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Corkscrew went to the vet today

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Poor Corkscrew didn't have a good day today. He's been sneezing the last few days and has been really congested. This morning he was hiding under the bed since he wasn't feeling very well, I tried to get him out but he refused to come out. So I had to move the bed and grab him and put him in the carrier. He didn't have too much fun at the vet, however he did seem to enjoy that they now have ear thermometers and they didn't have to stick anything up his bum. He weighs 13 lbs now! But anyways, the vet said it would be hard to tell if it's an infection or allergies without running tests on him. He recommened treating him for both and then if he doesn't get better we will run tests on him. They gave him an antibiotic shot and sent me home with some amoxil, a vetalog pill and NeoPolybac for his eyes since they were really swollen. On the way home he peed in the carrier, so when we got home I had to clean him off and he was really upset about that, he hissed at me. It's been a couple of hours since we went to the vet and he seems to be breathing much easier, so hopefully he will have a quick recovery.
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Awwww, poor Corkscrew. *Crossing fingers and paws* for a quick recovery!
Get well soon, hon!
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yea that is awfull to listen when they cant breath wright , Sowball wizzle trough his nose in the past . I am glad he can breath better , I am sure he will be better in time . Lets hope for the best .
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Poor little Corkscrew Sending him scratches and tummy rubs.

Sammycat and Oscar says for you to feel better soon too
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poor itty baby Hope he gets better soon! Keeping our paws crossed
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awww poor kitty! I sure hope he feels better soon When my guys had that it took them about 24 hours to start to show improvement and then they were ALOT better after they had two days of meds.

hope he is all better soon!
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poor fella.. i hope he gets better real soon!
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I know all about colds and meds, even though he is a little worse than a regular cold. poor Corkscrew! Glad to hear he is getting a little better though.
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Get Well Soon Corkscrew! Take care
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Poor Corkscrew. I hope he starts feeling better soon.
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Awwwww. Poor Corkscrew. Get better soon.

Sphinx can symphasize, he gets URI and allergies. He sends his good thoughts too,
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I hope Corkscrew feels better soon!

My kitty Georgia went to the vet Monday with similar symptoms and they have been completely alleviated by an antibiotic shot and Clavamox drops.

I hope the same happens for Corkscrew!
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That poor cutie! I hope he starts to feel better very soon. I'm sending good vibes your way Corkscrew!!
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Oh hugs for Corkscrew poor baby I hope he feels better real soon. He sounds like a real feisty guy.
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Get well soon Corkscrew!!
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Yay! He's looking better today! I'm so excited, the last time he had a URI it look him about a month before he got over it. So I'm so happy that he's starting to look like he's getting better now.
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Awww poor Corkscrew! I hope he gets better ultra fast.
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So when do you know that he's okay?... when he's back to lounging in laundary baskets?
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LOL yes, usually when he starts attacking me and stops letting me pet him I know he is feeling 100% better.
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LOL! That's the way it used to work around here too. But apparently now that they're getting older, they seem to like the affection a bit more - even when they're well. Glad he's feeling better, and get lots of scritches in while you can. Sending GET WELL vibes Corkscrew's way!!!! (And I still LOVE that name!)

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I'm glad he's getting better!

Prayers coming for a full recovery though!

*hugs to you and corkscrew*
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AWWwwww, poor thing I'm glad he is getting better!
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Originally posted by uabassoon
LOL yes, usually when he starts attacking me and stops letting me pet him I know he is feeling 100% better.
LOL! That's a good way to put it!
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