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Sunday Daily Thread

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Good morning, everyone!

So what's everyone up to today? So far, I'm being lazy. Sitting in my robe, kitty on my lab, playing on the internet. Just watched an episode of 'Beat the Geeks' with my dogs - there's not much on at 6 am. I'm trying to be quiet to let hubby sleep in.

We had a fun day yesterday - went shopping at a bunch of rural craft stores, etc. It was really cold, and rained some, but we never got any snow. Found a wonderful restaurant about an hour away, but it's sure worth the drive.

I don't have much planned for today, just planning on hanging around the house, maybe getting to the library. The next couple of weekends will probably involve a lot of running, so I think I'm going to try to enjoy a day without a lot of commitments.

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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I'm up really early. Haven't wound down from yesterday I guess! My daughter had another band competition and they did so well. It was the last one of the season for them and they did so great! They won 1st in their class, 1st overall colorguard, 2nd overall drum major and I think it was 4th overall. I'm a proud band Mom!
I'm going to spend the rest of today cleaning and vacuuming, gotta defurr the furniture! Need to do some work in my flowerbeds too, they arent looking too great about now. I think I will put in a few mums to brighten things up a little. I usually decorate for Halloween about now, but not gonna be home this year, so I dont have to worry about that. I have enough laundry to keep my busy for the rest of the day too! Hope everyone has a great day!
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I'm up earlier than I wanted to be from the furry alarm clocks wanting their breakfast and wouldn't take no for an answer

Today is my granddaughter Staci's 7th birthday. We are planning a surprise party for her. I bought her a beautiful stuffed ginger kitty for her birthday, sure hope she likes it as much as I did.

I am really tired after yesterday. I drove over 400 miles round trip to take Mom, my brother and sister to see where we buried our Dad. It was a sad yet fun day spending time with them. I can't wait until we get the marker put on Dad's grave it looks so sad without something there to tell who he is. At least the flowers that were there when we buried him on the 9th is still there so it doesn't look like he is forgotten The marker should be ready and placed on there real soon making mental note to call the people in the morning to see where we are on that.

Anywho I hope everyone has a wonderful day
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Lazy day here,day off from work after a h~~~ of a long week.Going to watch football,and pig out!Might not even get dressed. Have a good day everyone.
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Just got back from breakfast, trying to get in touch with my friend about a place where I can get some new earrings and want to get some kabocha squash for soup.

I got my Kiln People book out and another book to read. I am trying to get DaVinci code but its backlogged with about 20 reserves waiting - dang it must be really good if it is that popular!

Have a great day you all!
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Got most of the weekend stuff done, yesterday. I found some really cute cat appliques and am going to put them on a couple of T-shirts today.

I'm nursing a slashed thumb. Buddy has been a bit runny, this past week, due to a change in cat food. He's never been too good, with his personal hygeine and I had to trim his butt, yesterday. After removing the matted hair and feces, he had to have a bath and he ripped my left thumb open. We are back on the old cat food and, hopefully this will cure the problem and his regular grooming regimen will be sufficient. As soon as the inflammation clears up, I am going to shave his butt, though. Bought a set of clippers, just for that purpose.
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Sitting here trying to be quiet, Mike fell asleep on the couch last night as he was reading. I didn't have the heart to wake him, just covered him up with a wonderful blanket airprincess made him this year and let him sleep. I wish the kittens would be so thoughtful, they are tearing around the living room like miniature storms!

Had a scare last night, went into the bathroom and saw all this blood on the rug! My first thought was one of the cats was injured, as they like to lie on the rug, but examining them all showed no injury. So next it had to have been Mike. I went to him and asked him if he was hurt, and he said no. I made him show me his feet (he's diabetic for those of you who might not know) He had stepped on a pointed object and was bleeding like a stuck pig! He couldn't even feel it! I pulled out the offending object, and then cleaned off his wound- and then we had a real row. I wanted him to go to the doctors on Monday if it doesn't get better. He declined and said no way was he going! GRRRR! I tried reasoning with him calmly pointing out the problems he could face if this doesn't heal. He told me I would have to hit him over the head with a 2x4 and drag him in! I got really ticked off and glared at him and told him- "If you are that stupid when it comes to your health, and that is the only way I can get you into the doctor's, don't put it past me to try it!" Then I left and went for a drive.

When I got back we made our peace with each other, but he still won't go in, so I only hope that it will heal okay. Sorry to be so venting this morning, just frustrated that this man who loves me and told me those vows almost 17 years ago, does not love himself to take care of these type of problems in a mature way. His kids told me long ago that they know their father will likely die from something that could be cured, because he never goes to the doctor. I guess, sadly they might be right-

At any rate, I can't change him. He is set in his ways and I have to accept him, that is also part of being married.
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ouch!! Slashed thumb yikes! Hope it heals soon!

