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Post your carved pumpkin photos!

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I LOVE carving pumpkins, and Halloween in general!

These are our first three we did yesterday. I did the cat and the witch, my boyfriend did the face. We'll be doing a few more tonight or tomorrow!

Post your pumpkin pics here too!

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OMG you are so talented! I can not carve to save my life!
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Wow! They are great- I have never carved a pumpkin!
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Your pumpkins are awesome. I wouldn't know the first thing about carving a pumpkin. I love them all.
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OMG you are both so talented!!! WOW!
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Those are great! You are very talented.
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Thanks guys!

I have the idea now to do two more pumpkins - a great dane and a rabbit so that I have all my babies represented!
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Sunni Jean- Can't wait to see em'!
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Wow, I'm impressed!

I hadn't planned on carving any pumpkins this year... I'm not really sure why, I just didn't think about it. Today, I went to visit my family who was in fromt out of state, and found out that my niece and nephew picked out pumpkins for me when they went to the pumpkin patch. So now I have two medium-sized pumpkins I'm unsure what to do with. Everytime I carve them, I just carve faces... smiling, happy, very un-scary, un-Halloweenish faces.
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I havent carved a pumpkin in sooo long. The seeds are great to eat too, just lay them on a sheet pan and sprinkle with salt and voila! better than store bought.
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Originally posted by rfox
I havent carved a pumpkin in sooo long. The seeds are great to eat too, just lay them on a sheet pan and sprinkle with salt and voila! better than store bought.
Yum! Now I might just have to do a pumpkin for the seeds. I love making the seeds, not so much fun making the pumpkins - don't like pumpkin guts on my hands!
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WOW! Those are awesome pumpkins! We usually do one -- teamwork: I draw and Rob wields the carving tools -- and we've had some modest successes. Here's one from a few years ago -- the only one we've ever taken a picture of -- and not as dramatically presented -- but Jack was a pleasant fellow...
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Wow those are awesome!!! I suck at carving too

I painted some one year.. I will have to find the pic when I get home
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Fran that's a good one!

I thought more people carved pumkpins!
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My hubby is carving 6 pumpkins for his night club, but living in an apartment with like zero trick-or-treaters, we haven't carved our own in years. I'll see if he wants to take pics of the pumpkins and the club all decorated.....for the club's website...yeah, that's it!

Your pumpkins are all great!

(And I also LOVE the seeds. I made cajun seeds last year, and garlic ones. )
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Oooo Heidi make him take pics!! I want to see his nightclub, especially all decorated for Halloween! Is he DJing a special event for Halloween or anything?
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You guys eat pumpkin seeds?

I remember Nana & I grew pumpkin seeds, when I was little a few years ago. It was so fun watching the pumpkins grow!
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They are finally being smart and having Halloween all week. They've tried in years past to have one big party with all the different types of music, but it never ends up working. So they are doing their regular themed nights, but Halloween all week instead of just on the 31st. (Rock night on Wednesday, Hip-Hop/Rap on Thursday, 70s-80s R&B Fridays)
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Wow cool Earl is a DJ! That's pretty funky!
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Oh that's a good idea for the club Heidi. So are you going one of the nights in costume or anything?!
(Sorry so OT!)
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I seriously cant carve pumpkins lol. Plus I hate how they get moldy within a couple days and start smelling

But I painted these like 10 years ago.. its all I have to share

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Sicy those are hysterical!! I love them! My painted ones are so corny at least those are unique!!
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If anyone needs help

pumpkin faces
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OK, Here's our (hubby and me)pumpkins...we have not done this in years, but it sure was fun!
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Wow those are awesome!!! Now I'm jealous!
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Tomorrow night at my school is our annual Pumpkin Parade. Each class has a carved pumpkin entered. They are set up on tables, and the families drive through to see them. It's called Drive By Halloween. I was touring the classrooms today looking at all the pumpkins. They're great! If somebody takes pictures, I'll post them.
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Here is my carved pumpkin. First I took a knife and cut it in half. Then baked it for an hour and a half. Then I scraped the pulp and stuck in in a blender where it got further carved into little tiny pulp. Once baked, it is further carved with a knife into triangular pieces before it is placed in the mouth, and carved further by my teeth.

These were yummy by the way. We carved up the one in the front right corner!!! LOL

Happy Halloween everyone!!
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Your pies look yummy!!
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