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My 7 year old Sarah

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Boy, oh boy! My 7 yr old daughter, Sarah, was taking a bath. I gave her a few minutes to play with her barbies. I've checked on her a few times. I went in just now to wash her hair. I could smell something like shaving cream. Well, Sarah took my shaving cream and Rebecca's, my 12 yr old, razor and shaved her legs, her underarms, and her right arm! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!
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Maybe though, you shouldn't laugh at her. She was just being a little woman.
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I tried not laughing at her. But she was so cute and innocent looking. But Mom, I didn't think the hair was coming off. I asked her if she shaved her face. She's seen John do that alot and wasn't sure if she'd try it. She said no. I didn't shave my eyebrows!
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That is so funny! I shaved my eyebrows once because I wanted to look like the models in the mags and TV. I did a lousy job and my friends teased me about it for ages!
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I shaved my legs once when I was little(don't remember exact age) and I had cut myself so many times and was bleeding all over my legs.My mom came in and about had a heart attack.
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She actually did a pretty good job. No cuts at all. She missed a patch on her arm, and she wanted that fixed. Sarah begged me not to tell her Grandpa. He'd be mad. I think he'd get a kick out of it.
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Cute! Most kids do stuff like that! I remember when I found my 5 year old son trying to shave his face. YIKES!
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I was a tomboy... had no interest in shaving until at 13 mum bought blue razors for me instead of pink ones. Wouldn't go near the pink ones. Even then I'd say, 'Why do I have to shave, I ain't gonna be wearing no skirts!".
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Oh! That's cute!
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According to my grandmother, when Mom was about 12, SHE decided that it was time to start shaving: legs, armpits, forearms AND what little bit that she had, elsewhere.

Grandmothers are great, for telling you about the silly stuff, that your parents did!
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That was sweet - she just wanted to be like mom!
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Better than wanting to be like Dad! One of my daughters gave herself a buzz cut when she was 3. They were at the table doing crafts..had glue sticks, construction paper, and safety scissors. I turned my back on them for a minute to change a diaper and when I turned back around my daughter had clipped all the hair on the top of her head to stubble. Sigh, the beautician she saw very shortly after said she did a great job! Nice and even considering she was using blunt safety scissors.
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My son is 7 and my parents got him a kid's shaving kit (with fake razor and foam) for his birthday. That's his favorite prezzy by far and now he has to "shave" at least twice a day when he's here now.
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