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Today I was only able to get Peaches and Jake.

Peaches guarding the boogie mat from Jake.

Jake peeking out sideways!

And out the front!

And from the top!

This was so cute... you had to be there I guess! LOL

Rolling around!
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Looks like Jake is fitting in to his new home, right away. I love your home and all of your really wonderful cat furniture. You have some really lucky kitties.
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Looks like they are having a great time I am glad that Jake and The Princess is getting along
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Cathi, They seem to be getting along ... at least better then Peaches did when the first two came. But she gets really jealous if Jake sleeps on my bed. In fact she gets down right pissed off at me.

Hope, I figured I have to have enough furniture and toys to keep them occupied!
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omg those pictures are to cute . I agree with Hope , they look like they are getting along very well . Well can you blame Peaches for being ticked off
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At least Peaches doesn't seem as badly affected this time. I think they kind of like the new boy!
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This is for all you Carmella fans!

Carmella's favorite chair!

This is my little mite, Hallie.
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Henrietta's favorite bird watching window.

Last but not least... the Princess. She always tips this box over on its side to lay in it. Silly girl!
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Camelia is sooooooo beautifull I am in love She got a little tiny white on her nose , how cute And I really love Hallie's schmuchi face , she is soooo cute . Well all of your cat are very beautifull . But I cant get over that your boy Jake is so huge , wow he looks gorgeous
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I just LOVED all the pics! The first one of Peaches guarding that mat just cracked me up
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wow it looks like your new babies are fiting in just fine, good, very cute pictures
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Great pictures! Love Carmella's tongue pic Hallie looks like a mni-Carmella!
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Your cats are adorable! Carmella's tongue picture is also my favorite!
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Great pics!

How is Hallie fitting in with the other cats?
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I have to admit that I am partial to Carmella.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Great pics!

How is Hallie fitting in with the other cats?
Hallie is still isolated in the spare room. I have to let her free feed and keep track of her intake and output so it's easier this way. I'm dying to get her out though... and I think she's dying to get out! She stresses easily though and I don't want to let her out and then not be able to find her. I want to try to take more pictures of her today. She's hard to photograph because as soon as she sees me she gets right in my face.
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Oh I love them all. I really do. They are adorable. Ms Carmella is the perfect kitty in every way.
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Someone is in the princess' spot!

Peaches had just attacked Henrietta 10 minutes prior so Peaches was in time out. As soon as I let her out, Henrietta went over to the boggie mat and laid on it! Ticks Peaches right off!
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before she hopped down.

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When he realizes mom has the camera out, he gets up to pose!
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Originally posted by Shell
I think Hallie was going to jump because she misses dragonlady but I talked her out of it at the last minute.
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I got up for 30 seconds and left a little bowl with carmel & peanut butter with an apple and guess who was licking it when I came back?! CARMELLA, BAD GIRL!!
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Girl you take the best photos!
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omg , the pictures are so cute . I really enjoy them .
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You decide!

I say YES!

And here is everyone's girl!
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Oh yes I think it's for sure
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Go Jakester! You da man!
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Yeah! I think he's taming the Princess!
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for the man in the house , Jake is a real charmer . And I love all of your babies
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