Nada much, glad that the time changed because I at least feel rested and their is an extra hour of daytime

Fixing some breakfast for son to eat on. Nada today, trying to get the Kiln book online for a cheap price. Some ebay purchasing hopefully I'll win them, if not, eh not meant to be then. And it's COLD!!! YEAH! Today will be high 52 I think, hubby won't let me start a fire though not yet

Finished the Italian Job movie, saw the ending finally, good movie overall, not bad and had all the hunky guys in it yum yummy

About to finish Identity which is soooooooooooo good, I mean at first I was like okay these dumb people need to get killed but then they got to the part that I didn't expect at all and now it's really good! Thanks Sicy for the suggestion!

Have 28 days, about some killer virus and Final Destination 2, whopppeee so I have two more flicks to finish.

I did not finish Mystic River, I couldn't get into that either, and usually I can finish books quickly. Still working on that one. Okay gotta run!

Oh and I'm all coffeed and sugared out! I can't believe it, no taste for coffee or chocolate Waaaahhhh!!!
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Oh Hissy, sorry that happened!! My hubby is the same way, and he expects to be babied about it also. That frustruates me because hello, he came from a third world country and he nearly lost his life in a car accident, you would think he would be ummm a bit more into using his limbs, but no. Yah, I guess it is part of marriage, accept the good with the bad, but I don't like having to nurse a full grown man or take care of a full grown man who is quite capable but for whatever reason is too lazy. His mom is the same way though, she is seriously diabetic, won't do anything to make herself better, sits around feeling sorry for herself, 'woe to me i'm sick' yet half the population has it and they are doing their best to get better by eating right and exercising and losing weight, but nah, she's not. So it must run in the family. (shrugging shoulders).
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I'm a doctor avoider myself. Sigh. I just hate hate hate doctors. I went regularly for my prenatal visits but otherwise avoid people with stethoscopes like the plague. I'll take the kids in speedy quick, and make Jeff go, but avoid it at all costs for myself. I think it has ALOT to do with being told I need to lose weight. I KNOW I need to lose weight, and I'm working on it but don't need a skinny little man telling my ideal body weight.

Anyway, on dock for today is cleaning(oh yippity skippity) and getting stuff ready for Jeff's birthday. He's out of town and is due back tonight so am working on his cake and wrapping presents. Other than that oddly enough I'm deciding whether I need to call the doctor tomorrow LOL. I've had a nasty cough for about a week and a half and am starting to feel bronchitis coming on, guess it's time to go in and be told I'm fat after all. Sigh.
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I had a rare night last night. Stayed up until around 12:00 fixing my computer. So I slept in this morning and just got up not too long ago. VERY rare for me.

I put Jake in the room with Hallie last night so she would have company. He would rather have been out but it also gave poor Peaches her spot back on mommy's bed. She gets really peeved at me when Jake is on my bed.

This morning Peaches, Jake and Henrietta followed me in the bathroom. They were all sniffing each other and watching each other peacefully. Then Jake went and sat by the door and all of a sudden he jumped 2 feet in the air and did a complete flip! It was hillarious! I have no idea what happened and the girls weren't close to him. Maybe a ghost came up behind him!

Hallie is more bright eyed and looks better to me. It's only been a couple of days so maybe it's all in my head but she even looks a little meatier to me.

Today I'm going to do laundry and do some work in the yard. Maybe I'll go to visit a friend too. I haven't seen her kids in about a month and they are like my grandkids to me.

Have a good day everyone!
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Hissy, make him go. I've had too many diabetic friends lose toes, feet and legs, from a minor injury. My dad is careful to check Mom's feet, every morning and evening. Before the stroke, she hid an ulcer from him and he only spotted it, accidentally and dragged her off to the doctor.
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Trust me, I'll do my best to get him there. I am putting him on strict couch rest today and watching his foot carefully. I took care of a diabetic woman for years, I know what to look out for and it does infuriate me that he treats this as a joke. I suppose that is why they refer to Diabetes as the silent killer. People don't realize how serious it is until it is to late.
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Hi everyone,

I'm still around - not reading much but I thought I'd use my daily 5 minutes by the computer to say hi on the DT.

I am still in the same position (literally). I have a checkup on Wednesday and we'll see what the doctor says then. Hopefully he may allow me to get out of bed.

Take care everyone!
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I didn't realize Diabetics couldn't feel their injuries. I know that cuts and scrapes and open wounds are very dangerous for them, though.

