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Dear Michelle,

My name is Deborah Turner. I am a cruelty investigator for the Houston Humane Society.
Depending on what county she is located in, she could be in violation of a city or county ordinance regarding the number of animals allowed per residence. All of the animals over the age of 4 months are required to have a rabies vaccination.
You say that the cats are sickly and thin. That falls under the state cruelty laws. Under Texas Penal code 42.09, the owner or guardian has to provide adequate food, water, and medical care. She can turn the animals into a shelter, or take them to animal control, or provide as needed for them. Ok. That's the law part of it.
Unless she is a repeat offender, more than likely, no one will press charges on her.
However, having that many animals can be a health risk for her as well as the cats. You state that you do not want to turn them into a "kill" shelter. Just for a minute, I would like you to look at the facts. A shelter that is a "no Kill" only takes adoptable animals. If they are sick, they get euthanized, even at a "no KiIl". There are thousands of healthy, social, animals that get euthanized daily all over the world because there are not enough homes for them all. And finally, as a cruelty investigator, I can assure you of two things. One, that euthanasia at a legitimate shelter or veterinary office is quiet, calm and easy. Two, that there is a whole lot worse out there. Such as abandoned animals, animals living in filth and starving, getting hit by cars, eaten by predators, beaten, lying in a ditch injured for days, etc.
If this was one of my relatives, I would talk with her and point out the violations of the law. Ask her to voluntarily turn in all but the legal amount of animals and get her to spay/neuter the ones she keeps.
If you are in my territory, I will help to pick up the animals, and the ones she keeps we will get spayed or neutered for her.( 2-3)
I know this is a difficult situation, and I run into it quite a bit. However, it is very nice that someone in her family cares enough to try to help. This is not just an animal problem, it is a people problem also. People that collect animals have some mental problems, are most often alone without someone to help, or intervene. Taking all the animals can be cruelty to the person, but allowing them to have too many that they cannot handle them is bad for the animals and for the people. Your Aunt might be upset at first, but keep in mind how much better off she would be. The conditions that she is living in would be healthier for her, she could care for the pets she keeps, and probably feed herself better also.
Let me know if I can help.


Deborah L. Turner
Humane Officer
Houston Humane Society
713-433-6421 x 2040
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You can ask your aunt if she would consider finding some the cats home, but
she will have to give you her permission. The SPCA does adopt out cats if
they are tamed. There are other organizations that take in Feral (wild)
cats. Kittyco is an orgnization that does a trap and relaeas, that's when
they come out trap the cats get them spyed or neuter, release them back out
and help that individual feed them. Their # is 2148266903. Feral Friends #
is 972-934-0590. Help for Helpless Animals 972-424-4860. Try these numbers
to see if you can get some assistance.

Best Regards,
Yolunda Turner
SPCA R&I Coordinator

I e-mailed this lady telling her they were tame, and she just kept telling me to call other people. Finally she said, "I can't help you."

Alley Cat Allies at 202-667-3630 and
ask for Zoe.

Alley Cat Allies has a feral friends network that covers the country. We
can start by trying to find someone to help who lives nearby. There are many
people who care. esther p.s. remind me of the story when you write back as I
get about 50 of these a day. You can call me direct at 203-377-1116

All information on referrals is chanelled through our toll-free line at
1(800)248-SPAY. Even if you do not have a phone, you can call from a public
phone. Our operators work from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, east coast
time. Please call them at your earliest convenience. If you delay, a litter
might be on the way.

I returned her e-mail, she just e-mailed me back, telling me to call someone else!

