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Three a.m. is very early

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I got a call from one of the Debbie's early this morning and I want to know if the kitten made it through the night and if it got to the vet? I was only half awake so I don't know which Debby called me - so please give me an update on the kitten. I have been thinking of this all day. And tell us the whole story of the little orphan.
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Hi guys!!! Just had to tell you about my new babies, since I haven't been on all weekend..I have been so busy lately....sorry.
Anyway....Friday night, my husband and I got home very late at night from some friend's house, and when I went outside to give my cats a treat before I went to bed, and I heard the most pathetic meewing nose coming from the yard. I went out with a flashlight...and there was a tiny little kitten, it had to have been born only a short time before, because the afterbirth was still attached!!

I took him in, cleaned him all up, and wasn't at all sure what to feed him, as I only had 2% milk in the house, and I had heard that isn't good for them. I think I kind of went into a panic, because it was so tiny, and so cute, and I was scared to death I wouldn't do the right thing, and it would die!

So I called Rene (from this catsite) I have never talked to her before....but since she does cat rescues, I thought maybe she could help me with some advice. And she did! (Though I feel really bad about calling her in the middle of the night like that)

So then Saturday night, I went outside to get something out of my car, and heard ANOTHER kitten crying in the yard. Got out the flashlight, and there it was! I don't know where they came from! My only idea is that maybe one of the neighbors cats came up here and had them, and left them. But would a kitten that small have been able to survive for a whole day on it's own? And if it was there Friday night, I would have heard it,too. So maybe the dogs have found them somewhere and brought them up. I don't know. All I know is they are doing great, they eat the kitten replacement milk I bought at Walmart on Saturday, and they sleep on a heating pad turned on low and covered with a towel.
There little tummies are really fat! They just eat like crazy!
The first one I found is black with white legs and a white face...and the second one is a smokey grey color, with a few tiger markings on his side. I think they are both boys.
Just wanted to tell you about them!
Thanks Rene for being so understanding when I called you in such a panic at such a time of night! You were wonderful!
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I'm so glad to hear the kittens are doing okay. With newborn kittens, they need to be fed every 2 or 3 hours. After feeding them, you need to stimulate them into going to the bathroom. To do this, take a soft cloth and gently massage the area near their rectums. This will help them eliminate urine and feces (sorry it's so graphic but it is necessary). You can get KMR at any pet store and also a kitty bottle.

Keep us posted on their progress!

BTW, you've just earned your kitty halo. Congratulations!

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Debby - That's just wonderful! I'm sure you're doing a great job with the babies. I can't believe you found the one with the placenta still attached. Is your husband letting them stay in the house? Please keep us updated with their progress!
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Thanks Donna...and thanks for moving my thread...I hadn't seen this one yet when I started the new one!
Dawn....Hubby has no choice in the matter...the babies are staying inside the house till they are big enough to fend for themselves.
Donna...they are pooping fine all on their own, in fact, quite a bit!
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How exciting!!! Oh Debby.. they sound sooo precious. You're a mommy to two newborns! Congratulations! Please get some pictures soon I would absolutely LOVE to see pictures of these little angels ! OoOoOo I can't wait to find out what you name them! Keep us updated!

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Just keep an eye on the pooping. I found a little bitty one once who was pooping fine. Then he wasn't. He died a couple of days later. At that time I had no idea that the blockage could occur.
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Thanks, I will really keep an eye on them, I wish I could show them to you all....I will take pics now, while they are so tiny, and hope to get the pics put on a disk....you all know how bad I am about the pics!
My stepson named the black and white one Rudolph because he said he had a very red nose!
But the other one is still unnamed! Suggestions welcome!
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Debby, you're a real !

You may want to read this:

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I am really glad they are alive! And two is easier than one because they comfort each other. We also have one right now - he will be three weeks old tomorrow. He has not had a mom since he was born either. Watch the bathroom stuff - Donna is right - after you feed them take a paper towel with a little warm water and rub them so they can let their urine go - they really do not know how to go yet and if they are going on their own it is an accident - honest. You can lose them because of a blockage very quickly. I will pray for them - it takes about three weeks before you can be sure they will make it. When they are three to four weeks old you can start syringing AD (you get it from the vet) wet food into them - I guarantee you will not be able to give them up once you have been mother and father to them since birth - Milo and Dakota are my first rescues that we hand raised. Good luck and I am glad I could help!
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OOOOOOOOOOH Debby!!!! two new babies!!! I want some!!! Pleeeeease pleeeeease post some pictures ASAP!!!! or Ill be after you! (scary eh?! ) Im so glad they are ok, give them all a squeeze and a from me!! keep us updated!

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Ps, what about the name Smudge for the smokey one?, or Ash, or Nubbins? (sorry I just LOVE that name....Nubbins...here Nubbins Nubbins Nubbins......too cute) or Nugget, or Storm...... (ooo I love naming babies... sorry for getting carried away!)

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My best wishes for the new babies. I bet they are adorable and would love to see some pics too.
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Thanks guys!! Rene....what exactly is AD? Thanks so much for your help and prayers!
Bodlover....the names you suggested are great, but Blake, my stepson, ended up naming the other one too, he said we should call it Lucky, because he was lucky I found him in the yard. I thought that was cute. So Lucky it is....Lucky and Rudolph (Rudy)

Donna and Rene....you were right about watching the pooping thing closely, because even though they both seemed to be doing fine on their own for a day or two, the other night I went to feed them both, and (sorry to be so graphic) the area around there genitals was all swollen up. I could see something yellow inside. I had to use my fingernail on my little finger, to gently force it out of both of them. It was very hard, and they never would have gotten it out on their own.
They are still doing fine....there little bellies are so fat, they look like they will explode!!!! But they just keep wanting more milk!!!!!!

Oh, and even though they are only a few days old....( I am assuming they were born Friday, when I found the first one) they are purring now!!! After I feed them, I cuddle and stroke them a bit, and they actually purr!!!!! It is SO cute!!!!!!!!
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Debby - I'm so happy to hear the little ones are doing well. I love the names too. Please keep us updated on them!
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