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Question About A Computer Hardware Problem

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Recently I have noticed that my computer has started making a rattling/buzzing type of noise after it has been running for a couple of minutes. About a month ago I was told that one of the fans and the hard drive might be going bad, and then the computer tech who told me this replaced the hard drive but didn't replace any fans. I have been using the computer for short periods and then turning it off. My question is how safe is it to operate the computer at all when there is a problem with a fan, and is there any way that I can totally fry the computer by using it right now???

This computer is several years old and has been having other strange problems for a while, I'm not sure if it's worth it to put any more money into it.
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The fan is what cools the inside of the computer. I would be very careful using it without a working fan. You may do some very expensive damage to the unit.
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Hmmmm... I wonder about the tech who just went ahead and replaced your hard drive. He should have determined the exact source of the buzzing first. Replacing a fan is extremely cheap... just a few dollars I think. There are various problems you can run into with a faulty fan as well. It can cause a short or even burn up, ultimately frying your motherboard. My programmer serviced a computer like this recently. It depends on a few things, but you may not be able to predict that. Some BIOS systems monitor the fan and alert you when the RPM's drop below the specified rate. I suppose some don't. It probably needs lubrication, but I think all those little fans are encased, (for whatever reason) and you can't lubricate them.
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Generally computers have several fans mounted in them. One fan malfunctioning shouldnt be a problem unless: its the only fan, or its the one on your CPU/Video Card.
Try replacing the noisy fan. Theyre cheap and easy to install, and since your computer is older you may be able to improve on the stock fan.
Then again, mabye you should just start saving up for a new computer. They can be had for some great deals these days.
Best of luck to you...

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Never run your system if the fan on your processor,power supply or graphics card goes out. You would permanantly damage the system. Replacing a fan is easy and inexpensive, but if your computer is very old, fans may not be the only part thats ready to poop out on you.

Here are my favorite places to shop. They are all members of the BBB and have very competitive prices.

I have only built AMD systems and this is where I go for help. This site is great. If your system is an Intel I'm sure you can find a similar site for it.
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MY computer was making a funny noise, this morning but, it has stopped now. Not being computer-savvy, I am scared to death, of opening it up and poking around.

When I get to work, tomorrow, I will talk to some of the computer geeks, on the Yahoo project and see if one of them will check it out, for me. Most of these guys do a bit of work on the side. It'll be cheaper than going to a repair shop.
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My computer problem has been solved. The fan on the power supply was going bad and has been replaced.
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Just my 2 cents worth, for future reference, NewEgg is Tops for computer parts. Their prices and service are outstanding. I have built 5 computers with parts supplied by them. I am also a AMD person!!

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Thanks for the info!
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