Thank you for caring so much a/b these wonderful
I am sorry, but I do not believe we can take on 40
cats who may be ill, and may be feral. We can offer
advice however.
Fund for animals is the cheapest place in town and
they will help almost anyone. Also, your Aunt may
qualify to have them taken care of at a SNAP mobile
vet clinic. (Spay Neuter Assistance Program). You
can find the phone numbers for both organizations in
the white pages.
The first step is to reduce the numbers as much as
possible. Get them to the vet, any that are to far
gone, the only humane thing to do is have them
euthanized and only a vet can determine where to draw
the line. The others, with time, effort and energy
are savable. All will need Feline Leukemia and FIV
tests, their eyes, and ears examined and probably
dewormed as well as treated for fleas.
What is the mental and physical status of your
Aunt? Is she able to help in anyway with the
situation? Will she get violent or disoriented if
someone tries to help the cats and she thinks they are
being harmed. Are you able to help in any way
financialy, and with time?
If you want someone to come and take a look and
maybe give adivce after they have seen the situaiton,
I am afraid I don't know any of us who can help you;
however you can make an annomous phone call to the
SPCA and they will come and check things out. They
are a kill shelter, but if the situation is truely out
of hand, then the most humane thing to do may be to
let them seize the animals. They usuall only do so in
very extreme cases.
If you would like to give me more information, I
may be able to help more, but with this limited info,
this is the only advice I can offer right now.
If you have further questions, please feel free to
call me @ 281-495-0627.
Kim Sham Adopt A Cat board member.
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Noah's Ark does not take in animals from the public, but rescues animals
from the euthanasia rooms of Houstons local shelters. There are several
shelters in the Houston are that can help you. Please go to our "links"
page for a listing. Try posting a picture of the cats on your office or
church bulletin board, PetsMart, Petco and even your area Vets office. I
hope this helps you! We wish you the best of luck in finding your aunts
cats a good home.
Noah's Ark

No, I'm sorry, we can't. We are beyond full to the brim right now. SNAP
will spay/neuter for $20.00. They also offer a 2 for 1. This will help
halt your Aunts population. I wish we could help you, but we can't. If
you would like, I will call you and try to help guide you with your
situation. It sounds like you are really in a tough spot.
Heather (Noah's Ark)
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I have an idea to help raise the funds for your project.
I wrote out all the details in a long message to post here on the forum but for some reason when I tried to post the message it caused an error and I lost the entire message. I don't have the time to retype all of the info in a new message, so if you want to hear my idea, then send me a private email through the forum and give me your phone number. I will then call you to explain my idea.
I think it will work and will help you on the financial end of your efforts.
If want to try it, then you can post a message telling everyone what we are going to do, okay?

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Dear WashuSama -- How old? a lot younger than I am with a son probably older than you are! I thought someone spoke initially of you as a young person, so I envisioned a teenager. Sorry. I think you are really great to try to stand some of the expense for the cat's care yourself. But that becomes a trap if you can't persuade your aunt to neuter or spay the animals.

Why don't you pick out the healthiest cats, try to find a vet or society that will give them the necessary checkovers either for free or for a very reduced fee, and then get those particular cats placed. If there are always kittens, then there should be a bunch you could give to shelters right away -- kittens are most adoptable. That would leave you with the majority with their various health problems. The biggest problems are rabies shots, yearly vaccination for a range of contageous diseases, worms, and fleas and ticks. It is just possible that for all but the rabies shots you can find a friendly vet who will sell you vaccinations -- I have managed to find someone who will sell me the serum at near wholesale. Someone might sell you the worm pills and some good flea & tick shampoos or sprays under the same kind of deal.

I was shocked, but not surprised, to read your experiences with various cat-help organizations. I imagine it isn't that they don't care, but that they are just terribly overloaded, both emotionally and physically. Which doesn't help you, however.

In all of Houston/Dallas/Fort Worth, there should be some friendly rich person who would like to try to fund and endow a shelter for unadoptable cats. Such a place could offer lectures and booklets on cat care, encourage people to join the spay/neuter/release projects, sell postcards stationary, notebooks, etc. adorned with the pictures of cats who are living in the shelter... If one could only find the funding to begin, I suspect there would be a lot of interest. You could go on talk shows, kids shows, etc. on TV. If I were 30 or 40 years younger, I would try to do something like that here...

Anyway, good luck to you. You are definitely on the side of the angels.

Love and peace...
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As you can see, you have your work cut out for you. The advice that Catspride has given you is solid sound advice. I have also spoken with Jewelcat and my advice to you now is to contact her immediately. She has a very good way for you to get some extra money to help you with any out of pocket expenses, which of may cover a lot of those cats and kittens. Your aunt has a big heart and so do you. I wish you the best and may God give you the strength to finish this task. You will be able to finish this. Once you do you will have such a wonderful feeling in your heart that you saved the lives of possibly many more unborn kittens from some of the worst fates. Hang in their lady...You CAN do this!

Best wishes to you and your aunt.

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You guys are so helpfull!!
I never thought so many people would care about this problem.

I don't have a phone, it was either take my bunny to the vet, or pay the phone bill..
The only way I ever even get online, is at work!

