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Should I let Banjo eat the flies he catches?

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Hi all, I love when my baby boy Banjo catches insects. He's teaching his little sister Coco the trick and I love it so much that I want to let him eat whatever he catches. But today's fly was so big and disgusting I had to take it from his snout and instead praise him and give him his favorite soft food which he doesn't usually get unless is after having a shower or in a special occasion. Not sure he got it that the special food was due to his catch. Anyway, tonight's catch made me so happy and proud that I opened a little can for him and he is enjoying it as we speak.

I actually was tempted to just let him eat the fly. At the end of the day, aren't insects a good source of protein? I didn't because it was pretty big and disgusting and I don't know if it is healthy for them or whether it could cause them to have worms or other unhealthy bacteria that could cause them harm. 

I also have been taking Banjo and Coco to the park and Banjo is quick to spot all kinds of little (and big) insects there. I love it when I see him jumping on them and chasing them (with harness and 5m retractable leash on) but again, not sure if i should be letting him eat whatever he catches. I will ask the vet the next time we visit, but in the meantime, it would be good to get the some thoughts of the many experienced cat moms and dads here. 



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I don't think there is any harm in letting him eat the fly assuming you didn't recently use an insect spray.
Like you, I love it when Ritz sees a daddy long leg or spider and 'hunts' it and then sometimes eats it. Or now.
I've bought some crickets (lots of good nutrition, especially for raw feed cats) at the local Petco/Petsmart and put then in the bathtub for Ritz to hunt. She'll bat or play with them and then gets bored, maybe she'll eat one or two. I think she likes it better when the event isn't so manufacturered smile.gif
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:) I haven't seen crickets at the pet store but that's a great idea for a treat! My girls (Banjo - below- was thought to be a girl, Rose, for the first 3 months of his life and was castrated last week, so he responds to Rose as well). 


With flies though, I'm kind of paranoid that they may eat a pregnant fly and the eggs remain on their stomachs or develop into worms or something? I apply the Advocate thing on their neck for flies and worms etc every month. 


Do you reckon I'm just paranoid and I should just let them be? 


The other thing is that I do kiss them all the time. We live in a small apartment (which is why I take them to the park) so I share pretty much every single space in the apartment with them. So if they were to develop some kind of stomach or intestine worm, I would be in quite a risk to get it too I think. 



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You raise a good point one I hadn't considered, but I think the risk is minimal. I think most humans have the right immune system to fight off this type of thing. I think worms would die in the hostile environment of the stomach. Hopefully someone with a more scientific background will chime in. And I also trust my cat at least to know what bugs not to eat, like a stink bug. I Fed raw and only take minimal standards of protecting against bacteria. If Ritz refuses to eat the food, I honor her sense of smell, which is much better than humans, and toss. Crickets I buy are use to Fed other animals snakes maybe, so I feel entirely comfortable giving them to Ritz.
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