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Spay/Neuter stamps

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I just read on another board that they are discontinuing these stamps.Has anyone else heard this??
These are what I always used,but a few weeks ago when I went to the p.o. they said they were out.They said they would have to order more.But maybe this is why they were out.

Here is their online suggestions page.

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Ireally liked those. I used them for all of my normal mail
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Yes they told me at the post office I think November , thats it . Yeah that is sad I only used them all the time and had to order over internet to get them .
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I never heard of them. That's too bad they're being discontinued. If enough people email or call and tell them to keep them they will. They did that before with a stamp I used to use all the time.
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I also heard that today in a KC animal rescue group posting.
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I emailed. I hope they bring them back. I would even pay more for them if the extra money when to help animals. I think the breast cancer ones cost more and the extra money goes to breast cancer research
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Yeah I agree Princess Purr,I would pay more also.
I wish they would keep them,but raise the price a few cents to donate toward something to help animals.
I am going to e-mail them also.
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Thanks for the heads-up - I'll contact them too.
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