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silly mail/PO box question

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is it possible to have a PO Box and have all the mail forwarded to your house? Since I do alot of ebay stuff, and my address is getting to way more people then I want it to, I was wondering if it would be possible to sent something like that up. Does anyone have a po box? how do they work?
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As a general rule the post office will not do this. A P.O. Box is for you to go and manually pick up your mail from it, they will hold over-the-size limit envelopes and packages for you though. They will just put a slip in your box to tell you that you need to go to the counter.
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Val, I think that would be a good idea though for those you want privacy. We're very lucky our post office is so close.
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I have a PO box and if there is an oversize package, they leave a yellow piece of paper in my box telling me to pick it up and if it is priority mail, I get a key to open a locker and get a package from there.
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Is having a PO box expensive?

I always tell mum it would be safer then our home address, considering she's an antique dealer.
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I don't think they are very expensive. when I go to the post office, I'm going to check with them. It is about 7 minutes from my office, but I go there two or three times a week anyway.
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Mine only costs $36 a year. Which is a great deal.
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wow 36 dollars a year is great! Hopefully the post office I normally go to has boxes avaible. I think I'm going to get one. i would feel about better that way instead of having my home address on everything.
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Private mail drops, such as Mail Boxes, Etc., have mail-forwarding service. I don't know what they charge but, its sure to be more than a post-office box. If you're doing business online, I agree that you need to use a POB or a mail-drop.
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Mine is $36 for a 6x6 box - they vary in prices, depending on size.
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Doesn't sound too expensive.

I will have to talk to Mum.
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Usually you go to the PO to pick up mail for a PO box. Check with your post office and see what they can do for you. We have a PO box across town from where we live because it's the main PO for San Diego. The thing is, we can also use the PO Box on our driver's licenses, checks, car titles, etc....
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I too have a PO box and for the little bit of money it costs, it provides a great sense of security. I registered it as an alternate address with my banks and credit card company.I have the PO box address on my liscense and personal checks. If someone stole my purse, I don't have to worry that I'd have a surprise waiting at my house. I highly recommend getting one. Also, if you move, they'll transfer your box to any other post office that has them available.
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I have a P.O. Box as well. It was a one time fee 10 yrs ago and I don't have to pay for it. Every year I just sign a renewal card and that's it. For me, P.O. Box is the only option for where I live. I also have a Civic number for the fire department.

I agree having a box number is much safer.
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PO boxes are great but also many mail order or internet businesses won't send packages to PO boxes. So make sure you check that out first with the vendors you use.
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