I'm going to try to do a car wash, but I don't know if any of my so called friends will help, they are kinda on the selfish side "what will I get out of it"

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I will try to get an appointment with a.s.a.p. with the rescue organization I spoke about earlier. Now, there are several things that you must do in the meantime.
I am fairly certain that your chances of this organization helping you will be much better if you can accomplish a couple of things on your own and I will try to help you.
First, they will consider your situation much more attractive if the cats are well socialized. In other words, all of the cats have to get along well with humans and other cats. Now, they may be used to seeing you and your aunt and you can't judge their social abilities based on their reaction to your presence in the room. This is where your friends can help out.
Your friends could help by coming over to your aunts house and spending as much time as possible interacting with the cats. Getting the cats used to music from a stereo, and other different noises that hear usually hear in the average household. But mostly, just spending time with them, petting them, talking to them, and give them each a name and start to call them by that name. If their are any long haired cats you need to try to get them used to being brushed. If any of the cats coats are matted, sometimes just relieving the cat of the pain it has being going through as a result of the matted fur can make a world of difference.
Now, the second thing you will need to do is to continue with your plan to get these cats as healthy as you can and by this I mean vaccinated and Leukemia tested. Spaying and neutering will follow.
I have an idea to help you get some financial help and I think my plan will work. You need to see if there are any cat clubs in your area and if there are find out if any of them are having show coming up any time soon. If any of them are having a show you can approach them with the following idea.
Tell them you are trying to raise money to help pay for the cost of rescuing about 50 cats in your neighborhood. Tell them that a company by the name of "Me-Ow-Trageous"TM, Inc. (this is my company)has agreed to help sponsor your efforts. Explain to them that this company has offered to donate one of their very unique cat furniture designs to help you raise the necessary funds for this undertaking. You can tell them that we have a web site,, and to please visit our web site to see our very exciting new product line.
I think that once they check out the product line they will be very interested in helping you out. But they will need to have a way to get a hold of you so be sure to give them your email address. Tell them that you understand that many cat shows will have raffles and the money goes usually goes to the cat club sponsoring the show. You and your sponsor("Me-Ow-Trageous"TM, Inc.) thought perhaps, that just this once they could make an exception, & conduct their cat show raffle in response to a local humanitarian need. If they are interested but want to talk to someone from my company, just tell them to send an email message via the web site, and I will respond a.s.a.p. to answer any questions that they might have.
You need go ahead a select a veterinarian who will set up donation account for you because you will need to give this information the the cat club.
Anyway, this is my idea. You could possibly net somewhere around $300.00 to $500.00 for your donation "cat rescue" account. That should help cover about 1/3 of the costs. Lets see what kind of response we get before we talk any further.

Let me know what you think about this idea.

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They are all outside cats, un-litter trained.
The older ones are extreamly lovable, the younger ones (teenage)are kind wild, but will tolerate being pet. The kittens are very playful, and curious. I'm going over there this weekend to find out exactly what she wants to do. I'm bringing food and stuff, and someones little home remedy.
If I can afford it, I'm going to get them all flea collers, and spray the yard. Also mow and weed eat. (looks like a jungle out there)
I will also try to take some pictures.
I will update everyone hopefully monday.
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Brilliant, Jewelcat, in all directions.

About the cats being outdoor cats. Collect as many feeing vessels as you can so that you can give all the cats an individual plate (picnic desert-sized plates if you can't manage anything else, but they slip around and bend easily -- I used to line up filled dishes on a large board that used to be a cupboard door and carry lots of plates out at a time -- feeding should be simultaneous for all the cats). Organize friends or members of a cat club to help socialize the cats. Feed the cats a tablespoon or so of special stuff (chicken you've boiled, canned cat food -- even the cheapest will be a treat). Call the cats and set out dishes separated from each other by several feet (if you have the room). If possible, do this in shifts inside the house by giving the cats some idea of what they might get if they come in when they are called. You have to supervise. I did this with 20 cats alone, but you will need 3 or 4 people (preferably more) for 50 cats, Establish a whistle and a call that never varies from day to day and that all the volunteers will use. Then establish this system of a special treat as something that is done as consistently and often and at the same time of day as possible. The cats will quickly learn the whistle and the call and come for the treat.

