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Cat Tree's

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I found a free pattern on the net, do any of you have suggestions on materials that can be used that are inexpensive? I really can't see paying over $100 for a tree if I can make one myself. Ryelee loves her cat condo, but I think now that we are a two cat family the kitties would enjoy being able to get up high away from the dog.
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materials? lots of carpet.

The reason I say this is because some scratching posts have one or two patches of carpet on a whole tree, the rest is wood. I personally think carpet all over is the best.

as of post material, you'll have to wait for the others to respond, cause I know didly-squat about wood. LOL
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Originally posted by Ryelee's Mom
I found a free pattern on the net, do any of you have suggestions on materials that can be used that are inexpensive? I really can't see paying over $100 for a tree if I can make one myself. Ryelee loves her cat condo, but I think now that we are a two cat family the kitties would enjoy being able to get up high away from the dog.

Where'd you get the pattern??? I have been looking for about a week now and all I find are one's that you have to pay to get! Since I got my 2 new little kitties I thought I would be nice to give them and Willow somethign more to climb on then just me hehehe. As for matrial.......there's all kinds of different woods you can use. it just depends on how much and hig grade you want it. as for the carpet and all that I think that is where it would get expensive. But I and still a step behind you on this though.. Just know that I want to make a tree for my babies LOL
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Here is the free one, it is very basic but I figure imagination can play into it

After I posted I went and bought a pattern from ebay and I am downloading them right now. It is 6 patterns and they look really easy to follow. They include the materials list and carpeting guides. You can buy them off of ebay and use paypal or go to their site and pay with cc
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Those are really cool! I will have to look into it a little more.....THANKS!!!!!!!
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Just found this site that has some more trees and stuff listed on it! just thought I would share for anyone interested besides me

Do it your selfers!

They are close to the bottom of the page!
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I started one tree. I used tree posts as one of the makers did. I must tell you, find limbs or trees that are straight. It makes it a lot easier to cut them level. I had one that had a crook in it and it was a hoot to work with. Also, it helps to have someone around to help hold as you put it together. I put carpet on the bottom but nowhere else as I could not find carpet without a stiff backing and I couldn't figure out how to bend that stuff around all the corners. I am sure the patterns will help with that. I didn't have one; but it worked. Just couldn't figure out how to put on the next tier.
Good luck and let us see pictures please.
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Check this out?
It has some ideas just using a tree branch.
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Suggestions for materials.....

I run a small business that builds custom cat climbing environments. I have alot of experience building cat trees, here is my advice.

1. The taller the tree, the wider and stronger the base needs to be. You mentioned your kitties need high places, how tall are you talking about ? 4ft 6ft 8ft. ??? Make sure you base is at least 24" x 24" and is 1 1/2"s thick. You can use 2 sheets of plywood or combine 1 sheet of plywood with 1 sheet of MDF board. DON'T use particle or flake board, they have no strength.

2. Carpet is good for covering perches and bases, BUT is NOT the best surface for scratching and climbing. Most cat people will tell you Sisal Rope is the best surface for covering cat poles. However, sisal rope can get expensive and its time consuming to wrap posts by hand if you don't have a way to mechanically wrap them. You can of course use tree limbs....just be sure that there are no termites or bugs living in the wood. Another idea is to use douglas fir posts, but these are hard to find. DON't use any pressure treated wood, it has arsenic in it.

3. If you use carpet make sure you use good stuff that is non-loop. Visit a carpet store and look for remnant specials. You'll get better quality carpet for a lower price. If you have access to an air gun, use 1 inch carpet staples to attach carpet. You can also use glue, but be sure to use stuff that is non-toxic.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know

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I would use sisal (sp) rope for the post to wrap around , due to the cats need of scratching . I have a nice cat tree in my livingroom and almost all of it is made out of carpet and wood . Great tree btw . But on the post where they scratch the carpet is almost schredet (sp) away . Now I have to say I have a lot of cats scratching , but I would recoment sesal rope for scratching if you don't want to replace the carpet in a year again . I also have a cat tree in the cat enclosure and that has more sisal on the post , it is much better .Thats just my 2 cents in it . Good luck in building and show us some picture when finished .
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I've been collecting materials to make scratch posts for our humane society (and yes, someone volunteered to construct them for me!).

