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Fishing Fun!

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I've been so busy lately I forgot to post that I've got a new addition to my family. I got a Male Betta Fish on Monday & he's a total hoot! The girls weren't sure what that "thing" was, but they've been very good about not trying to eat him. I snapped a few pictures tonight & had a great laugh with them. Poor Echo wants to touch him so bad & little Tiki's scared of it. I haven't named the fish yet...just calling him Betta for now. He's so pretty! He's a dark blue with a red belly. I tried getting good pic's of him, but the pic's just don't come out good at all.

Here ya go...I'll let you know when I'm done posting pic's!
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The girls & Betta...
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Echo & Betta...
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Both girls again...
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Echo trying her hardest to get that darned fish!
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Now the girls thinking "What happened to our dinner?".
That's the last one for tonight. Just for the record, the fish isn't normally on the floor. I just sat it down to see they're reaction to it. Normally it sits WAY UP HIGH & outta they're reach.

Hope you all enjoyed them!
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lol! What cute pics!!

Its so fun to watch cats watch fish .. Zoey and Saki both love to watch my fish!
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The last pic of just Echo & Betta really cracked me up! It's almost like she's licking her lips!
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that was fun looking at all those pics . It sure looks like she is licken her lips after a good fish meal
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Cute pictures! I love your new fishie!

Hugs to you and the girls!
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lunch was removed Echo and Tiki both looked liked they enjoyed playing with your new fish. Pretty fish by the way
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Thanks! I've never had a fish before, so it's a whole new thing to me. I mainly bought him just for the cats reactions to it. He's pretty cool though. He was acting so goofy when I was trying to get some pic's of him. He'd get really close to the glass & once the flash went off, he'd flap his tail like crazy.
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I got a betta in college and when I came home for the summer one of my cats was sooooo interested in it he'd sit on top of the piano for hours just staring at the betta, but if the betta would swim towards him he'd jump and run away. Unfortunately, that's also how the betta died. The cat jumped and accidently knocked over the betta tank.

It was funny watching the cat run from the fish though.
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LoL, looking at your pics Shell, made me curious how my babies would react to my fish. I also have 3 bettas, 2 female and one male. Here is one of my female bettas.
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My cats want to eat my Betta very badly. He is on a narrow shelf about 6 feet off the ground. His name is kamikazi.

I am glad your kittiesd like their new brother!
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Faline 'looking at betta'
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Simba 'trying to get a better look at the betta'-LOL
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Nala 'looking at betta'
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Another Nala w/betta pic
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And finally "a better look for Nala"
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Loubelia , it looks to me somebody is hungry for fish
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Cute pics! I can't keep fish in my house - tried it once, & came home to an empty fish bowl & four innocent 'who, me?' faces, even though I had a mesh lid on it to protect the little guy.
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They would definitely eat all 3 if they had a chance! But.... for them (the cats) and for the fish, the fish are placed up on our fridge usually, so the cats can't get at'em. the cats usually forget the fish are there
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Those are cute pictures!

Are you going to get the fishie a little bigger bowl?
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LOL! Cute fishy & kittie pictures everyone
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I had a beautiful blue betta, and no fish in my aquarium, so I dropped him in for him to have to himself, and he grew huge. Apparently it is possible for them to grow to the size of their environment. He got so big and pretty, almost the size of my hand with all his flowing fins. Then I found out you can put them in an aquarium with other fish as long as they do not have flowing fins. I threw some mollies in with him, and he never bothered them.
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Cute! The very last photo looks like Echo just finished eating the fish while Tiki looks on with envy.
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