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My Web site

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I started a little website. It's very simple but it's my first attempt! Take a LQQK!

Purrfectly Purrsians
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It's purrfect! Great Job!
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Wow you got through it already! You're fast! Thanks for the compliment. I have several pictures of each cat on there in a slide show. In the "links" section I included information on Feline PKD (since Hallie has it).

It's very humble but beautiful to me because it has all my babies on it!
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Very nice! You did a really good job on it, and I like how you have pictures of all your babies (even your new arrivals). You waste no time!
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It looks great!!
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Very cool!! Went thru and ooohhhed and aaahhhhed over the pretty kitties again....
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Purrect Dahling... I like the photo of Princess Peaches.
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Great site Tammie! I even signed you guest book!
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Excellent! I signed your guest book!
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a great site signed your guest book.
your photos are lovely - what terrific kitties
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YAY!!! Glad some of you guys signed my guest book! Like I said... it's very simple but it's my first attempt. Eventually I'll work on one that is a little more complex!
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Great job, nice site ! Now I understand more about Hallie's health problem than I did before !
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Very lovely start. If you need any help in Website building let me know, and I'll be happy to help out in any way I can.
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Great site you got there , I loved it . I also signt your guest book .
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I like your site! You did a good job. You have good navigation for your first try. Took me more than one. You know me though...I think it should be black and purple!
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Hi Tammie Great first attempt on the website. I signed your guest book too I give it
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I think it looks good so far. The little introduction to Peaches is a good way to start off the site.
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