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Well, they evacuated down the street from me but last night everyone was let back in. As long as the winds stay down and go to the East we should be fine.

Last count was over 600 houses, over 200,000 acres, and 14 people dead here in San Diego county.

lmj, I thought Metro was being turned into a juvenile unit. That was the plan when they closed Camarillo a few years ago. Anyhow, I know they'll be secured wherever they are. We would have heard if anyone escaped. I'm worried about some of the guards from Patton, there're some terrific people up there.

Anyhow, back to normality. I hope.
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One of my customers, from San Diego, said that his company shut down yesterday. In addition, the Monday Night Football game had to be moved to Sun Devil Stadium, in Tempe.
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We're still having the fires pretty badly in this area. The Simi Valley, and Chatsworth (which is in LA City) area's are still having some pretty severe fires. The skies are pretty hazy today here in LA, giving off that strange alien look to everything.
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In todays paper they showed a burned cat He was still alive...
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Originally posted by Fluffy'sMom
In todays paper they showed a burned cat He was still alive...
That poor kitty. I saw on TV that the farm used in Little House on the Praire burned down yesterday as well.
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That happened 10 years ago, during the big Malibu fire also. Some rescuers found a cat who was severely burned. His owner died in the fire, so the Humane Society took the cat, and spent months healing him. Everyone in Los Angeles wanted to adopt him.
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The sun is red. I know it's due to the fires, but it looks like sunset, and it's almost 1pm in the afternoon. It' really dark outside, as well. I can tell that today the fires are much closer to me. You can't even see the blue sky, just a yellowish grey haze, and the red sun peeking thru. Very strange, and very alien looking.
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The smoke is even coming up here in SLO County.

They've ordered the immediate evacuation of Big Bear and its less than a mile from Lake Arrowhead. They're talking about pulling out the firefighters from the Arrowhead/Big Bear areas and letting it burn and put the firefighters elsewhere so they can be of better use. If it continues without any firebreaks a senator figures it can reach up to Bakersfield area.

Also ordered the immediate evacuation of Devore.
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Gosh I wish our rain here would move to Ca. where the fire is . That fire really sounds like a bad one .
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There has been about 15-20 deaths now from Venture to the Mexican border with over 1150 structures burned and about 522,000 acres burned at last report.

Cost is estimated at somewhere between $2 and $3 Billion dollars.
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Right now Julian, Palomar Mountain, Cuyamaca (sp?), and Descanso are all burning and under mandatory evacuation. They're moving people as far inland as Borrego Springs. We keep hearing that more fire fighting is coming in, but then we just found out that there are currently 8 C130s equipped with fire fighting equipment in CA, but the governor ordered them to Malibu (which is already out) and has no plans to send them to San Bernadino or San Diego. They're also starting to find dead animals.

*sigh* I just found out that the camp where we retreat has been burned so I guess no mountain retreat next week.

Today I can barely breathe and the air was even bad up at work in Carlsbad. Down here it was dark all day long, felt like driving at night. There was also another fire along the 5 which made it take almost 2 hours to get home tonight.

Hubby said there were two other fires within the city two. It's amazing how many little fires are coming up. Usually we just have a few car fires, not fires all over the danged place!
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Some asshole with a horse is evacuating and said he needed a horse trailer to evacuate the horse and then they showed him packing his belongings into a horse trailer and leaving the horse behind. I am so pissed. That poor horse is still in it's corral and left behind. I wish it was legal to kill people like that.


Can I cry now?
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i am so saded by these fires, for the people and for the animals, people that start these fires for the fun of it should be shot noquestions ask, if that sounds harsh im sorry but these fires are harsh and look at all the firefights that risk there lives to put it out. i pray for all the Calf. people and all the animals that they can be as safe as possible
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TTMom I am in shock and speachless , what a SSOAB.......
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American Humane is one of the national organizations that always responds to emergencies like this. They have a Red Crescent program for animals similar to the Red Cross. They are on the scene helping. For information about that and to donate to their efforts if you would like to do that visit www.americanhumane.org.

Ever thought you might like to help in such emergencies? I certainly have and one of these days I might just get trained to do it! You can apply to be one of American Humane's emergency responders. Information about that can also be found on their website.
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I just wanted to post the latest update. We're finally seeing blue sky again up here where I work, I don't know what it's like at home.

Julian post office (1700 block of highway 78) is threatened by fire.

Firefighters in the East County are making a stand against the flames that are set to hit Julian.

The Cedar Fire has charred more than 233,000 acres, it’s about 15 percent contained – full containment expected Nov. 5

The Paradise Fire has burned 40,000 acres, it’s 20 percent contained.

The Otay Fire has scorched more than 45,000 acres, it’s 100 percent contained.

Nearly 1,200 homes have been destroyed county-wide.

250,000 acres have burned in the San Diego County fires

Julian, Pine Hills, Wynola, Pine Valley, Descanso, Guatay, Santa Ysabel, Volcan Mountain, Laguna and the Lake Henshaw Area are under evacuation orders.
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It's not as bad here today, as it was yesturday, at least the skies are brighter. I think it's because the wind is blowing things away from here. However, Valencia where Magic Mountain is, is in jeopary. Fires are flaring up, all around that area.
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Here is the link to the reports from Noah's Wish, the animal rescue
disaster group that mobilizes for disaster. It's terrible to know
how many did not make it out, but very glad to know that there are so
many people helping the animals. It would be a horrible decision for
people to have to evacuate their homes without a safe place for their
pets. Noah's Wish is doing everything possible to make sure that no
pets have to stay behind.

