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Jurassic Park III

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Just got home from watching it. The critics said it was the best of the lot, but I didn't think so. Next time, I will wait for it to come to video. It didn't help to have a group of teens sitting behind us kicking the seats and talking and laughing through the entire thing.
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Hey..I hear a Las Vegas Casino is planning on using this movie theme....call it You Bet Jourassic Park??:LOL: :LOL:
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I liked the Vegas Casino line, Kittyfoot!!! :laughing2 I will wait for video and some nite when there is nothing better I want to rent. . . .

Hissy; I remember the last time I went to the movies we had a group behind us behaving the same way. I wantd to ask the ushers to say something to them, but noticed that the ushers were the same age. . . . .
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One way to make this movie more exciting would be to have me (the young version) sitting behind u guys!

Here's what I did to make the first Jurassic Park movie more exciting for friends..(I am too old and mature to do this again.. I think! ha)

I had seen it before so another friend of mine and I crept up behind this guy's chair. (He had bragged many times to all of us before that no movies have ever scared him and this wouldn't scare him). He played football and was a big macho guy. We waited until the perfect time (when a Rex would attack someone or whatever)then we both popped up behind his chair and grabbed him on the shoulders.

You should've seen him! He screamed bloody murder & dumped a bag of popcorn on himself!

We all about died laughing and he didn't brag anymore in the future regarding his bravery during scary movies!

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thanks for the warning! my boyfriend & I were talking about seeing a movie this weekend & I suggested that & he wasn't into seeing it (smart guy). there wasn't anything playing that either one of us 'had to' see, so we didn't go.

I am glad to know it wasn't good because if I got bored I might have gone and seen it by myself.
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Does anyone here remember the original JAWS??? That had everybody freaked for months about going swimming. The girl seated behind me was almost under my seat by the second scream. For weeks after the beaches were full but hardly anyone in the water. I saw a big,burly guy literally walk on water to get back to shore because something touched him under the water. This was in an inland lake..miles from the ocean.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

These days I just admire the animations...truly impressive.
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I have been avoiding Jurassic 3, because how much story was left to tell after the first one?

As to Jaws, I think I posted this little tale when I first became a member here, due to MeowMan's obsession with this film. But anyway.....

My best friend in childhood had a summer home on Martha's Vineyard (where Jaws was filmed). I was actually up there for a visit during the summer it was filmed. By the time we all saw it in the theater, the audience was all freaking out, but my friend, her brother, and her mother were too busy pointing out people they knew from the Vineyard who were in crowd scenes on the beach. They were like a Who's Who of Vineyard summer people. In addition was all the running commentary on how scenes like the first one were filmed in March, when swimming off the Massachusetts coast (especially in the buff) isn't particularly fun. Now there's some acting for you. Pretending it's a great beach day when in reality it's about 40 degrees out. My entire Jaws experience was tainted. But it was cool to see the finished product of a film that I had watched from "behind the scenes".

Let's not even bring up the Jaws sequels. They were ludicrous, at best. Jurassic Park is the same way.
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oooooo C'mon guys, I know the story is totally lame in Jurrassic Park 3, but hey the effects are cool!!! Thats all I went to see it for!! Its a nice cheesy easy going movie that doesn't take any concentration!! - (which is good if you're watching it at 1.00am!!)

True, some of the acting makes you want to and , but its a good laugh!! (I have to say though, I wouldn't go see it again!) Its a cheap and cheerfull night out - and as long as you have a HUGE bucket of popcorn to keep you amused...its all worth it!! :laughing2

But I do prefer the 1st one!!!! (oh and I Jaws!!!)

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JP3 was better than JP2, but not as good as JP. It's a much better film if you root for the dinos, though.
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I went with some friends and their kids and we all enjoyed it. There was so much action, it seemed as if it had just started and it was over!

And the special effects! When the plane flew over the field with the long necks in it and you could see their skin ripple as they breathed, well, I loved it!

And, the popcorn wasn't bad either....

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I like AlexNell's idea of "rooting for the Dinosaurs. . . . ."
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