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Vietnam survivors seek retribution from US

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From cp24.com I say that if it has been found that war crimes have been committed (and it has been)then those people should be prosecuted.

Money For Pain

They want money for their unbearable loss and pain. Surviving victims of alleged war atrocities in Vietnam are seeking justice and compensation from the U.S.

Recently, an Ohio newspaper published stories about killings in the village of Hanh Thien by an American army unit called the “Tiger Force.†The 45-member paratrooper unit was sent in to spy on enemy forces between May and November 1967. The paper interviewed more than 100 people, including former Tiger Force members and Vietnamese civilians, and reviewed thousands of government documents.

“If we could see that there were rucksack marks on their back then this was a guarantee that they were VC and they were immediately beaten to try to extract as much information as possible,†explains Rion Causey, former medic of Tiger Force. “If they were farmers, we sometimes wouldn’t bother to go through the torture to try to extract the information. But if most likely we knew they had no information, we simply lined them up and shot them ... My Lai was a one day incident. People were angry, they had their friends, their comrades shot. They made a conscious effort on one day to do this type of atrocity. In Tiger Force it went on every day, that first operation that I was involved in went on for 37 days; 37 days we averaged, right, at three people a day. That's a conscious effort, every single day that you are going to kill people.â€

Some victims say they continue to live with bitter memories. They're demanding that high-ranking U.S. commanders be tried for war crimes. But the Pentagon says it has no plans to re-open investigations. An army probe took 4 years and found 18 soldiers had committed war crimes. But none of the soldiers was prosecuted.

October 25, 2003
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This is so awful! I HATE WAR! People do such terrible things! My dad is a WW2 veteran and he wasn't surprised when I told him about this. He also said that nothing may come out of this. It will be covered up. Maybe the next-next generation (our grandchildren) will be able to finally do the right thing (admit to the crime, compensate the heirs, etc.). The sad part is the "criminals" will be dead and thus never punished.
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These sorts of atrocities should be brought out into the open. A forum such as the truth and reconciliation commission in South Africa wouldn't go amiss.
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