Have you put up the new "Industrial Strength" rod or was he racing up the old "shaky" one? He cracks me up with the way he insists on driving you crazy climbing those curtains!!!

I don't know what kind of crtains Catarina has, but I'll bet Nomar could teach him to climb any type. . . . . . :laughing2 :flash:
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no the same rods are up.
The rods are not what concerns me now.
The brackets that hold the rods up are coming out of the wall....
Never a dull moment here..
I hope he behaves at his party I will be so embarassed if he pulls the curtains down...

Catarina,trust me when I say
Nomar is really an angel....
when he's sleeping!
:laughing: :laughing:
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Awwwwww….Dearest Anne, Loretta, & Darlene,

I have a little story I'd like to share with you this morning. I tried posting this before…but guess what!????? I was about to hit submit and "CRASH" .After about 45 minutes of typing, I almost cried, but…I left the computer, took a lovely walk in the rain! Which made me think of this great since I'm constantly gettin' the boot. I'm gonna do this on Word; stick all my little smilies where I want 'em, then copy and paste. My odds of crashing will be less! At least I hope so!

Now, here's the fun story! I woke up this morning about 5:30 to take my pup, India out. She loves to run of course like any pup …YIKES. She knows how to fetch and it's been a whole lot of fun watching her learn some neat tricks. I happened to see this tupperware top (looks like a frisbee) and I said "Hey India, let's play girl…so….I threw it it goes soaring and guess who bolts across the yard to try and catch it? MY BOY OPIE!! Wow, what a stage that set! India's barking and Opie's hissing and swatting at her, he's not gonna give it up. Meanwhile, I'm laughing so hard!! :laughing::LOL: So, he lays on it and every angle India approached him…he'd roll over on it, but he wouldn't give in for nothin! My poor neighbors! Opie caught Inida pretty good on the nose just once to let her know that, even though she may be bigger…He's still the boss! India retreats to me …with such a pitiful look…like…"He hurt me Mommy" Awwwww…poor pup! Priceless…where's the headcam when you need one!

As far as Opie's vocabulary skills, he's becoming quite a scholar I have N E V E R heard of any of my cats do this do this before. He does this thing with chirps and meows…I often wonder if he's been sneaking some Spanish lessons behind my back. He can roll his "r's" better than I can and has quite a dramatic flair. I can only imagine if he were Italian

Loretta, I must say that since Nomar is still tearing the curtains down and the wall is breaking apart from where the rods are bolted; it's time I came up there with a construction crew, along with steel ties and girders to bolt the rods in! :laughing::laughing: Although, that is quite expensive Ever think of boarding the windows? :laughing::LOL:
:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I would love to have Opie meet Nomar; however, Opie's was wondering if you'd liked to visit and vacation here with Nomar of course Our invitation is an open one

Darlene, I'm 'ing Opie right now as I type this, saying these are from Auntie Darlene and he's just taking it all in as usual...He just loves the attention.. Oh and Darlene, if you ever need a getaway...mi casa tu casa

I'm sure I'm not the only one here in love with their cat(s) …I should stand corrected though, he happens to be one of my six cats. I love them all dearly You see, I had to constantly rescue Opie from the others (especially Job) from pouncing on him when he was a baby and as he grew he began glaring at them which reminded me of old Arnold Schwarzenegger's famous reply….."Ah'll be bach"

Thanks for your love today! As always, backatcha!

Love & God Bless Always!
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