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Whining, loud meows and frustration?

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We have a 5-month-old kitten and a 6- or 7-year-old cat. The older cat will occasionally let out extremely loud meows (they sound whiny) when he's alone in a room. My girlfriend says it's that he's trying to sound-off because he's lonely and he thinks we've left him (even though we're just a walk away).

I've noticed he also does this with the kitten. Sometimes the kitten will be playing and he'll watch intently. Then he'll get annoyed or overstimulated, maybe let out a loud meow, then go into "crazy" mode and jump on her. He buries his face in her chest and neck area. There have been no injuries so far (it's almost like playing) - but what's the deal?

Is this just one frustrated cat channeling his frustrations into attacks and loud meows?

The cats get along otherwise. They have fights, but never with their claws out - just rough wrestling. The next minute they're OK with each other. We don't leave them alone together, nonetheless.

(he's 14 lbs. and neutered, she's 5 lbs.)
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Sounds like your older cat is just talking and likes to be heard. Are you showing equal attention to both felines or do you give the kitten lots of attention cause she's the 'new' baby?
Once in a while, my cat Simba will rough house with Faline, then tney'll be fine the next minute. I think it's cause they're both competing for their territory and both love attention from both me and my husband. Faline will also let our her "cry/whines" as a "Mom, I'm here...pay attention to me or I want to tell you something"...
Other members might think otherwise...but I think he feels what you might think he's feeling. I think maybe he can be frustrated sometimes cause he's an adult/medium aged cat and she's just a baby/kid aged feline.
Sounds like you're doing right, not letting them be alone, until at least the 5 month is a bit bigger in size. Good luck.
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Hi Scott,

It sounds like your male cat likes to be around people. He's meowing to give a signal that he's in a different room and could be wondering where you have gone without telling him. My female cat Esper will occasionally do this, sometimes 3:00 in the morning even if she is under the bed. It's like she's forgotten where she is. My male cat Russell will also occasionally call out to us.

With the attacks, as long as there isn't any blood drawn and no injuries, then it's okay. This is usually playfighting and it's kitty playtime so to speak. If you hear that it is getting out of hand like loud meows, howling or growling, then it's a good idea to spearate them and let things calm down.
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