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I still be praying for all in danger of the fire
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That's wonderful news.Glad everyone is safe.
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Oh Thank god she's safe!

Still praying here though..
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OMG, that is so scary. I hope those 3 make it out ok. Please keep us updated.
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Wow, I didn't see this thread to the very end Thank God those babies are ok
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I told my husband last night about what was happening with RHBarb and we were both so sad just imagining what could have happened.

So, this just made my morning! I am so very excited that the cats (and the house) are okay! Whew!
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How scary that must have been! I'm glad nothing bad happened to her house or the three kitties she had to leave behind.

My sister talked to my cousin who lives just outside San Diego yesterday. I guess the fires are about 5-10 miles from his home. Hopefully they won't get any closer.
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What a relief!!!!!!!! It is so sickening and saddening to think of all those that did lose their homes or the animals - both pets and wild - that didn't make it. It is so tragic. It makes it so much sweeter to hear of this happy ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We talked again last night, she said the fires got to the other side of the street three houses down, and then moved away. I can only think that all the prayers and wishes coming from here helped "push" those flames back!

They're wearing masks, the air quality is so bad. Still no phone service. Thank god for cell phones!

I said to Tybalt last night, I wish we could take all this rain we're getting (3" in the last 24 hrs!) and send it to CA!
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I am glad she is doing ok! I am keeping all the people affected by this in my prayers!
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I am happy she is doing ok and the babies too .I don't know what I would do if that would happen to me . For sure I would freak .I would have to rent a U-Haul with all my cats . Lets just continue to pray for the rest of the people and animals and for a rainstorm .
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I am so thrilled that everything is okay and there is a happy ending to such a tragic tale, she must have been at her wits end.
Pass on all our good wishes. I hear from the news that the fires are still spreading but we do get conflicting news and not all that sure of the geography! Thoughts go out to all those homeless-people and animals.
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thank god she is fine now... was thinking abt her and the kitties.... i'll be praying that the fires would stop and stop destroying homes and wildlife...
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Just saw this now - what a relief! If the fires were set by an arsonist I hope that they catch them!

Headline in South African newspaper this morning: Are California fires raging out of control? I am like, are you people insane? Of course they are raging out of control... Very odd.
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yIPPI I was so worried for those poor babbies.
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I can't begin to tell you how great it was to see this thread with all your love and prayers. The fire in San Bernardino came as close as across the street and down 8 houses where 3 homes burned to the ground. Mom and I and 7 cats evacuated on Sat and were able to come home on Sun evening. The whole house is covered inside with ash, what a mess. BUT, its still here and boy do I appreciate it! You take for granted that your house is going to be where you left it. In my neighborhood, (about 15 blocks area), there are 300 homes gone. It is heart rending to see people standing in the street looking at a pile of ash with just a chimney standing. Some have lived here as long as 30 years as I have. It looks like a war zone. My Women's Club is doing all we can to help everyway we can. We evacuated to a friend's home where there were 9 adults, 3 little boys, a mommy bassett hound and her 9 three-week old babies. Two other bassetts and two small dogs. That was 20 animals! LOL My 3 I had to leave in the house were fine,but the ones I took with me were highly indignant at the whole thing. I shoved 2 to a carrier and some don't get along with each other and were peeved. Tybalt's cat Punkin just beat the crap out of my Simba because he was toooo close in that cage. Didn't hurt him a bit, but it was hysterical her yowling and beating on him and him pressing his poor little face agaist the cage door looking for help! Thanks again all for your outpouring of love. Hugs to all - Barb
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I'm so glad you and your babies are safe and that your mood is upbeat.

I know of a few that lost homes and I drive through several miles of burned area to get to and from work (it took me an hour longer to get to work that first monday after our fires started). I haven't had the nerve to go into the neighborhoods and I haven't had the heart to go into the mountains, however I have been donating stuff to various organizations.

I'm so glad you all are okay.
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RHbarb I am so happy that you , your babies and home are all ok . That must be a horror to see all the homes next to you burnt in the ground . How awfull . At least they have their live saved . I am glad to see you back here on TCS
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