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Here is another:

Here is the link to the reports from Noah's Wish, the animal rescue
disaster group that mobilizes for disaster. It's terrible to know
how many did not make it out, but very glad to know that there are so
many people helping the animals. It would be a horrible decision for
people to have to evacuate their homes without a safe place for their
pets. Noah's Wish is doing everything possible to make sure that no
pets have to stay behind.

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Speaking of things like evacuations, do all of us, especially all of the multi-cat owners, have enough cat carriers in case we ever do have to evacuate ourselves and our kitties. It's not something you would normally think about. Everyone has the one or two carriers they need, to go to the vet, but what if you had to put all of your Kitties in your car or truck at once. Just thought I would mention it. I have 9 carriers...

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Lisa I merged your thread with the other fire thread on the board to keep it all together-
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Sid, good point. We were discussing this a few days ago, we have 16 cats and 7 carriers now, I just ordered another off of Ebay. I am thinking the 6 littermates can each go 2 to a carrier, the kitten can go in with any of the others, Midnight can go in with any other. But we still need a few more carriers.
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Sid I agree with Sue , it is a very good point . By the last Hurican thread I realiced that I don't have all the carrier I need , but fugure if I really would have to evacuate I always can go to Wal-Mart . Then watching this thread made me think , what if every body thinks that way and they will all sold out . I sure would be in trouble . I will buy now every month 1-2 carrier till I have all I need . Thanks for pointing that out , you never know .
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Don't wait until you have to evacuate to get anything. Out here, some of the people who waited died in their houses or trying to get out. They keep finding bodies. The stores also may not be open. when they evacuated Tierrasanta there was only one way out (this is not like it is normally) and the evacuees were at a dead standstill. The road looked like the ones from the coast back east during hurricane evacuations with one major difference, these people only had an hour or so to get out.

Also, if there are any common natural disasters in your area you will want to purchase any safety gear BEFORE it happens. In our case, everyone was running out of masks because of the poor air quality we've had all week. Just staying inside doesn't keep the ash and smoke out of your lungs. You should always have an emergency store anyhow with canned goods and bottled water that you replace every 6 months or so.
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Oh, I also read that you should always keep at least 1/2 a tank of gas in your vehicles so that you can evacuate if need be because you're not going to be able to stop for gas.
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TTMom that is so true what you say . I remember a couple of years ago there was a fire in Florida and we could smell it hear in Georgia . We stayed most of the time in the house and were not even next to the fire . It is always important to have a suply in the house for things like that .
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I know I breathed in a lot of ash and smoke, during all of this. I don't have Air Conditioning - so I couldn't get away from it, even in my apartment.

Today, it's cool up here in Los Angeles. The winds are blowing the soot and smoke into Vegas and Arizona, and we have good air quality. It even rained a little bit this morning, which my friend and I said would be a miracle only a couple of days ago, if it rained. It's still burning in the Santa Clarita area just north of Los Angeles, and in Big Bear and Arrowhead, as well as San Bernardino. But we're expecting cool weather for a few days, and maybe even real showers tomorrow night.
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That would be great if it cools of and it would rain there .
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This is what I read when I followed Lisa's link to American Humane

Wildfires Threaten Thousands of Animals Throughout Southern California

American Humane Responds!

News from the scene

American Humane's National Responders are currently assisting the San Diego Humane Society in assessing animal needs in Ramona, California, where a recent flare-up caused further emergency evacuations. Currently more than 1,000 horses in Del Mar, Ramona, and Lakeside are threatened by encroaching fires, and will require emergency evacuation if the fires continue in their current path.

A team effort

Yesterday, American Humane National Responders continued to assist animal victims of the Cedar Fire in San Diego. Working with the San Diego Police Mounted Patrol, National Responders provided care for horses evacuated from burn areas. American Humane's team joined with disaster response teams from the Humane Society of the United States and the Houston SPCA to establish an intake system allowing owners to reclaim their horses after the evacuations were over.

American Humane has also dispatched a team of National Responders to San Bernardino to report to the Emergency Operations Center for Animals Control. The National Responder team leader will be meeting with Lt. Kane of the San Bernadino Animal Control to do a needs assessment.

Outpouring of support

While local groups have done an outstanding job of coordinating relief efforts, the continuing rage of the fires are starting to take their toll on rescue personnel. Support from organizations like American Humane provides needed relief to rescuers who have been working around the clock.

Monday, American Humane began our response to the Cedar Fire by dispatching our Red Star Emergency Services at the request of the San Diego Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Read more.

As Red Star helps local forces rescue these defenseless animals, American Humane is asking Southern California residents who are forced to evacuate to make sure their animals are safe. Click here for precautions to take to avoid leaving livestock stranded and alone during a disaster.

We need your help

America Humane is dangerously close to depleting our emergency response funds. We need to add $50,000 back to our resources -- an amount that is continually growing as the needs in California expand. Contributions can be made online or by calling (866) 242-1877.
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I just heard from my friend. At 3:00 a.m. yesterday her house burned to the ground. She was able to evacuate all four kids, 3 dogs and the rabbits safely. They have no cats. The kids couldn't find their turtles, though so they think the turtles are toast.
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