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Rest At Last

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My what a month this has been. Yep I am complaining!!! I have had company for the last month!! The last of them just left this morning. Kids and grand kids are great but they sure can wear you out.

My Mom died the middle of last month. Then my son, wife and two kids showed up for their summer visit the week following. Two days after that my daughter and her two kids came in from Germany to spend a month in the states. In between all that my son, wife and two kids that live close by were in and out. Also my son and his daughter from Texas where here for a weekend. Geeeezzzzz enough!!! I have been cooking for anywhere between 7 to 15 extra people. And my father in law who lives next door was also here lots. Not only that I keep up with both my house and his! And to make matters worse I have bad calcium deposits on the heel of my foot. Doc tried a cortizone shot but it didnt work. Still hurts to be on it. Well so last night dear daughter was packing to leave and had her suitcases all over the livingroom. So here I go through there last night to get something to drink and stubbed my little toe on the other foot. Dont know if it is sprained or broke but it sure is sore and blue!!!

Dont even have a leg left to stand on so to speak. Oh well it felt better to complain a bit. This week I plan to do nothing except sit here by my computer with my feet up. Rest sure will be wonderful.
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Sounds to me like you have a long deserved, and needed rest coming!
Ain't family grand???? I always wondered how my mom cooked for the 6 of us and then the extras - 10-12 people every day - kept a 17 room house clean and spiffy and all the luandry, etc done. Then I realized she NEVER sat down!
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So sorry for the loss of your mom. Maybe some company was good to keep you busy and occupied but I sure know what you mean...enough is enough!!!

I have 2 kids and 6 grandkids so I know where you are coming from and 'ain't it good to vent'. Like you, I absolutely love them to distraction but when they all come, it is good to see them all go.

Hope you enjoy your rest and will be reading all your posts since you'll be on the web 24/7...lol.
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Debra......I know exactly what NEVER sitting down means..lol

Gap........Thanks for your thoughts about my Mom but she had been very ill for some time and it was just her time to go. She is at rest and peace now. Yes I hope to be able to just keep both feet up for awhile. In fact I am in bed now. LOL But forgot to mention that I am expecting a mess of my husbands family over here next Saturday. Oh and husband just now informed me that he took Monday off from work. Moan...was so looking forward to one whole day of peace but looks like I will have to wait a day longer. Sigh.
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You truly need a rest. Family visiting can wear you out. Next time maybe you can go visit them....LOL.
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Hope you just kick your feet up for awhile anyway. I know what you mean about company, I enjoy it but after awhile it's like "don't you have a home?" ha
Oh well, I love to vent, it sure helps me to stay on an even keel.

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MeMe; It sure does sound like you NEED rest. If nothing else, I would tell everyone that they have to cook or order in 'cause you need a break! I know it is hard not to be "everywhere at once" when company comes and you want to "show them a good time", but you can't let it take such a toll on you. If they love and value you; they will understand that sometimes you must say NO! ! ! !

Hang in there, Kiddo, and be TOUGH.
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TLK.... Cant order things here as we are 30 miles from everywhere! And when "they" cook it is even more mess and hassel. But they did help some. Its just that it all lasted for soooo long. Now it is NAP TIME....grin. Be back on later.
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