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Furry Cleaning distractions

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I have these cheapo plastic shelves or snap container that I haven't cleaned since I moved to this apartment. Today, I decided it would be a good idea to clean them out and throw away all the junk that has accumilated, and try to make room for my ever expanding DVD collection. Here's what happened when I stepped away for a moment.

First Shane crawls into one of the spaces. You can see how enormous he is:
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Then Simba crawls into the other open space, in hopes of getting some sneak attacks on Shane.
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Simba is still trying to find a way to get to Shane.
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But Shane is not to be fooled by Simba's attempts.
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Shane has left, and Simba is wondering, "Where did he go?"
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Now, I have to get back to my cleaning.
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Good pics! I love the look on Simba's face in the last one! LOL!
EDIT: OK then, 2nd to the last one!
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LOL, great sequence!! Hmmmm, methinks a new use has been created for your containers.

Love the kitties
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You have a couple of beautiful kitties. They are sooooo adorable.
They are gonna be so ticked when you put something back in those.LOL.
Hmmmm,we have some of those that we aren't really even using.I think I will get them out and put towels in them for my kitties and see if they like it.
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OMG how funny and cute . The one picture I think it is the 3rd one when you can see Simba from the site , he litterly is smilling . Oh how funny . Your babies are so cute and pretty . Thanks for sharing with us all
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LOL They were playing "Peek"! It's kinda like Peek-a-Boo, but if one kitty looks when the other isn't watching, they get to bop the other one on the head. At least that's how the game was played at MY house!
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Well, I've got that area cleaned up, and I'm making space for more DVD's. I've got 2 large bookshelves full of them. I swear I'm going to end up not having anywhere to live because it will be full of DVD's.
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Aww those are great pics!! They are so cute!!
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What a great sequence! Lovely babes, too. The last pic is my fave.
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Great pictures Hope Simba does look bewildered in that last picture Love it!
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Hope those are cool pictures! Those plastic wheely things make good bunk beds! You just gave me an idea! (I'm thinking maybe I can gain possesion of my bed back).
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mjazz2u, good luck on that theory. Usually if I buy something specificly for the kitties, they'll have nothing to do with it !
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