The important thing is to step between invasions of each other's feeding dishes and discourage any kind of theft of food or fighting. I was able to just pick up the offending cats and put them in a carrier cage until all the other cats were finished with their food. The most hardheaded took three or four such separations, but the smartest learned immediately and only "tried it on" if they thought I wasn't looking. While the cats are approaching the food, talk to them (it doesn't matter what about, but try to always use the new name of the cat over and over), and when they actually come to the dish, put your hand lightly near their shoulder blades and then withdraw it. Don't forget not to jump if one of them takes a swipe at you. Cats panic easily at sudden movements. If some of the cats accept petting, you can linger with a nice petting stroke for a minute.

If your aunt can tolerate cats in the house for a little while each day, you can gradually offer the food first in the hourse, then, with someone watching the ones who aren't afraid to come in to have their treat, you can close the doors (don't forget windows) and offer the more nervous cats their treat outside. This means that more quality attention can be given to the ones feeding inside to make them even more socialized, while concentrating on the ourside cats with speaking and touching until they have begun to feel comfortable enough to enter the house.

This is not a fast process, but believe me, it is tried and tested on over 30 mostly ferel and some stray cats in my own house and yard. There are cats who will never feel comfortable with a human too near. You can set their treats far away from the braver majority. You may never be able to touch the nervous cats, but ultimately they will be in a small minority. If you can engage your aunt's interest in this process, it will move more quickly.

By the end of a month, you will have a group of cats that are familiar with the house, familiar with several different people touching them, know their names, and are comfortable with human voices. At this point, you can begin to take cats to the vet for their blood test. You will need to borrow cat carriers -- NEVER take a cat in your arms to a vets -- even the most well-behaved may become panicked by dogs, strange people, or other cats in the waiting room. You want to talk to the cats all the time. Nevermind if everyone else thinks you are crazy. Also, remember that you never want a loose cat in a car.

If the cats like their regular food, then you can do this process with all feedings. Always the same whistle and call to alert them that there is something good to eat. If you do this with patience and determination, you will find the cats coming at the same time every day even before you call them.

If your aunt agrees, set up a number of plastic clothes baskets or dish-washing bowls (rectangular is best, because they don't tilt when the cat rests on the sides; rest one side against a wall to increase their stability), and put some litter in them (remember the sprinkling of baking soda to reduce oder over the bottom before you put the litter in). Shut the cats up in a room in the house, or in the entire house, whichever your aunt can tolerate, for several hours after eating. Do this first ONLY with the cats that are most socialized. It doesn't hurt for yourself or several volunteers to spend some time there with the cats to pet them and to talk to them. This is a good time to practice calling them over and over by name and reinforcing it with lots of petting and eye contact.

You should quickly build up a cadre of tamed and friendly cats. Even older cats like to chase things, so set up some playtings -- dangling things on a stick so you can tease them with it. Rolling balls with bells in them, the cardboard centers of toilet and baggie rolls, etc. Make the feeding time and the house visit an interactive play time.

Trade around between yourself and friends, because the cats will tend to bond with a single person, and the idea is to get them to be friendly with different people.

I don't know if this is something you can manage, but if there are more direct ways to deal with socialization of so many cats I would love to learn of it.

I do wish you luck. The more you reveal of your plans and ideas, the more confident I feel that you are not going to quit on this project without seeing it succeed. Just remember the word patience. Cats require a great deal of patience and they respond very well to friendly overtures if you don't push on them when they are not in the mood. The trick is to constantly use behavioral psychology on them, try not to yell at them or hit out at them (except under desperte conditions), and avoid sudden movements or loud noises. Cats, especially unsocialized cats, panic very easily. That's how they stay alive.

