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second box

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Whats going to be the best way to set up a second litter box for our princess Lilly?

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I have never had a problem setting up a second box. I just put it where I wanted and showed my cat where it was and both were used after that. Cats are very smart.

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I don't expect to have a problem getting her to use it I'm just wondering if its a good idea to put some used litter in there so the tray has her scent in it already though to be honest I can't locate our spare tray!
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yea when i got a second box, i put a couple clumps in there from the old litter box, but i filled it with fresh litter. 

at that time, both my kitties were just really tiny kittens. i just took them and put them in the box. they sniffed around, then one of them did her business. the other one dug around for a bit and then they moved on with their life. 


they don't use the second box often. because it's uncovered. they both prefer to use the covered box (in my bedroom) so that box gets the most use. 


once in a blue one will go into the other box, when i've been a bit lazy with the cleaning out the covered box -__-, but they know its there!


you don't have to put old or used litter. just put a couple of clumps, that has their scent, and fill the rest of the box with fresh litter. 

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So we set up the second box and put it in the bathroom two or three clumps in it so she could smell herself in it and shes not looked back. At first I wasnt sure she was using it but went to scoop her main covered box today and thought I'll check the un covered tray and I was so proud lots of BIG clumps (some of which had obviously bled together) and a few stools. Her main box still had more in but I'm cheered by the fact she's been using the tray in the bathroom to! Hubby was cursing me just yesterday the other half was cursing me because all she was doing was flinging litter on the floor now we know she's using it I'll be able to convince him a mat to splay out underneat will be a good Idea as it can be picked up and tipped back in for conveniant cleaning so we aren't having to sweep up the bathroom floor 20 gazillion times a day :P So proud of my little lady right now I could squeee! Shes using both trays for both but I think the added area of a less high traffic place to pee/poop pleases her. The main covered tray is in our living room under a side table. The new one is in the family bathroom under the sink and doesn't really get entered except for the usual washing and toileting!
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oh wow that's great news! i'm glad she's took to the second box quickly!!

i hope this helps with her not having accidents could be that she no longer enjoyed doing her business out in the open like that in the living room. could be the reason for her accidents....i seriously hope its not health related.


from experience i know, both my kitties totally love their privacy! i have an uncovered box out in the hallway, and then i have a covered box in the corner of my bedroom, and the one in the bedroom gets the MOST use. all the use actually. have to clean the one in my room daily, and the one out in the hallway once every few days, and even then its never "fully" used up.

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The box in the living room is a covered box and hidden under a side table well out the way but this new one is open topped tray on floor under bathroom sink. I think she just decided one litter box wasn't good enough for a kitty that is about to turn one! If I have to add a box everytime her birthday rolls around though I'll be miffed :P Both have been pretty equally used but more poop in the covered box than in the uncovered! Had problems with litter tracking from the new box though so will have to invest in a mat :P
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So after all her accidents and introducing her a second box and Lilly using them for both #1 and #2 she has now reverted back to using one box. But has taken a preference to the uncovered tray in the bathroom as opposed to the covered and secluded tray in out living room where she will spend the most of her day :) my precious little princess has gone from having an aversion to and open box as a kitten and preferring her covered box to going back to and open tray. She's always got us surprised! My problem now is litter tracking! Wit the covered box it wasn't so bad the living room is carpeted and so stays pretty near the box so a quick whiz over with the hoover helps. But in the tiled bathroom there's litter EVERYWHERE I've tried sweeping I've tried hoovering and even putting a mat down underneath! Nothing has worked any ideas?

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Oh how I feel for you! I've always used covered boxes until my Buster Brown, who is a chunk-chunk. I bought a cheap sweeper so I vacuum a lot during the day. I know some people use plastic storage boxes because they have high sides. I just know litter and hair are my pet peeves but I Love my babies more so I have to tolerate them.
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To be honest I can deal with the fur I grew up with a golden lab that shed like no ones business no matter the time of year! But the litters getting stuck to my feet and then ending up in the bath with me which is well gross! I've tried putting papers down under and around the tray but this just seemed to encourage her to scatter it more!

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Yes I agree. My father is a horrible housekeeper. He has a cat and would go, no lie, years without vacuuming. After my mom died he's improved. My mom was a severe asthmatic and couldn't and I
just couldn't take care of my home and clean theirs and my dad is just 16 yrs older then me. I hated seeing the litter everywhere!!!
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urgh good golly dont think I could go quite that long longest I can stand to leave the carpets is a hday and a half haha

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i have hardwood floors, so i can understand your pain of litter tracking every where -___-

i sweep every day, which helps i guess...i mean i have to. I hate stepping on litter with bare feet.


some on this forum have bought heavy duty mats from hardware stores that are porous...and its better at catching the litter. let me see if i can find what i currently have on amazon..i'll post a link..


but basically, ever since using this particular mat, the tracking has significantly reduced for me. because it catches all the liter that falls out of the box...and i really don't think it makes a difference on covered or uncovered box. lol. i use a covered box for my kitties, and they still manage to kick out a lot of litter. i think with hardwood floors or tiles you can feel it and notice it more so than the loose litter being on carpet? i don't know..


3M Litter Trap Mat


I bought this at a local pet store...maybe you'll be able to find it online or even order it from Amazon..or maybe Amazon UK might have it...its good. the reviews speak for themselves! and its super easy to clean. I just take it outside. and shake out the litter and they ALL come out. One of the cleaning methods listed on the packaging is to vacuum out the loose litter, but you really don't need to. shaking out the mat is more than enough to get rid of all the loose litter that gets stuck in the the little pores.


hope this helps!

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Cant find big enough from anywhere that posts to UK hubby doesnt think woll do much good anyway so our usual sweep and vac will have to do
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