I must admit I'm as bad as your husband, myself. A few years ago, I wouldn't go to the Doctor when I was having constant stomach pain. Come to find out I had an ulcer that purforated (sp). It nearly killed me. I was in the Hospital for a month on a respirator because the poison went thru my body, and into my lungs. I still haven't learned my leason.
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Went to bed at about sixpm last night.... and just got up, 8:10

mates & i are off to the beach today..

have a good day ya'll

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Originally posted by hissy
Trust me, I'll do my best to get him there. I am putting him on strict couch rest today and watching his foot carefully. I took care of a diabetic woman for years, I know what to look out for and it does infuriate me that he treats this as a joke. I suppose that is why they refer to Diabetes as the silent killer. People don't realize how serious it is until it is to late.
So he's ordered to be a couch potato today.... every man's dream!
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Oh my gosh, just finished watching this weird freaking movie called 28 days later, it's a spinoff from a movie that was made here for whatever reason has left my mind even though at the beginning of this sentence I remembered it Anyway....a killer virus, infects everyone, they go and kill others almost like a zombie one but very violent and lots of blood. A few people survived and it's about their survival. I pretty much fast-forwarded through a lot of it, which I like DVD for better than VCR, it skips ahead pretty quickly. Anyway...I wouldn't recommend anyone watching that one, that was a weird movie.

Cooking some chicken tikka for hubby to break his fasting with, then frying some veggies as snacks.

Nada much, the cold is here temporarily, it is right now 51, tomorrow it'll be cold in the morning and then warm back up to the 70s so I guess I'll burn my fire early in the morning
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Just made some spicy chicken breasts from a mix a dear friend sent me - it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for my parents to come online. I was just informed by my mum that she has a fibroid the size of a football and needs to have an hysterectomy - no idea when, shes on a waiting list now. When the time comes, she could do with your good thoughts.
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Oh Great, and I went to the video store before reading your commentary jellybelly- is it worse than the Night of the Living Dead? Which is the longest darn zombie movie I ever sat through? Mike likes those types of mindless movies, so maybe he will enjoy it. He loved TICKS and SPIDERS) LOL!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Just made some spicy chicken breasts from a mix a dear friend sent me - it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for my parents to come online. I was just informed by my mum that she has a fibroid the size of a football and needs to have an hysterectomy - no idea when, shes on a waiting list now. When the time comes, she could do with your good thoughts.
Kellye, I know how your mum feels, I am 35 years old and had a hysterectomy in March for the same reason. The doctor used an incision the size of a C-section and still had to cut it into 7 peices to get it out! Tell your mom if she needs to talk about it or anything to contact me, I'll answer any questions that I can for her.
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Took a long walk with the hubby - the trees are looking very fallish right now. Came in to soak in the tub and just while I got good and relaxed, Koko decided to jump in with me. She had never seen the clawfoot tub full of water before and was just a little too curious for her own good. No scratches, but she got soaked from the belly down. LOL
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Hissy - How is Mike? Why wont he go to the doctor?

Anne - So nice to see you on you little computet time Keep on resting! When will they allow the baby to come out? (I mean when do you not have to lie anymore?)

Kellye - Warm thoughts to you mum, hope everything goes well!

I had a fine day. We went to the semiannual cat show, and it was ok. There were some beautyful Bengals and Bengal kittens, but no Birmans, I really wanted to see some of them. I met a Birman the other day, where I was at a dinner party, I just love them. And there were lots of the more "common" purebreed cats here in the show, Persians and Siameses and Orientals.
We bought some cat food and litter. The prized here are so unbelievable high on everything. We bought 4 bags (approx. 8.5 pound each) and for those we paid about $ 130 - and that´s even with the 20% discount on the show. Isn´t that rather expensive?

We had a delicious chicken for dinner with whine, and now my s/o is watching The Two Towers on dvd, scaring Pollýanna with all the sound effects from the back speakers, and I´m watching with one eye...
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MA- I will send vibes of healing for Mike in hopes that he gets better soon.

Anne- Hello, I hope You little Ron and Hubby and the little babe are doing well.

Today after church... Me and my roomate and some friends of ours went to our local animal shelter's annual chilli supper. We saw a lot of cute dogs and cats and even some kittens. I splurged and bought Patchey and Tiger an early christmas present. I bought them a 2-seater cat perch. And I also bought them 2 snakes filled with catnip . Have a nice night everyone!!
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WOO-HOO! Just got in from Austin...a little tired. We had a great time except for the little surprise we got this morning, when my sister-in-law called: her and her bf broke up! They were together a looooonnnngggg time. Kinda shocking! We took her out to lunch and she seemed a little down, but he called while we were eating, and she told him not to bother her she would be home a little later. Yes, they live together. They both go to UT and share an apartment with 2 other guys. She is stuck there till May, I wonder how that is going to work I actually hope they work things out...he was a groomsmen in our wedding and we are very close to him and his family

Now that we are back home, it's a little chilly...and like Jelly said...for now that is! It should get like in the 80's tomorrow...but shouldn't be in the 90's and 100's till next Spring! Thank God! Mittens went crazy when we got home, he is still kneading my thigh..well gonna hit the sack! Night!!

MA- sending prayers your way for Mike!

Anne-take care of yourself and the precious little one
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Diden't do too much today,watched the Vikings game and they lost
oh well can't win them all
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