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Need Prayers and Good Vibes for RHBarb and her kitties

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Tybalt's mom, RHBarb, had to evacuate her home today in Southern CA due to the wildfires. She and her mother were able to grab all but 3 of their cats and take them with them. There is no way for her to get back home to try and grab those last 3 cats, as the area is barricaded off from more than a mile away.

Please say some prayers that the house and kitties are safe and that the fires stay away!
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OMG how scary!!! Many positive vibes to keep the house and those kitties still there safe.
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OMG how awfull

I will pray for the babies and for all who may be in danger
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Prayers for those kitties and all other animals trapped out that way. Poor things! How scary!
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I will definately pray for her and her kitties, and well as for her house. She must live in the Riverside County area. I live in Los Angeles, and though we see the after affects of the fires with smokey skies, we aren't having anything serious in Los Angeles itself.
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OMG! Mega prayers going her & the babies way! What an awful feeling of leaving one of your furkids during such a horrible fire! I do pray that they aren't hurt & the house isn't touched!

Sue, please keep us updated!
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She's in San Bernardino.

Thanks for all the prayers, I know how well Cat Site vibes work. Will keep you posted.
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I hope Barb and the kitties stay safe!!!!

Prayers coming that the furkids in the house are alright!

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OMG! This is really scary! I hope everyone will be OK, and the fires will stay away. Poor kittys that will have to be left behind, must be so afraid.
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I know, I can't even imagine. The 3 that she had to leave behind are semi-feral rescues. She tried to get them, but they were hiding and couldn't be gotten. I hope they stay safe.
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Wow! ~~~~~mega positive vibes for rhbarb and her kitties~~~~~
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Yep my friend had to evacuate her home as well, she lives in Riverside, her and her husband and five kids moved in temporarily with a friend who lives in Orange County
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Sending vibes that your friend's home is safe, too, MA!
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Extra Strength vibes and prayers going to RHbarb and kitties from me and Tiger and Patches.

also sending vibes and prayers for your friends too MA.
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I pray for the safety of all. Sending vibes and prayers.
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Sending vibes to your friend as well MA!
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Sending good vibes her way...
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Oh dear! sending my share of positive vibes!
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Mom of 10 Cats-Have you heard from her yet? Last night I watched the news coverage of the fires, and they said there were a lot of homes lost in the San Bernardino fire. The weatherman said there will be some relief on Weds, but that this morning (Sunday) was supposed to be the worst of it so far. Not only are we having extremely high temps, but Santa Ana winds as well.

My heart goes out to all of the people who live in the San Bernardino/Riverside/Simi Valley/Moorpark areas. They showed a fire map on the news, and it looks like Los Angeles County is surrounded by fires from all sides but the West which is the ocean.
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Oh God! I'm praying hard for her and kitties.
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Hope thanks for the info . My goodness that is very bad news .
I sure will be praying for all people , animals and their homes
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No, haven't heard from her yet, we are going to try her cell phone again this afternoon. Will let you know. We're really worried!
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I just hope she didn't try to go back in there. It's really bad in San Bernardino. I also heard that they believe that fire was set by an arsonist.

If you don't hear from her soon, you might try to contact the San Bernardino International Airport. They said there were a lot of the people being evacuated to that location, last night.

I too am worried about her and everyone else who is being affected by these awful fires.
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OMG that's awful! I hope they can get back in there soon and the cats are ok. It must be scarey for the kitties (and her).

Henrietta was an Arizona wild fire kitty. And nobody ever claimed her so I got her.
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They said on CNN that there has been looting in San Bernardino in the areas that have been evacuated. They're arresting anyone they catch. Saying prayers for all of those affected.

Also lighting a candle on the virtual candle site...http://journey1.org/virtualcandle/index.html
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I lit one.
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Oh No!!! I hope they find their way back to her! I will be thinking of them.
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omg my skin is crawling How scary.. I am sending MEGA positive vibes that her kitties will stay safe
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*Sending mega good vibes her and her families way - including all her furrbabies.*

Hope she's ok. L.A. County is a couple hundred miles from where I am. Hope they get the fires out soon....
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I hope her kitties will stay safe, and that she'll have a home to return to when this is all over. Did she get a chance to get some of her stuff out of there, or did she have to leave with just the three cats and the clothes on her back? On the news I saw one lady, who was grateful to be alive, but she was crying because all she had left was the clothes on her back.
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