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anal gland probs

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The vet expressed Kinsey's anal glands about 2 months ago and just today when she brushed up against me her bottom felt wet and it was the same smell as the anal gland problems. My question is how often do they need these glands expressed? I know it's probably different for every cat, but was wondering if anyone had experience with this? Is there something I should be doing differently? Do some cats just need them expressed regularly or is this indicative of a problem?

Also, if she does need them done regularly can I take her to a groomer rather than the vet? Are they cheaper?

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I know so little about this, but remember my friend telling me about having to express her cat's glands on a frequent basis to clear up a problem. She learned to do it from her vet and did it herself at home. I believe she had to do it every few days for about a month.

Sorry that I can't be more help. Your best reference might be your vet.

Hope she feels better!
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What kind of food are you feeding? I had a problem with my boy many years ago because I was feeding him cheap food. Sometimes, the chemicals in these processed foods can irritate them. (I know better now).
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They both eat natural balance, some t/d, and a 1/2 can of food of fancy feast (to help with hairballs). She's only been eating the canned food again for about 5 days but I guess it's been in that time that I noticed the smell again. could it be from the canned food do you think?
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I would check with your vet for sure. I had the problem when I was feeding my cat Alley Cat and Happy Cat. I had his glands expressed once and switched to a higher quality food and have not had any problems since then.

I would check with your vet or do a search on various webpages for anal gland problems. There is a lot of vet information out there.

Good luck.
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My Pollýanna had this problem, from when she was a kitten. She has always had good expensive pet shop dry food, and I have tried different ones, and that had nothing to say with her anal glands. Sometimes they clogged up fast and I had to take her to the vet every month, and sometimes it could be some months between having to emty them. The vet tought me how to do this myself, but I never could, I decited to live longer, and let the vet do the empying work . She would be very itchy and try to scrach herself on the floor, and sometimes she became ill, with fever.
Finally, a vet told me they had no significant to cats anymore, just like our appendix, and it would not harm anything to take them. So she had an operation, now 2 years ago, to get them removed. Since then we have had no problem. First after she still scratched her bottom on the floor, but she had been itching for 5 years, so that was normal, it had become a rutine thing, to scratch her bottom
I am very glad she had this operation, she feel better, and she doesn´t have to be taken to the vet all the time - and I don´t have to pay the vet all the time either - allthough I would pay anything and do anything for her. For the most, she is now free of this unconvienience (sp?)
Good luck!
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