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Pixie Update

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The end of week 2 for our new little kitty, and things are going very well! Kayla no longer hisses or growls, and even has deigned to play briefly with Pixie. Here are some more shots, enjoy!

Everyone, including Kayla now, eating together!

Having a (VERY RARE) contemplative moment:

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She loves curling up with Mozart (aka Big Boy). He is the most tolerant of her antics!

Finally, the real test of how well she's fitting in. Think she's comfortable in her new home? (She slept like that for a good half hour, and no, hubby didn't move once, to avoid disturbing her).

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Wow those pics of her and Mozart are too cute for words!!! How wonderful that they are getting along. I love the pics!
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aww cute little Pixie! All these shots are great. I love the window shots!
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Very cute. You're lucky, if I tried to feed my cats on a white carpet or rug, it would be filthy within 5 minutes. My cats make such a mess when they eat. Snoopy, likes to dip his front paws in the food, and spoon it to himself, which makes a mess. Also when he doesn't want left over food on his paw, he flips the remainder off, which usually lands on the floor or the wall. I wish I had neat and tidy cats. Your cats all look so purr-fect, like they never make a mess.
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Hope, thanks for the nice thoughts, but they (well, the boys) are PIGS!!! That rug came from Costco for $12, it's machine washable, and I run it 2-3x a week, and it's holding up great, stain resistant. I've got great shots somewhere of their mess. Hmmm, will go look for 'em.
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What a cutie Pixie is: I love all of these pics.
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HAHA! That last picture is definitely a "Caption This" type picture. It made me giggles and smile soooo big. Your new kitty is goregeous and those pictures of her with Mozart are soooooooooo sweet!!!
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I agree with Cassandra_Starr! The last one cracked me up!
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omg how cute all the pictures look and the kitties too . I like the one best where Pixie is looking out of the window and the one she is sleeping with your hubby those are just to cute .
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Awwww, thanks guys!

I know, we almost couldn't contain ourselves when we saw her in that last shot. Every time since I've giggled myself silly seeing that pic. We're not sure how she got that way, we were watching TV, then hubby noticed her (she'd been ON his lap earlier).

It did feel good that she's so secure in her new home already that she can sprawl like that. And you can see her round little tummy, she'd just had dinner. And the spay cut is healing very nicely.

Don't let that sweet face fool ya! She's a nutty little holy terror that can't be still, even when sleeping she squirms! Biting everything....yes, she bit me in the butt again late last night.

Already have nicknames: Squirmy, Squeaky, Bouncy.
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what an absolute little love. i think you should send the best shots to CatFancy or another magazine for their cover. you're a great photographer, too! how wonderful for you this good news.
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Awwww... Mozart and Pixie look sooooo cuddly together! I like the two window shots too. Even in those photos she looks ready for action. I think you could have called her Superkitty.
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Pixie's new pics are precious!

So happy she's settling in!
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Thanks guys! It's becoming apparent that Pixie just adores Mozart. She follows him around constantly, sleeps with him, eats with him, and even imitates how he sits and always sits next to him. It's so interesting to watch!
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Aww... Adorable pictures
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Aww...that pic of Pixie upside down sleeping looks like shes doing an unside down, vertical twist dive ! too cute.
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I am so jealous! Pixie is such a cutie!
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Awww what adorable pics!! She's the cutest little thing!
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I'm in love with her!!! What a cutie pie, love the stretched out on her back pic!
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