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Recall of Petcurean Pet Food

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I don't know if anyone uses this brand, but if you do- here is a head's up:
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Canadian-owned company recalls pet food sold in United States
Canadian Press

Sunday October 26, 2003

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Canadian company is recalling bags of Petcurean Go! Natural pet food sold in several cities in the western United States.

The company said it launched the recall after a report a batch of food made at a plant in Texas could be related to reports 14 dogs and cats became ill and seven died.

All of the suspect food has been removed from store shelves and consumers were urged to return any of the food they have on hand to the store for a refund or replacement, the company said. It has advised the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the recall.

Petcurean Go! Natural pet food was sold in stores in greater San Diego, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay-area in California, as well as metropolitan Seattle and Denver.

The company said it is testing the recalled food to determine if there is a problem and production in Texas has been discontinued.

The company is based in Abbotsford, B.C.

©_Copyright _2003_The Canadian Press
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Wow thanks for sharing this. I've never seen this brand because it's not in my area but how terrible for those pets and their families. I hope none of our members uses that brand.
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April I went ahead and merged these two
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Wow! There must have been some pretty bad batches of that pet food for some dogs to die of it. Dogs have the most acidic stomachs of all animals. That's why they can get away with eating rotten garbage. The pet food must have been a lot worse than that.
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It does make you wonder doesn't it?
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I have never used Go! Natural, but I was feeding my cats Foundations for 2 weeks. Peppurr got diarrhea and an upset tummy. Foundations is a new food that Petcurean just put out!
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that is so horrible!
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