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Feeling like a ninny.

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We brought our new kitty Opus home Friday. We seperated him but the boys were playing under the door together in a matter of hours so we went ahead and threw them together and they got along wonderfully. This morning I noticed Simon acting oddly and when he threw up I made an immediate call to the vet. He's running a little bit of a fever(103) but otherwise seems in great shape. He's been given an antibiotic and the vet thinks it will blow over in a couple of days. Just need somebody to tell me I didn't over react. No, the vet didn't make me feel like I did...I just do. Opus is going in about an hour from now, he seems fine, just a precautionary type of thing.
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I don't think you are a Ninny. Just watch over Simon and go with your gut. If you think he's not getting any better on the antibiotics - I would bring him in again. Hope he gets better quickly.
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I am glad you went to the vet , you never know . Better save theen sorry . I hope he will do better soon .
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I dont see how you are a ninny at all. Your cat threw up once and you called the vet? Some people let this behaviour go on for days before they call the vet.. and sometimes by then its too late.

Hope he gets better soon!!
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