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*MERGED* California Fire Threads

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My god we are having fires all over Ca. This is really scary and sad. San Deigo has tons of strays, and the news on tv is urging to bring in any strays to safety, poor people and pets. Many acres and homes have burned, and loss of life. Our freinds are concerned and may come stay with us. We are about an hour away from the closest fires.
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My BF's mom was evacuated from San Bernardino yesterday, along with her 90 yr old mom and their cats. It's scary, we've been watching the news and monitoring it online.
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California Siamese Rescue is also in trouble. They are trying to find homes for all the cats that are in harms way. All this because of one :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: arsonist!
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Been reading the CNN news on the fires. One of the fires started by a man that was lost in the woods and lit a fire to attract rescue. It appears that 2 more were set by arsonists. The pictures are frightening!

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Let's all pray for them. I used to live no more than 2 miles from where some of the fires are in Escondido. I have a close friend whose house is only 15 miles west towards the ocean.

Having lived out there and seen the Santa Ana winds, it can be pretty scarey. Let's hope all the cats made it out of danger. Another friend is donating his time to move as many horses from the fire line to the Delmar Fairgrounds to get them out of danger.

Clyde (Mike)
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OMG! One person caused this damage!!!!!

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So far they think an arsonist started the fire in San Bernadino. They think a hunter accidently started the Cedar fire (the one that started up into the mountains and headed straight down into MiraMesa--this is where MiraMar of TopGun is). There was a mine fire further south in the Descanso area which is now being evacuated and if it goes further I will have to evacuate in El Cajon. The Paradise or Valley Center fire has not been attributed a cause yet. Most of the highways are closed here and I had to take an alternate way to work. Most of the government workers are at home today and almost all schools are closed.
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Hopefully, I don't think I'll have to worry, however, the Fire's are spreading and are now also burning in Los Angeles County as well. The skies are really hazy, and filled with smoke, and people with health problems are told not to go outside. These fires are the worst I can remember, and that includes the Malibu fires 10 years ago. I really hope they can contain these fires.
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Yeah, the fire's are moving into El Cajon, where I live too. I will be going home in about an hour if they don't start the evacuation before then.

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OMG how awfull .

TTMom do you also have to evacuate now ???

I do hope and pray the fire stops and a rainstorm will start .
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It's a bit early for rain here in Southern CA. They said that it should cool off a bit tomorrow to the mid 80's, and that will help. The hot hot weather and the Santa Ana's aren't helping this situation, at all. Anyway, they are saying that it should be better by tomorrow, and definately Weds.
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I was watching the Breeder's Cup out of Santa Anita Race Track Saturday and you could just see the haze from the smoke in the air. I am keeping all those in danger in my prayers!
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hissy, do you know how to contact the California Siamese Rescue? I am a Siamese lover, and I'd like to see about either helping or adopting a cat.
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I've got a close friend who lives only about 2.5 miles west of the fire in northeast Escondido.

I'm really worried and have a great deal of sympathy for the poor folks who live there. I know some of the areas in Scripps Ranch which burned down and have friends who live in that vicinity also.

Let's hope everyone gets out safely.

Clyde (Mike)
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We're still okay (it just past 9am). I'm home now and it's really dark. They haven't started evacuating our neighborhood.

Hubby is driving up to MiraMar (he works for the navy) and he's describing the burned out areas to me as he goes through them.

My coworker with the cats is good right now too. They're shutting down my place of work, though.
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Holy smoke this is terrible. (Ok.. I truly didn't get the pun until after I typed that).

TTMom, I love San Diego! My niece lives on Coronado Island. I did some shopping at a cool mall downtown S.D.
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Hey, all you California folks -- lotsa prayers and good vibes for cooling temps and rain sooner rather than later.
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Yeah, I hope everyone is safe..

Lots of good thoughts and prayers from my way!

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I remember growing up with those Santa Ana winds and how nasty they were on their own. I can't imagine what it must be like to be breathing the ashes along with it. I hope they get the fires under control soon. Looks like a real state of emergency for the state.
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Hoping everyone in the areas where the fires are at are ok.

I've heard - unfortunately - that there has been several casualties (according to the local news).

I too used to live in the Los Angeles area and now how bad the Santa Anas can be.

I hope they get the arsonist soon.

Bless the firemen working on the fires.
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I hope the people down in the areas where the fires are are ok.

The Santa Ana's can be nasty having used to live in the Los Angeles area years ago.

I hope the winds die down and rain comes soon.

There was/still is? a fire about 80 - 100 miles away from where I live in the Santa Ynez area. Hopefully its out so the firefighters can help the ones in L.A. and San Diego areas.
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The smoke is lifting a little here, but our street lights have been on all day. Both hubby and I are now home. I haven't heard of anybody being let back into their neighborhoods yet.

No rain in sight. We're praying the winds will stay still. If the wind picks up and blows to the north the 3 fires will merge and become one gigantic fire.

Just learned of evacuations in Jamul which is in east county. It fairly close to us, but still far enough away to be safe.

Down south my doctor's office is actually in danger so I may have to go elsewhere for my appointment next month.
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I just found out something that scares me. I've posted about my ex who was incarcerated for trying to kill me. He was in Patton State Hospital up in San Bernadino and apparently the hospital has burned and they've moved the inmates. I was fine when I knew where he was, not having him where I know he is scares me and because it's a "hospital" they won't tell you anything about the inmates. I know they have to move them to a similar facility (which means Atascadero up north because they've closed all the other facilities of that type), but not knowing scares me. Especially considering how much chaos there would have been in evacuating the inmates.
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OMG TTMom I hope you will find out that he is save locked up some place . I understand your feelings , it would scare me too . But usualy they do the inmates separate with police power . Maybe this help you find peace in your heart .
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This is so sad and so scary. Fire is one of my worst fears. I live in Northern Cali but I have a lot of friends down South.

Please everyone stay safe and keep your cats safe
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I have heard the fire also includes the Simi Valley area. Duncan's breeder, Olivia Strongo of Elusive Blue Cattery is located there. I wonder how she is doing? The pictures on Cnn look horrible.

Cindy W.
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CNN and BBC did show the terrible destruction. How awful! But they were also saying that the rich homeowners were given priority over others. Is that true?
I pray this is over soon!
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Yayi, yes, unfortunately they are concentrating on the higher cost homes, etc., but the firefighters do tend to focus only on the harder hit areas. Here they're showing mostly Scripps Ranch where there are homes in the millions while they're barely showing the average homes or the lower cost homes. The governor of CA toured Scripps Ranch today.

Like I posted in the other thread. The smoke is starting to clear a little and the fires are moving back away from inhabited areas. Everything should start getting back to normal tomorrow, but we're still going to be in danger for a few days until they get the fires out.
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One of the good things about this fire is that the reporters haven't seen any stray or lost animals in the burned areas. They've even been created corrals at Qualcomm stadium to house the pets and all the animal shelters in the area and many homes and ranches have been taking horses, sheep, cats, dogs, etc. in. It's really nice to hear that, but I got a little pissed when Red Cross was said to just be telling people they couldn't help with animals and not giving out the main phone number. It wouldn't take any longer and they'd save an animal's life too.
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TT Mom, Top Cat, my son was at San Bernidino Patton Hospital for years, this past year he has been at Metro in Norwalk, Ca....maybe they will go there.
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