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Prayers and healing vibes, please ! (long)

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Hey, guys and girls, just wanted to ask you to remember my best friends dad if you would. He has had a couple of light strokes, and last week they put him in the hospital because of complications from the last one. I got an e-mail from my friend Fri, tellng me that the blood thinners they have been giving him has caused the plaque in his blood vessels to turn loose and float, and he has lost the use of his left arm and leg due to this. She sent me a text message this morning just before church and told me that they had moved him to ICU because of infection and pneumonia, he's in really bad shape. The docs had already told them to expect him to have another stroke soon, and that it would be a massive one, that there wasn't much they could do for him now.... These folks are like family to me, and I can't even turn loose to go be with them. They live 5 hours from me, and mom and dad left for two weeks to go on buying trip, meaning I've got to be here to keep it running....sigh...Thanks all !
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Cindy.... I am sending your best friends dad vibes of healing and restoration and they will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh my! So I take it your dad doesn't know about his best friend. Isn't there a way to contact him?
Hope your dear friend gets better!
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My prayers go out to him, and I hope he recovers.
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Sending prayers and positive thoughts to your best friend's dad. You are indeed a caring friend.

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Prayers flying his way!
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Healing and positive thoughts heading your friend's dad's way.
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Just a short update: Despite the infection/pneumonia the docs are going to do an angioplasty this morning to see if there is any blood flow at all in the back of his neck where the buildup of plaque is. If there is, he is a candidate for a procedure to be done in Atlanta where they use a tiny claw to go in and take it out. If not, I don't know what the other options are....wish I could be there with the family, but right now thats impossible, so all I can do is worry and pray !
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OMG I just see this thread .

I am so sorry about your friends dad . Be sure I will include him in my prayers
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I also will be praying for your friend and the fam. and you for peace and comfort in this dificult time
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I'm so sorry about your friend's dad. I hope everything turns out well for him.
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Oh No! I hope your dads friend feels better soon!

*vibes going your way*

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Just a quick update on my friends dad--He had another stroke last night, and it has affected his breathing, so they put him on a ventilator. Were going to do the angioplasty last night even though he still has an infection/pneumonia to see if they can prevent another one. Keep praying for him and his family please !
Just a note, they are no relation to me, but I am an only child, and my friend (his middle daughter) is the closest thing to a sister that I have. Therefore her mom and dad are like a second set of parents to me, and treat me and my hubby better than some of my blood relatives do! Will re-update as soon as I know something more , Thanks again for your prayers and vibes !
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Oh no . I sure will keep you all in my prayers
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Oh gosh... he sure is having a rough time. Mega prayers heading his way.

(((hugs to you and your friend and families)))
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Just a quick update: the procedure that they were going to try has only been done successfully once, the patient died after two days, so right now they are just going to wait and see. Mr. Perry is paralyzed from the neck down, his mind is sharp, but he cannot speak or do anything for himself. On a better note, mom and dad came back early from their buying trip, so the hubby and I are leaving after church Sunday morning to go see him and the rest of the family. Pease keep him in your thoughts and prayers!
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