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@MServant , I am glad to see Mouse once again.  You know, it is amazing how cats and TCS bring cat people together, but I know that Mouse and my Speedy share something in common, they both have a "Round-about" cat litter box by Booda box, I think is the maker.  Call me crazy, but when I change/clean Speedy's box, I say to her, "You know, Mouse has a box like this"!  Of course, she fully understands. :cat:  Anyhow, I am glad to see Mouse having fun with his toy (prey) and the photos are great!  Thank you!


I also love all the blue cats posted here.  Thanks everyone!! :)

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'With you' hyper.gif  was my first thought there @GitaBooks , but then I realized you were probably just celebrating them going to a lovely new home. Someone has two totally gorgeous kitties there.  Cade, the solid blue cat looks very like a young Mouse. :love:   .  

I sure wish I could adopt some of those kitties, but we've already got six and some of my family have allergies! Crazy, I know, but we totally make it work.


Cade certainly is a beauty. And really sweet too. Just like your Mouse.   :)



Originally Posted by Norachan View Post

That is wonderful news @GitaBooks Did they go together or to separate homes?


I think they went to separate homes (they weren't related and didn't come in together so they weren't bonded). It was kind of surprising that three adult cats (Shrimpy a tabby van was also adopted) all found homes in one day. It takes months to find adult cats homes, so it really is something to celebrate.   clap2.gif

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Well 2 grey kitties and a Van sound pretty special, and if the Van was as gorgeous as Kip and Cabe there are 3 very lucky households out there.  It's great that people are taking in adult cats and not only little kittens.  Some families prefer not taking kittens here because it can be easier, and you avoid those razor sharp kitten claws (and teeth).   


@raysmyheart  I'm afraid you will have to break the news to Speedy that Mouse is currently using a new box - another, more recent design from Booda.  It's an open top one.  I love it as it's still that round, half orb which allows lots of space and digging but doesn't use much litter, but Mouse is a total pain and now leaps straight up out of his box and up on to my bed.  :doh3:  Why did I not think of that before getting it?  ohno.gif :frusty:   Oh well, I guess it saves tracking taking over the rest of the apartment, it's just I have to sweep out my bed every night before I get in.  hmmm.gif :lol3:    (It would help if there was some space other than right next to my bed but it's either there or the small kitchen and on that basis I'd rather live with the litter sweeping.  ohwell.gif   I suppose I can also think of the leaping up and over the bed as exra exersize for him  :evilgrin: and he definitely likes his new box too.   

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My little Fefe.
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This poor girl is new to our shelter. She came in as a stray. Her name is Kitsi and she is a pretty grey/blue tabby. She might be blind in one eye, we aren't sure yet. I can't wait to see her come out of her shell and get healthy again.


Butters is a blue/grey ticked tabby with white paws. She is a 1-year-old female and so sweet. She is up for adoption now, after loosing her house in a fire.

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What beauties @GitaBooks, and how terrible to loose a home in a fire - I hope no one hurt or lost there and relieved this little one is at least alive if without a home for a while.


Big vibes for Kitsi to find a loving home, she looks so sad and frightened there and has such beautiful markings.  At least someone can check the situation with her eye while she is with you and save sight if possible.

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Socks, grey tuxedo cat, she turned four years old this month :)

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Originally Posted by Banana Queen View Post

Socks, grey tuxedo cat, she turned four years old this month :)


Love that picture.    : )

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My BaBy ApoLLo!
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My girl, 8 month old  Charley,  in the window checking out all the birds and her first view of snow.


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Gorgeous.  : )

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Originally Posted by GitaBooks View Post


Gorgeous.  : )

yeah.gif   Just what I was thinking.  :bigthumb:  :clap:    Very pretty Charley you have there @SimonSchuster

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Thank you! She's a very photogenic little girl who is a wonderful subject for me to practice my photo skills.

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