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There are some SICK COOKIES in this world!!!

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My best friend is an african-american that is 23 years old with a 2 year old girl. The father of her baby is a complete ***** and his father is a complete **** as well. Celebrity or NOT!

Anyway.. she is struggling financially, and I am very proud of her. She is on welfare but she doesn't want to be and she's working on getting off of it. Currently she wakes up early in the morning walks her 2 year old to daycare, then walks to school. When school is out she walks back to pick her daughter up from daycare and walks home. She works evenings at the restaurant I work at, and she takes the bus there. Typically her family watches my Godchild or I will watch her if I can (Free of charge).

Well, she takes the city bus to and from work. It's about a 30 minute bus ride. There have been TWO times she has taken this bus and has gotten harassed by men. GRRR!!

The first time she got off at her stop on her way home. It was at night around 10ish or so. The bus stop is a ways from her house .. probably 7 or 8 city blocks in distance. She walks from that stop to her house. Well a toothless man smelling of alcohol followed her off the bus and to a convience store that is on the way to her house. He proceeded to follow her from the store as well. She freaked out and ran ALL the way to her house. She got home out of breath and scared #@*!less.

The second time she was on her WAY to work when some hooded man in the back of the bus got off at his stop. When he got off the bus he proceeded to "Flash" his very private area to her while she was on the bus.

I'm so MAD!!! I worry about her now and have started taking her to and from work whenever possible. I also don't like her to take Sierra (my Godchild) on the bus either because I don't want Sierra seeing the nasty men do stuff like that to her mom.

WHAT is wrong with people??? I tell you I could throttle some people sometime. Can't someone just go to and from work without being sexually harrassed?!?!

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three words- self-defense classes

Given at the YMCA's or through colleges, it would be a good idea for her to take a class. You learn a lot in one of these classes and your eyes are opened to dangers you never thought of before.
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Cassandra, your friend may be interested in taking a course at Bay Area Model Mugging (http://www.bamm.org/). About 10 years ago, a co-worker of mine living in SF had an incident where she was grabbed (bear hug) by a wild-looking guy while going up the stairs to her apt. She screamed and pushed her purse at him, someone down in the street shouted, and he ran away. She immediately researched self-defense courses in the SF area and enrolled herself at BAMM. She reported that the course was very thorough, covering not only the physical aspects of defense, but also managing your own mental state for survival as well.

BAMM is still around, headquartered in Oakland (510) 208-0474, and has scholarships available. It's a nonprofit, and if I remember correctly, BAMM was started by a female martial arts expert who couldn't defend herself when an attacker knocked her down, b/c all her martial arts training was in sparring while standing upright.

There is also Ruckus (http://www.makearuckus.org/index.html) in the SF area - email: Ruckusbayarea@hotmail.com

(...what a post to break out of kittenhood with ...#20...)
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Thanks Brocken. I will definitely print out some information for her.

And Hissy you're right. Self-Defence classes never even dawned on me. I'll talk to her about them and encourage her to go. Heck, I may even go with her. I've taken them before but it never hurts to pick back up a good habit.
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I agree about the self-defense classes. But I mostly wanted to say - good for her for working so hard to provide a better life for herself and her daughter!!! It must be especially hard to keep going on that track with this additional harassment involved - it's very impressive that she is doing so!!!
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let her know we're all rooting for her! it takes guts to do what she's doing!!
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Is the father or are the fathers family, in any way helping to support this child? They should care enough about this little girl, and her mother to not allow her to be put in such dangerous situations.

I do agree that self defense classes would be a good thing for her to consider.
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Self defense, pepper spray, guns, knives, heck whatever she can carry, I bet if she carried a large butcher knife and pulled it out her purse, they would be too stunned LMAO!!! They would think she's the nut! Ah, me trying to bring light to the situation. I think with the guy, I would have kicked him in the nuts or better yet spray it with acid! Sorry I get so frustruated with freaks like that, too often kids are the victim of these perps and they should have acid poured on their stuff so that they can't and won't do that crap again Pepper spray is good for her also, but definitely self defense, all the way....I'm really sorry for her and her daughter. She's got our support in Texas
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Grrrrrrrr Cass! That makes me made as well!

I hope your friend stays safe and same with her little girl!
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Thumbs up to her for trying so hard. In situations like this, I tend to be very extreme. Mabye she should start carrying a weapon. Mabye a Glock 19, B-9mm, just something incase it gets out of hand. Guns are very intimidating, but first of all make sure she in educated in handeling and respecting guns!!! I cant stress that enough! When you learn to use them and when to use them, they can be very helpful.
Then again mace, and stuff is good to

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Brandon, you've got the right idea, about the gal defending herself but, a weapon in the hands of someone who really doesn't know how to use it isn't a good idea. When my mother was accosted, some years ago, I bought her a can of pepper spray and I carry one, when I'm someplace where I can't carry my .38.

A cheap, easy and effective defense is one of those plastic lemons, filled with ammonia. Squirt that in an attacker's eyes and it buys you enough time to run. Besides, the smell will make him easy to catch and identify.
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Yes, I agree. Unless your qualified to handle the weapon and dont have emotional probmlems, you should not have a gun.
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Hey Hope,

The father has to pay only $50 a month child support. This is because she has a choice, she can get more than $50 a month child support and get no help with school or she can choose school and get only $50!!

I don't see how that is fair to her but that's how the state works it. Other than that small amount a month, the father will sometimes send $20. That is few and far between! I ended up buying Sierra some new shoes.. all her other shoes were getting so small and hurting her feet. I took em to payless and spent my 'extra' spending money (what little I have LOL!) on three new pairs of shoes for her.

That child LOVES those shoes and everytime I go over there she puts on a pair and models them.. then changes into another pair and models those for me. She's so precious!

I mentioned Self Defense classes and I think we're gonna look into the ones at the YMCA. She can get a membership there no problem and I already have one! I also told her we're gonna get her some pepperspray.

I don't want her using a gun, strictly because her apartment is really small and she has only some banged up furniture (couch and a very small table) and a chair I gave her. She has no real place to hide the gun and neither her nor I want Sierra to be able to find it or even lay eyes on it.
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