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I noticed tonight in the wee hours while I have been letting Lovey explore, she flinches if you move your hands towards her. She almost act's like she has been hit or something. She flinches and then crouches, I feel so bad for her. Could this just be from being outside and having to defend herself? Or is it a sign that she may have been abused? Or better yet is it because she is nervous in her new domain?
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Poor Lovey! She's so sweet! Maybe with time she will forget her bad experiences and adjust to the new loving home you have given her.
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That's what Bailey did too. And she would also flinch if someone walked towards her. I assumed it was a defensive thing, learned from being outside on her own. Imagine what the poor thing had to go through, not being taught outdoor survival skills from a feral mom.

Bailey has improved a lot, she still gets nervous at sudden movements, but is much calmer, and will lie in the middle of the room and make people walk around her. I found that she liked having a place to hide that she could easily run to when she was startled, that gave her security.
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