With all my heart, I wish you scccess. Don't forget us. Keep us updated. This will be a very interesting project and one that will teach us all about how to manage such an enterprise as you work through your successes and mistakes.
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1. My Aunt is avoiding me, and won't talk to me for some reason...
2. sent me a virus. This is not the first time a CAT person has sent me a virus. I'm thinking it has to do with this?? Anyone know this person??
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Just so that you know, many people are unaware that their computer has been infiltrated by a virus. Especially the viruses that are spread via email messages. Believe me, I know from personal experience. One of my investors, i.e. someone that has invested in company, inadvertently sent me a virus that had attached itself to his email. Now, I am fairly confident that someone who had a considerable amount invested in my company would not want to send me a virus that would have resulted in damaging files pertinent to the operations of my business; it wouldn't have been very prudent on his part.
Email viruses can be very tricky and exceptionally hard to get of and generally required a visit from a computer technician trained in removing viruses of this type. The first thing you need to do is to inform this person that they have contracted an email virus and it would be helpful to let them know what the exact name of virus was that you received from them.
There are hundreds of viruses out there; you can view a list of the most common viruses at the following web address, After you have entered this web site go to the anti-virus section and look for a link titled, Virus Information Library, which is located in the navigation menu on the left hand side of your screen. Once you are connected to the library page there will be a link titled, "Top 30 Viruses viewed (by customers)", located sort of in the middle of the page and slightly to the right hand side, you may have to scroll down to find the link. Click on that link and you will be taken to a list naming the most common viruses. The list gives details about each virus such as how they are transmitted, i.e. via email etc.
You will never really know if the person sent you a virus on purpose, but generally speaking, the average internet user does not have the wherewithal to send out viruses on their own, plus the fact they would be in a lot of trouble, I mean big trouble if they were sending out a virus and they weren't smart enough to hide their own contact information from the receivers of their infect email messages.
So, more than likely, the person that sent you the infected email is as innocent as you are, you just need to be sure to tell them that they have a virus and that they are spreading to every computer that receives an email from them. I think that they will appreciate your concern and they will be thankful that you took the time to notify them of their problem.
Also be very sure that your computer has been complete cleaned of this virus before you attempt to send any emails to other unsuspecting parties, otherwise they may think the same ill of you.

Good Luck,

Thank goodness you had an up to date anti virus program on your computer!

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Over the past year, I have had several clients and a job applicant send me viruses that were fortunately stopped by my anti-virus program before they invaded. On all three occasions, I sent a note to each to inform them of what my anti-virus program said. On all occasions the senders were in shock and took their computers to someone who could debug them.

It is very scary when this happens.

The last few weeks I was having problems logging on to my server, and I finally called their technical services. I was informed that someone on my network was using the internet services. When I explained that I had no network, that I had a single computer in my own home and that no one ever used it except me, they started to check. It boiled down to my "line" being busy because someone was using my e-mail address. Where this problem come from, I don't know -- my server is going to track it down. Meanwhile, they cut this intruder off.

I pay for unlimited hours, so I would not know if more or less hours were used that I use myself. But I was really upset and will be happy when my server gets it sorted (with telephone records, etc.). It is essentially theft, and there are laws now about this kind of thing. But someone, somewhere, has not only coopted my e-mail, but also discovered my password (which, of course, we have now changed).

Life is getting a little like trying to cross an 8-lane highway on foot in rush hour. For a few anxious days I was wondering if this unknown person had also given me a virus "for fun," but it seems not. Scary. Like someone coming in and sneaking around your house when you aren't there.

Ninty-nine percent of people who pass on viruses are unknowing victims. Always let them know that they have unwanted hitchikers with their messages.
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they did it on purpose because they have been sending me threatening e-mails also.

AND WHO CALLED PETA??? That's not cool. They are demanding her name, address & phone number. The LAST thing I want to happen is my aunt being harrassed by PETA.

I know they MEAN WELL..but they go about certain things the wrong way.
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How did PETA find you? How did they get your contact information in order to harass you? I don't think that any us here on the forum are able to get that type of info from anyone else that participates, email address I mean, unless someone sends you a personal email and you answer back with a personal email.
I sent you a personal email but you didn't respond back with a personal email, I believe you responded by posting a message on the forum.

I would check your records to see who you have been corresponding with on a personal level.

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I used to belong to AOL. I had someone steal my screen name and password and send 39 porno e-mails to 400 of their closest friends and relatives. I found out when I tried to long on myself and was denied. I called aol and that's what they told me. I was getting threatening e-mails from people I never heard of telling me I was a pig and how dare I send such filth through the internet. I was totally humiliated to the point of changing my password AND screen name. I have since going to another ISP. It's cheaper. And, I make it a habit of deleting any e-mail I do not recognize. I figure it's safer that way. I also don't answer surveys over the internet either. They can find out alot about a person that way.

I take no chances.

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My e-mail is in the original post.

