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Sandie is a Double-Millennium Cat!

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Congratulations to you, upon reaching that milestone! I hope you like blobs, 'cause here they are:


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Thank you Mr Cat! My goodness I didn't realize I talk that much. I can honestly say it's been a pleasure getting to know everyone in the last 2000 posts.
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I like the term "Millennium Cat" for 1000 posts. Thanks, Mr. Cat. (Plus I haven't been able to think of anything better myself).
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I was just thinking about your domain name: sandkats. Back during the 1980s, I worked with the senior feline keeper at what was then called the Washington Park Zoo here in Portland (now it's called the Oregon Zoo). Anyway, two of the animals we looked after were in fact sand cats (Felis margarita). They were the cutest little people, with really-big ears (radiators) perched low on their heads — the better for low-profile peeking over sand dunes when after prey in their North African homeland.


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Congratulations! You passed me while I was to away, but I'm afraid I didn't catch up while you were in Cape Code
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Congrats on your success but why is it that we can't get you to talk that much at the cat shows? You say you're shy (laughing here) but not on a computer. Anyway, enjoy the success and waiting for you to pass your next hurdle (within the next few weeks). Thanks for being there for us when we need you.

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First..Congrats Sandie!:

and Mr Cat, I used to work at the Oregon Zoo too! First as a summer employee in Bearwalk, then as a expeditor in the new Cascade Grill...was a load of fun....especially my morning greeting from our residant tiger Czar...may he rest in peace.

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Sandie, please forgive this digression. Cleo, when I worked at the zoo we kept a Siberian tiger named Nuri. He was an old fellow by then; and we had to blow the "come inside" whistle very loud and long for him, as his hearing was in decline. But he was a sweetheart! He'd rub the side of his face along the bars inside (where I worked), just like our little feline friends do, as a sign of affection. When Craig, the senior feline keeper, wasn't looking I'd give Nuri little rubs during those "facial enounters." Nuri is in heaven now.

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I will have to look up what a sand cat looks like. Rene helped come up with the name. The reason it is spelled with a k is because someone had registered the name sandcats already. The only Zoo I have been to that I remember is the San Diego Zoo and the Santa Barbara Zoo in CA. Of course I would never recomend anyone going to the Santa Barbara one they have no respect for their animals.
With that being said and since the domain name being brought up. For those who have been to my website to check it out, we re designed it and any input on weather you think it's better or should go back would be great.
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Sandi; First of all CONGRATULATIONS on 2000 posts!!! :pinky::pinky::pinky::pinky:

Secondly, I like the new web site It is "cheerful" and easier to read and, for some reason loads faster (pictures etc.) than the old site did. Did you and Ken design it yourselves? If so, good job!!!

I am curious how you run a home, a business and still managed 2000 posts!! You must be "skin and bones" and an insomniac who cleans when other people are in bed. . . . . :splitter:

In all seriousness; I have learned so very much from reading your helpful posts. I am very thankful that (from all indications) you will be with us for 2000 more!!! YOU ROCK !
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LOL TLK....Yes, Ken does the website. He has always been handy with the computer. We wanted an easier logo as well as an easier site to look at. I wish I were skin and bones. I could stand to loose about 20lbs or so. Simply put I get up at 530am get half my housework done, go to work from 8 to 4, come home get the rest of the house done, make dinner feed the animals and then try to spend from 8 to 10 on the computer and in the cat nursery with my pregnant queens or kittens. Of course I sneak in the nursery in the morning from 540 to 6...LOL. I try to keep weekends open for cat shows or simply relaxing or catching up on things!! Thank you for the compliment
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wow! 2000 posts. and the most impressive is that the bulk of them have been filled with loads of knowledge & experience! there aren't many of us that can say the same. thanks for all of the advice & info

:flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy: :flower: :daisy:
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Here you go:

Felis margarita
Sand Cat


Written by Kimberly Williams, Michigan State University student


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Subfamily: Felinae
Genus: Felis
Species: Felis margarita

^ Geographic Range
Ethiopian: Desert zones from Morocco and northern Niger to Soviet Central Asia and Pakistan

^ Physical Characteristics
Head and body length of Felis margarita is from 450 to 572 mm. Tail length is from 280 to 348 mm. F. margarita is pale sandy to gray straw in color. The back is slightly darker, and the belly is white. The face promotes two reddish streaks that begin at the corners of the eyes. The tail has two to three subterminal rings and a black tip.

^ Food Habits
Felis margarita is carnivorous, preying on rodents, hares, birds, and reptiles. Apparently this felid can survive without drinking free water.

^ Reproduction
There does not appear to be a strict breeding season for F. margarita . Litters have been observed throughout the year, though no more than 2 annually for any female. The gestation period is from 59-63 days. There are 2-4 altricial young per litter that weigh an average of 39 grams at birth. The eyes of the young open anywhere from day 12 to day 16.

^ Behavior
The social system of this desert cat is unknown, but since this is a desert species and resources are scarce, one may guess that they are solitary. F. margarita exhibit crepuscular and nocturnal behavior.

^ Habitat
This felid is especially adapted to extremely arid conditions, especially involving loose soil (sand dunes).

Biomes: desert

^ Conservation


IUCN: Endangered
U.S. ESA: Endangered
CITES: Appendix II

According to CITES-Appendix II, U.S. ESA and IUCN, the subspecies that occurs in Pakistan (Felis margarita scheffeli) is endangered due to commercial animal dealer exploitation from 1967-1972.

^ Other Comments
Felis margarita was named after a General Margueritte who was on duty in Algeria in the 1850's.

^ References
Gotch, A. F. 1979. Mammals--Their Latin Names Explained: A Guide to Animal Classification. Blandford Press , Poole.

Nowak, Ronald M. 1991. Walker's Mammals of the World, Volume II, Fifth Edition. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.

Ortolani, Alessia and T.M. Caro. 1996. The Adaptive Significance of Color Patterns in Carnivores: Phylogenetic Tests of Classic Hypotheses. Pp. 132-188 in John L. Gittleman, ed., Carnivore Behavior, Biology, and Evolution: Volume II.. Comstock Publishing Associates, Ithaca.


Reference written by Kimberly Williams, ZOL365: Biology of Mammals. Edited by Barbara Lundrigan.
Page last updated May 2000.

Sponsored in part by the Interagency Education Research Initiative, the Homeland Foundation and the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support.

copyright © 1995-2001, The Regents of the University of Michigan

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And Sandie forgot to mention that her and Ken have the most amazing daughter. She's well behaved and absolutely adorable. The cats love her and she loves the cats. Also, she has the cutest smile. Just to add another amazement to Sandie's list. Let's not forget that she also is a volunteer for Rene's group.

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Thank you Mr Cat for the info. I did a little searching but didn't come up with that much info. They are very interesting. I am now glad I (accidentally) named my cattery Sandkats.
Frannie..I am blushing. Thank you for the compliments although you are making me appear much better than I am (which is a good thing).I had a great vacation but am glad to be back on the site again.
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You are welcome! One last item in regard to our friends the sand cats: Did you notice, in the summary above, that their color is described as "sandy"?

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You know, My mom was just visiting and I gave her heck for my name. I asked her why she had to name me something that could be poked fun at. We were all at the beach for 5 days and all I heard were things like Sandie...you are all Sandy. Although having a relation to a beautiful cats color is quite nice
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Well, first of all, I am obviously not asking you to do enough volunteer work if you have had time to post over 2000 posts! I will have to work on that
Also, how come Frannie says nice things to you - she never says nice things to me!
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