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Recessive colors

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Which colors are recessive?
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This seemingly innocent question is REALLY complicated (see my answer to "siamese appearance")! Can you get any more specific? Color inheritance is hugely complex and we still have a lot to learn, so what are you interested in?
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I feared this question would be more complex......OK. I guess I mean which colors (if any) would breed true. FOR EX) if blue were recessive, a blue male/blue female cross would ONLY produce blue. Are there colors like that?
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Still not easy as there's such an interplay of color genes going on!
Of course, most colors will breed true if the animals are from a line that's been strictly selected for ONLY that color and there are no surprise mutations!
So blues would breed true if there were no hidden brown alleles.......you see, the blue is diluted black from the B locus and there are brown and light brown (cinnamon) alleles that are recessive to the black.
Dilute of any color x dilute of any color should always give dilute as that's recessive.
Blotched tabby x blotched tabby should always give blotched as far as we know, although we may not know all there is to know about tabby inheritance.
True albino (pink-eyed white) x true albino should breed true, although we're not likely to see that in cats.
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