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twins photos

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Any of you lot see the first photos of the twins who were joined at the head and were recently seperated in Dallas. I saw the photos tonight of them seperate and also seeing each other for the first time in their lives.
Words fail me what they must have been feeling having seen each other - must have been incredible for them, the parents as well as the doctors. Both looked to be doing well and one was giving dad a high 5.
People who care are incredible aren't they?
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I am amazed that they are both doing well after such an intense operation. Those doctors are incredible, and I am so glad those boys have a chance at a normal life. I'm sure their parents are ecstatic at their progress.
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I saw that pic (I think it was the same one), and the parents look so happy. I'm sure they were hoping for the best but prepared for the worst with this serious of an operation. I'm so glad that both boys are recovering so well, and I hope that continues.
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If you mean the boys joined at the head and brain, I saw them on Dateline (I think) just before their op. and then saw the news that the op. went well, but they were still asleep, so noone knew yet if they would have any handicap or not.
It's amazing what the dr. can do! I glad they are recovering well! What a change of life for them!
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I saw a short clip on the news, where they were smiling at each other. It was wonderful.Even the doctors said they believed that they recognized each other. I hope they don't suffer any setbacks and that their parents finally have their children. They must be so astonished with all of this.
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There is also another set they are working on to separate.
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I was so thrilled for that family. I looks like the boys are doing really well!
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