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Need Prayers and Good Vibes for RHBarb and her kitties - Page 2

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Sending good thoughts and vibes for RHBarb and her cats.
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I also light a candle for all people and animals protection
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She had time to gather important papers, valuables, and the like before she had to leave. Thank goodness!

The 3 cats she couldn't grab were hiding somewhere in the house, they are semi feral and will only let her touch them once in a while, they obviously were scared and hid. She tried to find them but couldn't,and finally she was told it was time to leave.
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OMG I just saw this. Sending prayers and good vibes that the fire stays away.
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Just saw this on the news also. Mega good thoughts and vibes going her way.
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I lit a candle also.

Prayers heading out to all.
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OMG!! Sending mega vibes to RHBarb and her kitties..praying hard that they will be fine and the fires will go away soon!!
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They have my thoughts and prayers as well. I know a little Board Magic has been known to go a long way.
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Mine go out to them as well. I hope they turn up
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I have been thinking about her and the cats. Any updates?
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I just saw this thread.l Oh my they must be terrified for those poor babies, best of luck vibes coming.
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I am sending major rain vibes her way. I hope that she and the kitties are ok!
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Major vibes going out. A coworker of mine had to evacuate down here in San Diego, but she got all her cats. I'm keeping an eye on my home and may have to go home to evacuate if it gets any worse (right now it's safe though).
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I hope that her kitties are OK, and that her home is unharmed.
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Does anyone know if there is a way to contact the emergency shelters in Southern CA to find out where someone is? We haven't been able to reach Tybalt's mom for 3 days now and we are very worried. She is in San Bernardino.
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Please contact the San Bernadino International Airport. They said that a lot of people who were evacuated Saturday Night, went to the San Bernadino International Airport.
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It's possible that she doesn't have a way to charge her cell phone. If you PM me her real name, I'll try to call the S B airport for you, and see if they'll page her. Who knows, they might be too busy with all of those people. I saw on the news this morning, that they let of the San Bernadino people go to check out their homes. I truly hope she is alright.
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Thank you so much, Hope! Check your PM's!
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We heard from Barb tonight, she and her mom and the kitties are all home, safe and sound. The fire got within a few blocks of her house, but was stopped there and they were allowed to go back home!!!!

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!

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YAY!!!! I'm so glad to hear that everyone, humans and kitties alike, are home and SAFE!!!
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I just was able to read this whole thread now!

These fires are so horrible but it's great to hear that they were able to return home!!

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omg that is such wonderful news I am so glad to hear this!!!
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Oh that is so wonderful! I have been checking this thread all day waiting for news. So glad to hear she's back safe with all the kitties.
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That's absolutely wonderful news! I was almost scared to check this thread for fear of hearing bad news, but I got a surprise!

What a huge relief for Sue, Tybalt & Barb!
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I'm so glad to hear she and they are okay and they're back home. The fires are pulling back a little now and the air is better. Jamul is still being evacuated though.
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That is great news to me
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What a relief!
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Great news!!!
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Thanks! She doesn't have phone service (and thus, no internet) right now, but I am going to send her a link to this thread so she can see what WONDERFUL people there are here at TCS!!!!

Hugs to all of you!!!!!!!!!

And best wishes for all those still evacuated, may their homes be safe.
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