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The thing about forums -- or almost any e-mail -- is that they are not really private. This will be an on-going problem for some years to come. On the one hand, we want to be able to ask for help or information, and on the other, by doing so, we risk all kinds of invasive situations. So far I have missed pornographic or threatening mail. But I have a bad temper when it comes to that and I would not do the first thing that would come naturally to me (use the delete button). I would notify my server immediately and wait for them to investigate. Laws are rapidly being passed to try to make it expensive to do this kind of thing-- harrassment or unwanted mailings), and in spite of my reluctance to have "Big Brother" watching me in any way, I am reaching the conclusion that we need a certain amount of law enforcement in this new part of our lives. The only other alternative is to junk our computers and go back to snail-mail. I, for one, would hate to go that road.

What will come from all this is increased globalization of law enforcement, beginning with the internet and eventually working down to crimes committed in one country being followed up in another. It will make our future world a very different place than when I was a girl, and I'd bet even very different from the youngest of you on this forum. Exciting, but also scary. It is a little like trying to maneuver in a dark room full of furniture and other objects scattered about at random.

But humans are very adaptable.
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As surprising as it seems at first, this is probably the best option for
these cats. Tragically, 8-10 million animals have to be euthanized in
shelters in this country every year! The fault for this does not lie with
the shelters, which handle the problem as best they can, but with
irresponsible people who don't spay and neuter their animals.

Some have suggested that the solution to animal overpopulation lies with
no-kill shelters. However, these facilities have problems of their own. Some
unadoptable animals may be "warehoused" in cages for years. No-kill shelters
and rescue groups often find themselves filled to capacity, which means they
must turn new animals away (I am not surprised one bit that all the no-kill
shelters you called were full). If the animals turned away are lucky, they
will be taken to another shelter that does euthanize. If they are unlucky,
they will be dumped by the roadside, only to die deaths far more gruesome
and horrible than an injection of sodium pentobarbital. The "no-kill"
shelter can honestly say it did not kill the animals, but that doesn't mean
the animals were saved. It is estimated that dogs and cats in the U.S.
outnumber humans seven to one. There simply aren't enough homes-or even
enough cages-for them all.

It has been said that those who euthanize animals "don't care" or that they
"don't try hard enough." Euthanasia is a miserable job that is painless for
animals, but is extremely painful for the humans who have to do it. They can
only bring themselves to do this if they are absolutely convinced that it is
the most humane option in a world overrun with unwanted and abused animals.
See for more information on finding a
good shelter (especially the part about "no kill" shelters).

So we've got all these cats wandering the streets and you might be thinking
that leaving them to their own devices out there is better than taking them
to a shelter where they might be euthanized, but this couldn't be further
from the truth. Gruesome fates await many homeless cats. Highly contagious
diseases such as rhinotracheitis, feline leukemia, feline AIDS, FIP,
distemper, and rabies are common in "outdoor cats." They sustain puncture
wounds, broken bones, brain damage, internal injuries, or are missing eyes
or limbs after being attacked by other animals or hit by cars. Automobile
engine fans slicing through the bodies of cats seeking shelter from the cold
are typical cases for shelters and animal hospitals.

If, miraculously, cats escape the perils listed above, they may still fall
prey to agonizing deaths at the hands of cruel people. Across the country,
free-roaming cats are often mutilated, shot, drowned, poisoned, beaten, set
on fire, sacrificed, stolen by bunchers for medical experimentation, or used
as target practice or bait for dog fighting.

You've seen first hand what happens when people just can't put aside their
own sense of guilt for the well-being of the animals involved. Refusing to
take them somewhere else where there is a possibility they could be
euthanized, they try to take on the responsibility themselves and the result
is that both they and the animals suffer for it. At a Humane Society at
least the cats will have a chance at a good life (where they are now, they
have no chance). There's no reason that at least some of them won't be
adopted out to loving homes. There comes a point where you have to place
quality of life ahead of quantity. I think we both agree that their quality
of life now is unacceptable.

I know this is a difficult and confusing thing to deal with. If you have any
questions or would like help, please don't hesitate to contact me.

For the animals,

Lindsay Gardewin, Cruelty Caseworker
Domestic Animal Issues & Abuse Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
757-622-7382 ext.1434
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should I take her advice??

