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I love this thread! All the cats look wonderful in the after pictures!! A big applause for everyone that turned their babies around!!!

But alas.... ..... I don't have any "before" pictures. Most that I post are the "afters".
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I have tears in my eyes and I'm not normally so emotional! This is such a great thread and the photos are so interesting. They DO look so much better in the "after" photos. You are all angels for the help and love you give these kitties. I hope more people post!
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Wow so many new pics added!! This is such a wonderful thread. Great idea Princess Purr. It is indeed an emotional thread as well.

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Thankfully, he has been rehomed after he convalesced with me.

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Wow great job on all of the kitties Val I love that picture of Snowwhite in the snow It's awesome!
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This is a awsome thread

M.A. you are doing a great job with all the cats . With Cyclone I really have to say that you did a awsome job . Wow what a difference .

All of you doing a wonderfull job and the cats thank you for that .
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What a great thread. Those of you who work with the ferals are all 's!
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It's a long story...

We started rescuing kittens from our apartment complex, I think we're up to seven kittens and cats. They've been in various stages of health...

Tiki, the first:

Pigpen (we named him Pigpen because he was a big litterbox sleeper)

Jack (who was really sick one night, he's since been named Jake by the new family)

Amber (from a stray?)

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Audrey (after only):

Unnamed tortoiseshell, shown when she was first found and after being captured a few weeks ago in October:

Another Tiki:

Tiki when she first came home:

Tiki sick on her first day:

Tiki now:
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Scott those are some beautiful "after" photos of some super adorable kitties!
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Scott, you've really done wonders for these kitties! Wow! Such beauties....it's amazing what a little food, antibiotics and a lot of love can do for these little ones.
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Or a lot of food, a lot of antibiotics and a lot of love.

Here's the latest catch:

This mother and a new kitten (the litter shown was from July - the tortoiseshell in this photo is the tortoiseshell above).

Here she is with her new kitten (just caught):

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Hissy, are most of those you've posted pics of still living with you (besides the one you said had been rehomed)??? I always forget what a huge furr family you take care of! They are gorgeous!
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OMG Scott you did wonders for them all . What a awsome change . I give you up
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Scott I dont know what to say you are an ANGEL for what you've done with these kittens!!! Those pics really do tell a tale.
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Scott great job!! What an angel you are for caring for so many in such a wonderful way!

BK of the cluster on the couch, only Kahuna remains with us. Franklin has been rehomed. Right now we have Whisp, Kabota, Kahuna, Cyclone, Ghost, Cleo, Bailey, Winkin, Blinkin, Noddy Taz, and Squirrel and Mystery. .
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WOW Hissy!!
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The after pics are so amazing. It shows how much ferals can really change. i don't have any pics of moe and neo from when we very first found them. I will have to try to dig up the early ones though
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They all look wonderful- the care that went into each cat shown here is extraordinary IMO
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Thanks Hissy, if you're referring to my pictures...

The worst part was that we live in a one-bedroom apartment. So we had to split the cats up three ways. Tiki was kept at my mother's with an eye ulcer, the three kittens with URIs were on our balcony under a baby tent - to keep them away from the summer heat, and our cat was in the apartment. Every time we went out the door and in the door we showered, washed hands, sterilized, washed our clothes, etc...

Then we had to switch cats for vet appointments. The cats would throw up in the car, and the two groups were two hours apart, for four hours car rides round-trip.

Then medications 3-4 times per day, lysine in the food, calls to adoption places, cash to the vet, litter boxes, food, monitoring Tiki constantly so she wouldn't scratch her ulcer, etc..

I can't count the number of nervous breakdowns we had.

And I can't take the credit! My girlfriend and mother were stellar about handling much of what's above. It was a team effort.

But now we've calmed down a bit and we're catching one cat (or two cats) at a time.

We still have the balcony issue though - there's no place to keep the cats once we catch them, but we've got some community help at this point.

How many times have I cried in frustration and helplessness? I can't count.

What I can count:

Eight cats taken in.
Seven cats caught as ferals.
Five kittens adopted to new homes and one (hopefully) en route.
Four females on their way to being spayed.
Two cats expected to be re-released.

And on a sad note, one kitten that couldn't be caught that was hit by a car.
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on a back porch wicker settee.

Since I've been feeding her canned cat food and Nutro natural choice kitten kibbles, she appears to be getting bigger with more fur. I'll try to post a pic of her in a few days. She's a large, magnificent looking cat and doesn't meow, but squeaks when she's on the porch.

Any suggestions for keeping this cat warm for the winter are appreciated!
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OMG Scott! From horribly gunked up eyed kittens to beautiful ones!
You deserve a gold star my friend!!

what an angel!!!
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Scott, you're amazing, and I'm speechless!!
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Wonderful miracles ! Thank you for posting/sharing, and taking care of these cats - you're all angels.

Caterpillar - I hope your new friend comes in for the winter and keeps you warm too.

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And hats off to all of you, Scott, Hissy, Princess Purr, and anybody else I failed to mention, for the miracles you've performed. You guys/gals are awesome!! Your cats are so handsome.

Tobycat, if I gain another cat, I could lose a husband and my lungs!

But, seriously, I am an allergic individual, but not to cats, however, I take great pains to prevent myself from becoming allergic to cats, because that's what I've been warned by the allergist. As an allergic individual who is presently allergic to dogs, I could develop an allergy to cats.

The porch cat is not very tame, but getting more used to us. Notice that in the pic she was making eye contact through the glass patio door. When we first saw her, she would keep her distance and run away.

We'll just take it a day at a time. We're going to install some interior doors in our house and I'm going to check out some good size wood houses/sheds at the home improvement store that we might be able to place on the porch.

Good luck to you all and continued success!
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From left to right:

Muddy, Elwood, Koko and Jake one day after their mom died (a neighborhood dog got her as she was defending these little darlings). Koko's eyes had just opened the morning of this picture.
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Koko and Muddy at about 5 months old. Jake and Elwood were adopted to friends in Denver and I don't have a current good pic of them.
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I think you're all angels.
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