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Bloomingdale's poem

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Okay, I don't know if there is anyone from the Boston area here. I used to live up there. One night I was at Bloomingdale's in Chestnut Hill - the housewares store which was in a separate building from the main store - and out of nowhere a very self-possessed cat walked through the parking lot. This is a classy commercial area, I didn't see any housing anywhere, so I have no idea where the cat came from, but it inspired this bit of doggerel (catterel?). Remember that I was in college at the time, with a brainful of humanities and a dry sense of humor. I thought it was a riot at the time, and 20 years or so later I still remember it. God only knows why.

Cat in a Parking Lot

Where did you come from, O cat in a parking lot?
Padding silently through the night
Illuminated only by parking lot lights
Wither goest Thou, O cat, in a parking lot?
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I can picture parking lot cat slinking across ........
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What, indeed, became of that parking-lot cat? One wonders. Did he/she have a nice home? Was he/she a child of the streets, relying upon her/his wits to survive? Alas, how many parking-lot cats there must be! My heart aches for them, as they surely have (in the main) difficult lives.

Thank you for sharing your poem with us! Where I live, a parking-lot cat comes and goes; yet we've become friends and have occasional rubbing sessions.

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great poem!!!
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What a nice poem! I really like it! You should submit that to a cat poetry contest! Thanks for sharing!
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Very nice poem
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