I went to a local carpet store and found carpet remnants as well as the small rectangular samples that you borrow to bring home. If they no longer carry that carpet, they either give it away or sell it for a dollar or 2 a piece. There was enough remnants and samples in the same color range to do a lot of scratch posts (and could cover a tall tree). A found a huge remnant for $4.00 (of course they donated it to me so I didn't actually pay for any of it).

Lowes by far had the best price on sisal rope. $4.44 for a 50 foot roll (3/8 inch seems to work the best). Other places were as much as $.35 a foot, or close to $10 for the same length roll.

Since rope generally costs more than carpet, I am using the rope on areas where they will claw, (from about 8 inches from the base to about 28 inches high from the ground) and use the carpet for where they would simply climb. I think they get a better grip on the carpet than rope.

For lumber, I acquired 1" pressboard for the base and top caps, and bought 2x4's for the upright. I used 3-1/2 wood screws and wood glue to join them together for a 4x4 post. I then used 3-1/2 wood bolts with 1 inch washers to bolt the base to the uprights. If you don't buy a solid (or heavy) enough base, it will tip over. If you are going very tall with this, suggest adding 2x4 braces that are angled from the upright to the base which can be screwed or toe-nailed in.

I have to write up my plans sometime today to get it to the volunteer so that he can construct it. If anyone wants a copy, PM me with your e-mail ID and I will send them to you. It will be for scratch posts only, not full cat trees.

Good luck with your tree!
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That's great you're going to build a cat tree! I don't have any advise on materials but I'm anxious to see how your turns out! Maybe you'll inspire me!

I bought one at Petsmart for $99. There are pictures of Jake on it in Fur pictures only. It's about 6 feet high and seems very sturdy. AFter I got that one I saw some cool ones at Petco that were same price or cheaper. Oh well!
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Oh, and I made my babies one last month that is about a 3 foot maple tree branch (about 4 inch in diameter) that I bolted to a 2x2 foot plywood base. I wrapped 50 foot of sisal from the top down and where I ran out of rope left it as raw wood. We did strip the bark off it and made sure it wasn't buggy. They REALLY like this one for clawing.
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I bought a Cat Tree-Floor to ceiling height. It fits 7'8" to 8"6". Spring loaded to fit all standard ceilings. Four different perch heights. Carpeted, extensions are available for higher ceilings. I bought it at Super Walmart for $ $30 I have spent so far on my furbabies. They also have a Mouse-Go-Round at Walmart for $14.95. The top spins and has mice dangling from it.

For Magic, I have found that the top of the washing machine, a clothes basket, and empty boxes that are stacked are his favorite.
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I have two HUGE cat condos I bought of ebay. One is the "the bigfoot" and the other one I don't think has a name But my cats LOVE them! They are more then wroth the time and effort(or money) to make or buy them! Your cats will be so happy!
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BlackMagic I bought a cat tree floor to ceiling from Foster and ???? , how ever , it did not even last 8 month and broke in the mittle . They have that tupe made of (gosh I wish my english would be better) do you call it hard box matterial ? Anyway I am lucky that non of my cats were hurd , no need to say I never would buy anything like that any more in my life . The 2 I have are hardwood cat tree and save for my babies .
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That's cool you're going to try and build one yourself. I would like to possibly do this also and use spare carpet so it will match my house. Is there any chance you could send me the that you got off of ebay?

Knowledge belongs to the world...
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Is there any chance you could send me the that you got off of ebay?
I am sorry, but I take the © law very seriously so I can not send the plans to you.
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