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I will admit, that she makes a lot of sense. And this is sort of what I was trying to tell you from the start, I just think that she was able to word a little better than I was.
There are no guarantees in life or in death. We do the best that we can and the rest? Well, we have to have faith that there is a higher power that looks out for the innocent and the weak. We have to believe this or we none of us would be doing what we are to begin with. We have to have faith that those that were meant to live our their lives on this earth will do just that and then we have to have faith that those who do not end up living here on this earth with us actually been taken to a better place, a place where they will always be protected from cruelty, starvation, illness, and most of sadness. We have to believe with all of our hearts that will find much more happiness where they are going than did where they have been.
There is something my brother said to me not long ago, when I was just about in tears again over the disappearance of my two cats, PeeWee and Betty. He said, "Tears should be shed when life is brought into this world and we should celebrate when it leaves. For we know that our time here on earth is only a small part of our journey and the true meaning of happiness and love awaits us at our final destination, where we will . . . rest in peace."

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In my village there is a large animal vet who comes when I need him to put some animal out of its misery. He hates to kill animals of any kind, but he does it when it is necessary out of his love for animals. If I think I can save the animal, I run it into the vet hospital in Beer-Sheva, and pay out of my very small monthly income to make the effort. If I save the animal (in most cases, cat or dog), I then feel that I am responsible for life, and it joins my famly (--if it is an injured bird, it joins my village vet's menagerie, since he is one of those rarities -- an expert on birds, both large and small.

I do what I can. I never permit a single male or female animal to be introduced to my family unless it is neutered. I do this for two reasons -- we don't need any more stray or feral cats dying miserable deaths in the streets and nearby desert, and there are actually health benefits for the animal if they are neutered or spayed. Many of my neighbors think I am unnatural and that I am going against God's plans for each animal by having this intervention performed. I think they are uncaring and that they are going against the welfare of these lovely creations of God. So we have occasional clashes of belief.

The animal cruelty lady is right in many ways. It is PREFERABLE to miserable deaths on the roads and in the alleyways -- her list of hazards and horrors are quite accurate. If you cannot adopt an animal and care for it adequately (vaccinations, medicines when they are sick, nutritious food, a safe haven to escape dogs and mean humans -- then you should let them take their chances in the best possible shelter -- to find a family or to move on to the next life and perhaps a better deal. Nothing dies but is reborn / Nothing is born but dies. You do what you can. If you feel it is within your capabilities (financial, emotional, material) to take the responsibility for a hundred cats, then I think people should be glad you are doing it and should be as helpful as possible. Limits on numbers are silly, however. Some people can barely care for one or two pets, while others have time, love, and money to care for many more.

I also think charities should focus on spay and neutering multicat prides for free and ease the burden for cat adopters. I think free clinics should be available to people who are struggling to keep cats off the streets and in reasonable condition. I think a certain amount of tax money should be used to support individuals who relieve the state of the burden of diseased and multiplying animals at their own expense.

On the other hand, I also think that spaying and neutering should be imposed for this kind of free help, and I think that the caregivers should consider just how many cats they can manage in terms of money and time.

Someone accused me of being callous (or words to that effect) --- saying that I was cruel to say that choices had to be made and limits imposed (by myself -- how could I speak for others on such a subject?) on how many cats I could take in at a time. But if the caretakers get into irretrievable debt, become sick from the stress of overwhelming numbers of animals, or find they simply don't have the space to adequately house so many animals, then I think it is time to consider what can be borne and what cannot be borne.

It is actually more cruel to shut cats up in cages for the rest of their lives -- separated from their natural habitats, the love of humans or other cats, and without hope of adoption -- than it is to put the cat to death in the kindest and most gentle way possible. I would like for people to come up with better solutions, but this is an imperfect world, where people callously also murder, maim, torture, and turn out into streets other humans, including children, So I cannot expect mankind to yet be evolved enough to find a way to protect and nurture the rest of God's creations when they do not offer protection and nurture to literally millions of human beings in desperate need.

We all do the best we can. There is no guilt in admitting that we are not strong enough to do everything everytime for all beings that need help.

But. believe me, passing on to the next evolutionary step instead of hanging around in fear and misery here in the present time is vastly superior as choices go -- for people with terminal and extremely painful illnesses, for example, as well as for anmals.

The fact that I have so many cats and dogs shows how hard I try to intervene, but when all my efforts are not enough, I have learned to step back.

So, Washusama, learn to analyse your aunt's (and your) situation calmly and without fear of the word "death," and then do what you can manage.

May Nature provide...
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