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Long time, no pics (including Ladybug chasers)!

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Our area of the country seems to be overrun with ladybugs that are confused because of the freeze/warm weather and they are coming inside everyone's houses. Our cats are going NUTS!

Simba trying to get ladybugs and Kitty lounging. Can you tell who is the alpha cat??!

Simba (Mr. Alpha) takes over the ladder.

Kitty in his favorite sleeping spot

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awwwwww how cute . The first one looks so funny when Simba try to catch those monsters
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Hi Amy! Your cats are gorgeous, and your desk looks like mine! LOL
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I knew someone was going to notice my pigpen of a desk. Look, I even bought a special wooden cubby unit for below my desk (right) for storing more and more stacks of paper!
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I particularly like the kitty paper weight on the desk.

Very cute pics Amy! Simba and Kitty are both adorable.
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I love the last pic where kitty is "smiling" how cute and I love simba, what a beauty!
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That first one looks like my guys when they try to get flies. It's especially funny when you cant see what they're chasing because it looks like they're hopping around for no reason.

Very cute kitties
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They're beautiful. Nice kityy paper weight on the desk plus a back of chair warmer.
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OMG what beautiful kitties you have there. Simba is such a cutie and I just love the kitty paperweight
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Great shots! I especially like the 'hunting ladybug' pic.
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i love the pictures, you have very pretty furbabies, do they catch those ladybugs? my boys try but they dont get very many
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Simba is very fast. He has caught a few of them and he eats them! He also catches flies -- he's very speedy. Kitty just looks at Simba like he is a goof!
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The pictures are great! I noticed your desk too but wasn't going to say anthing. I figured you just are a hard worker and have lots of important things to do! Hissy, that could work for you too!

When I worked at the lab my bench mate always had a VERY messy bench. When he'd take a day off I'd clean the darn thing just so I didn't have to look at it anymore! He'd come back and couldn't find anything. But believe me... it was much worse then your desk!
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