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Reminder: DST ends early tomorrow

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Daylight Savings Time is ending over here in about four hours. Don't forget to turn any clocks or watches that aren't radio controlled back an hour, i.e., if you get in at 3 a.m., turn the clock back to 2 a.m.. One question - why can't they wait till after Halloween to go off DST, so that the little kids aren't trick or treating in total darkness?
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Well, because that would make sense. LOL I know what you mean, though. Parents won't let their kids out after dark, so I've seen them out trick or treating as early as 4:00, when no one is home from work yet! *sigh* I've only gotten 5 kids tops in recent years anyway.

But I am looking forward to that extra hour of sleep tonight.
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I've been looking forward to that extra hour all week!
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We will be trick or treating in light!
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I think the whole DST thing is dumb. We set the clocks ahead in the spring, and back in the fall. Doesn't that cancel out? I know there was a reason for this once, but wouldn't it make more sense to just stop? I think it was originally started to conserve energy, anyone know?
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Daylight savings time was started during WWI I believe. I'm unsure whether it was started to conserve energy, or to give us more daylight hours. Hmm. I'm betting it's got more to do with more sunlight during "normal" hours than energy, or at least started that way.

I don't get terribly excited about Daylight Savings....children and animals don't adhere to it so it doesn't do me any good. Sigh.
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i like daylight savings...YES, it was originally brought about to get the maximum amount of daylight hours into a day. it's like Summer Vacation; it was brought about to help farmers back when the US was still mainly an agrarien society...outdated? yes, but i still like it
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Thanks for the reminder! And I thought I slept in this morning!
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I just wish someone had told our son - who decided that his clock was different to mum and dads and woke us at 5am.
Someone should tell kids or they should have a built in mechanism that states that when clocks go back - they have to sleep an extra 4 hours ! Still was up in the night with another migraine - so if the clocks went back - I missed it!
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I'm glad you guys liked that extra hour of sleep! I worked the night shift last night...let me tell ya, it was no fun turning those clocks back an hour! 9 hr shift last night instead of 8

I'm one of those that likes Daylight Savings time...bummed that it is going to be dark out so early from now on

Cindy W.
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