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Rescued another baby

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We had to rent a U-haul yesterday to move a huge chair, and when we were returning it, a tiny kitten ran across the road, limping. Of course, I had to stop and get it out of the road. My sweetie was behind me in the truck, and could see that kitty had run under the back wheel and was on his way into my rim. I dove under the car like an idiot, and finally was able to free him, after being nearly run over several times. I got bitten several times for my effort. We pulled over to a safe parking lot, after being yelled at for laying in the road like that, we dug kitty out of all the junk in the car, and determined that he seemed a little banged up, but not really injured. He limped around last night on the bed, and I was beginning to get woried that he was a little more injured that we thought, but he got his bearings a bit and laid right down next to my s/o and snuggled like mad. He is trying to nurse of anything he can find, but he can eat solid food. I just checked on him, he is eating, has pottied just fine, and is waaay too cute to stay here for too long. He is kind of brown and gold tabby with huge ears and feet, and beautiful golden eyes.He has a great purr you can hear across the room. I am fortunate to have a small bathroom he can stay in until we can figure out what to do with him. I am going to call the Carolina Animal Protection Society as soon as I am done with this post, to see if they can help. I am no longer working, ang my s/o just changed jobs, so we are very tight on funds right now. They are very good with helping with vet care and fostering. I have never gone to them before, because there were others that needed them more, but I think this little fellow needs to be seen by a vet, even just to make sure he is not sick. Wish me luck!
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You are so wonderful for risking yourself to save this little guy! He sounds like a sweetheart!

~~~~positive finding a home vibes~~~~~~ to you!!
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Bless your heart , how nice of you savingthat pretty kittie . I will say a prayer you will find help for him and he also will find a furrever home
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What a lucky kitty! Thank you for helping him
Keep us posted on his progress
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Thanks for the kind words.
He is doing better today. He is getting around better, eating, pottying, with no sign of blood in either. He eats like a little piggy, but he is really thin. He is a little cuddlebug, and loves people. I found out that he may have been the last of an abandoned litter. Apparently, these people moved out of the house, took the mother, and what they could round up of the rest of the litter. There were 4 left. The people that lived there now said they thought they had gone because their dogs, and thought the neighbors had taken in some of them, but did not know. He fit the description of one that had been there. I am going to try to give him a lot of TLC, and get him in better shape for finding a new home. He is adorable, but I cannot keep him. It only took a few days to find a REALLY good home for the last little one, so I am going to hope this one goes as well. I think the vet tech that took the last one will probably help. She is a reall sweetie. I am sure all the good Board Magic will help.
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You are so wonderful!!!! I'm sure he'll do great with your TLC , and I am sending you lots and lots of good wishes for finding him a great home and quick!

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How wonderful! I hope you can get kitty the help he needs and can find a home for him!
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Glad he's getting better under your care! How great of you to do this. *Crossing fingers and paws* for a furrever home for him soon.
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I guess the Carolina Animal Protection Society is not all it is cracked up to be. I know they are full in their shelters and foster homes, but fostering him is no problem, as I explained to them. I finally got a call back from one woman, that gave me the number of another woman, that has not called me back. This is the person that handles the emergencies. Anyway, he is still geting better and is trying to get out of the bathroom and be with the others. I had him out, holding him, and he wanted so badly to be with the other cats. I let each of them look at him while I had him wrapped up in my shirt, and he tried to rub noses with all 3. No one even growled at him. He is a little love, and just seems to want to be sweet to everybody. He is walking better today, and is playing a little. He still doesn't stand up for very long, but when I brought him home, he could barely stand at all. He is so skinny, but I am trying not to over feed him. I guess he realizes that there will be more food, because he doesn't gobble down every bite now. He eats a little along, I guess until he is full, then comes back later and eats more. I have got to find a way to get him to the vet. I am going to call around if I do not hear back from CAPS.
Is there any safe OTC wormers that I could give him? I don't see any signs of worms, but you can't be sure.
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You can search for shelters in your area by plugging in zip code or city & state at: http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?action=5

Some veterinarians will discount their fees for treating rescued strays. The low-cost spay/neuter links at www.savesomoa.org might give you good leads on low-cost veterinary care as well.

It sounds like the kitty is in generally good shape and is taking to you and your household very well.
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It´s so kind of you to safe the kitty - even if it put you in danger!
I hope he will get better soon and you will be able to find him a permanent home.
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It's wonderful of you to risk your neck to rescue the little guy, and to foster him. Here's hoping you find a nice home for the little charmer soon.
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We shut the bedroom door and let him wander around, and he seems to be growing stronger by the minute. He has found a little hidey hole under my nightstand with my fuzzy slipper. He and Georgia have been playing "paws" under the door. There is just room enough for the little one to sneak a paw out. He wants to be let out of the bathroom so badly, but I am afraid to let him around the others, even though they have had all their shots, including FeLeuk. Any opinions on this thought? I know I shouldn't, but he just wants to be out so bad, and the others want him out. Since I am completely at their mercy, I really want to cave in on this. Somebody smack my paw and say "No, bad girl"
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NO Krazy Kat ... Hedi smacks paw of krazy Kat and say's BAD GIRL

I know it is hard , be tuff for your other cats till you know the kitten is healthy .
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Thanks for saving this little kitty!

I hope you find him a loving home!
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