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Quack Quack!

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I just wanted to share something with all you animal lovers. There are 6 ducks that frequently come to our yard at the camp. They are not a family of ducks, but 3 mallards, and 3 white ducks, all adults. We sometimes feed them, and they like to sleep there because they know it is safe. It is also great entertainment for our 7 cats to watch them. My neighbor, Lois, has always said that when she puts water out for them they thank her by flapping their wings and quacking. I didn`t really think so, but didn`t tell her. A few days ago I heard a terrible racket outside. There were some young boys about 10 or 12 yelling and chasing the ducks. The ducks were almost screaming and running away. Five of them ran one way, and one of them ran into our yard, with the young terrorists at his heels. I went to the window and yelled at the boys. I told them to get out of the yard and leave the ducks alone. They ran off, and the duck turned and looked at me. He called to all the other ducks who came immediately to him. He stood in front of all the other ducks, faced my window directly...looked right at me and flapped his wings and quacked for about 10 seconds. Then he led all the ducks off to the wooded area. There was no doubt in my mind that I had truely been thanked.
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That was a great story. That was definitely a "ducky thank you". Personally, I would've taken the little crumbsnatchers (kids) by the hair and held their heads underwater.

See you in August!

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The ducks said "Thank You" and I say "Thank You" Also, I agree with Donna that animal harrassment(in any form) is one thing I cannot tolerate! Those boys are lucky Donna and I were not there. . . .
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Dear TiggyToes,
I just read your Thread here and think that was absolutely what that duck was doing! He was so grateful as am I.....and although I laughed at Donna and Darlene's reply, I couldn't agree more with them; dunk 'em three times and pull 'em up twice!

RRRRRRRRR I've had it with animal abusers! They should have the same treatment that they inflicted on the baby!!

Love &
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Last night at about 2 AM there was a terrible clatter, flapping of wings and quacking outside. When I went out to investigate, one of the ducks was unable to walk. We have been watching him for some time, now, because he was unable to keep up with the others and was not eating. Well, the poor little thing was trying to follow the others bit was just dragging his body around. When we got up this morning all the ducks were clustered around him. He was still alive, very alert, but unable to protect himself. He is able to fly briefly, but not enough to get away. I was able to capture him and brought him to a local wildlife rehaab center. Hopefully they will be able to fix him up and I will be able to bring him back to his feathered family. I will find out how he is doing, this afternoon. I don`t know if this is related to the attack by the boys or not.
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It doesn't sound like it's related to the boys, unless they came back?

Are there any dogs or other critters around? Was there any sign of injury?

It was so good of you to take the duck in to be helped, you have a kind heart!

Please keep us posted,

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I called the wildlife rehab center Tuesday afternoon and spoke to the manager. He said that the duck was doing great, and WAS able to walk some. The leg was not broken, but the leg joint (elbow) was inflamed. He needed a safe place and time to heal. I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up, again, after he was healed to return him to his little family, or if they would release him there. He told me that they had a female mallard duck in rehab, also, and that they seemed to be hitting it off quite well. He said that they were planning to release them together. So, the duck not only got a second chance at life at the rehab, but a girl-friend!
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Dear Tiggytoes :angel2:

What a great story I'm sitting here smiling and so happy more poor little puppy's getting freaked out!!! I was jumpin' in my chair and she's looking at me as if I had two heads! :laughing2

So, are they going to release both of them in a different area? I wasn't quite sure if you meant together with you or together somewhere else. Either way...how cool is that! I was really worried and to be honest, I thought he may have been old or something and it was his time...but yippeee...how cool and a girlfriend! :pinky: Wow!

Thanks for the update!!!
This pic is dedicated for all the wonderful things you do! Thank you! I'm so honored that you are my friend.
Love &
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How daring to trap the duck, and how wonderful that you probably saved his life!!

What a fabulous story. Does the Dr. know what happend to the leg? and how is got so inflamed?

How long until he is released? Yay, for a girlfriend :LOL: Yay for a happy ending
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The ducks will be released at the same time and place....if one heals faster, they will hold it until the other is healed,too The doctor didn`t know what had happened and he didn`t tell me how long it would be until he heals...only that he has a safe place to stay untill he is ready to leave
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Sounds to me like the duck hurt it's leg in the attempt to flee the brats that were tormenting him.

It's great that he'll be o.k, and so cool that he can be released with his new "friend"

Great job Tiggey!

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Cleo, either that or he hurt it in an attempt to find his true love!
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Quite a tale! I am so very happy that the duck is going to be fine and that he has a girlfirend out of the deal!!!!

My leg hurts too...wonder what I can get out of it?
hubby just said - chocolate Guess I shall settle for that.

Juat had to edit this.....noticed that I am not on ALPHA CAT STATUS!!!!!
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This tale is "Just Ducky" What more can I say;
I'm all "Quacked Up". :laughing2
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Dear Darlene

:laughing2:LOL: Only you can get away with that! :LOL::laughing2
You're so funny!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

Ahhhhhhhh....just thought I'd stick this guy in ...I haven't seen him around in awhile... He's makin' a comeback...
Love ya D!

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Good show, Tiggey Toes, in saving the poor duck. Would there were more people such as yourself abroad in the land!

Several years ago, one day while I was sitting in the Parks Blocks in downtown Portland and admiring the pigeons, some kids from a school tour began chasing the birds. I came to the "rescue," telling them to stop — which they did, but with that "Who does that old guy think he is?" attitude promulgated by the politically-correct disciples of Dr. Spock and their clones the media-advertising executives.

Anyway, these kids were part of a group which had come to see an exhibit at the art museum across the street. I went over to the main body of kids and approached a knot of teachers. "Who's responsible for these kids?" I asked. The teachers immediately went into smirk mode, obviously bemused that somebody from the real world would dare intrude into the sacrosanct holy-of-holies that is our primary-education system.

"Why don't you keep these kids supervised?" I asked. "They're off chasing defenseless birds while you're all just standing here as if nothing's happening! What sort of respect for animal life are you teaching these kids?" One teacher said, "Things aren't like they used to be."

Indeed, not only are teachers denied the remuneration which is their due (given the difficulty and importance of their occupation) but they're afraid to properly supervise minor children in public for fear of legal recriminations. Such a deal! The animals, of course, are the worse for all this Spockist coddling.

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My husband runs a small museum. There are almost daily school tours and it is amazing how many of the teachers just let the kids run wild all over the museum and the grounds. Its as if once the kids are outside the classroom the teachers are no longer responsible for them. We see the same thing with home schooled kids, where the parents act like they are no longer in control when the kids hit the museum grounds. Grrrrrrr.
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